Alita the Maine Coon sleeping on me

Will Your Maine Coon Lie On You? Mine Consistently Does

When you think of any cat, you typically think an independent minded animal.

While some are lapcats, they are animals that typically you don’t think of as needing companionship, like say dogs.

So, will a Maine Coon treat you like a bed, will it make a beeline for you and use you as a couch?

So will a Maine Coon lie on you?

Well, mine does. Whilst not particularly using my lap at all, if I lie down she will make a move towards me and then sit down on me. Whether I am using the couch, or lying down on the bed, it’s a better than even bet that Alita will try and find me and then come over to say hello. It seems, Maine Coons seem to like the idea of sharing relaxation with you.

The Issue

Most people’s favorite pastime is relaxing in front of their TV before going to bed. If you are a cat owner, doing these activities alone are not an option.

Your furry friend will not ask you if you want company, she will be on you like ‘white on rice’.

They are like heat-seeking missiles in your home. If they aren’t on your lap, they are on your head, or at your feet while you are sleeping.

This action might be problematic for you if the sound of purring or an allergy disturbs you.

Cat hairs and dirty paw prints on your pillow might also not be your cup of tea.

There are days when you aren’t in the mood to be giving loving back to your feline companion.

Saying “I’ve got a headache” just doesn’t cut the mustard.

They don’t listen to reason. Pushing them off comes with guilt pangs from those disdainful looks.

You know they are sharing their love for you, and are looking for the warmth and security of your lap/head.

They don’t realize that Maine Coons are the biggest of the domestic cat family.

But then again, you might not understand the benefits of cuddling with them.

Alita the Maine Coon sleeping on me

Pros And Cons Of Letting Your Maine Coon Lie On You


  • They give you comfort.
  • The purring sound relaxes you.
  • They lower your blood pressure.
  • It feels cuddly and loving.
  • You know they are not being frisky or “bad” cats at that exact time.
  • They become family.


  • They get you full of cat hairs.
  • Their purring can get annoying after a while.
  • They don’t like it when you stop petting them.
  • They come uninvited.
  • Their massages are not pleasant if you haven’t cut their nails.
  • They could disrupt your sleep.

The Main Reasons Your Maine Coon Lies On You

Maine Coons aren’t the frisky, bipolar type of cat.

They would rather be hanging out with you. All the time!

That particular brand of ‘Coonfection’ shouldn’t be lost on any veteran owners.

We figure cats must be cold-blooded animals since they are always seeking heat.

The opposite is true, actually.

The body temperature of a cat is 20% higher than most warm-blooded animals, and they need to maintain it.

Handily, that’s where you come in.

They will also seek out the sun whenever you aren’t around.

We know a cat wrote the song “You are the Sunshine of my Life.”

Maine Coons are very friendly with people they like, and you are their best friend.

They also feel protected by you so that they will shadow you around the house.

They seek the warmth of your head or feet since that is where you lose most of it.

Fluffy is a happy receptor to your loss.

You might not be too pleased about having them sleep on your bed but, can you blame them?

A big comfy bed with pillows and you are definitely better than any old cat bed you could provide them with.

Kings and Queens do sleep on large beds, don’t they?

Alita the Maine Coon sleeping on me

Should You Allow Your Maine Coon To Do This?

Your personality will dictate if you should let them to this, or not.

Remember that cats might be domestic animals now, but they weren’t in the past.

They still have their wild side in their genes, and you shouldn’t forget this.

You might have already been the shocked recipient of one of their “mood tantrums”

Most of us don’t realize that male lions protect their families in the wild, while lionesses do 90% of the hunting.

These traits do show up once in a while in domestic cats.

They both have jobs ingrained in them. It is crucial for you to let them know that you are the alpha of your home.

You should let them know when you aren’t in the mood for their presence or cuddling.

You should also remember that you brought them into your home.

Living with a Maine Coon is like any other relationship. It has its ups and downs, and you need to handle these on an ongoing basis.

In the same way that you can put your foot down, they will also find a way to let you know that you have offended them in some way.

Cat experts say you should discourage cats from sleeping on your bed because it smells most of you.

This fact can work against you.

You might have to go out for an extended period and have to leave kitty with a friend at some moment.

This could make her angry with you, and she might do number two on your pillow to let you she’s not amused.

Do you want to convince your children to stop sleeping with kitty?

Tell them that animals can get intestinal parasites. These can also infect humans.

You can have them listen to Ted Nugent’s Cat Scratch Fever with you.

Afterward, you can explain what it is and how 25,000 people get it every year.

That should do the trick!

Alita the Maine Coon sleeping on me

Why Do Cats Sleep At the Foot Of The Bed?

Cats like to sleep at the foot of the bed because they feel safe there. If anything were to happen that would threaten them, they could run faster from there.

They usually won’t though.

They are more likely to hiss and growl at the invader.

Kitties count on you to protect them as well.

Cats are pack animals, like dogs, so when they sleep at your feet, they recognize you as their family. If they sleep only at your wife’s feet, it’s because she is her favorite.

Why Do Maine Coons Like To Lie On You?

Have you ever had the urge to ask your Maine Coon “What?!” when they are looking at you?

This happens because their eyes are so expressive.

They seem to communicate specific feelings with their eyes. You notice what those feelings are because of your familiarity with them.

This particular breed of cat is also the largest of their kind. Maine Coons are known as the “gentle giants” of the domestic cat kingdom.

It’s no wonder the last two longest cats in the world have been Maine Coons.

They tend to have rich, luxurious coats, especially around their necks and tails.

You should brush and comb them daily since when they have a hairball, they have a hairball!

The hunter instinct of this breed will not only keep your house rodent-free but also very quiet.

They tend to chirp and trill (a mixture of a meow and a purr) instead of meowing.

These very hunting instincts keep them quiet and close to the ground (where their prey are).

Another thing that differentiates them from other cat breeds is that they tend to like water.

Don’t be surprised to see one go in the pool to fetch its favorite toy.

Maine Coons are very friendly with kids and other pets, but not with strangers. They are affectionate and good-natured to people they recognize as their family. Everyone else has to earn it with time and good performance.

If kitty wakes you up at your usual time on the weekend, it is because they are creatures of habit.

This is why you need to be consistent in their daily feeding times. It is also why they sleep with you.

Once you let them get away with it once, you are toast! Or toasty, if you get my drift.

Remember that the Maine Coon breed of cats is very affectionate and loyal. Their reserved nature keeps them from having too many friends, though.

You are it!

They usually have one best friend, and this is the reason they keep you at a petting distance.

Those days when you get home tired after a stressful day, let them be kind to you.

You have been out having contact with many people.

They have been home alone, awaiting your return.

You might have many friends; they have one.

This attachment to you makes them unique.

You will have a difficult time finding a Siamese that rubs its head to your nose or gives you an adoring head-butt.

Alita the Maine Coon sleeping on me


What are you doing? Where are you going? Can I come? I’m coming anyway. Don’t talk on the phone so much, pet me!

You can’t work, or chat tonight because I’m keeping your keyboard warm. To show you how much I love you, I brought you a dead animal. What? Do you prefer crickets to mice? Please stop touching those cucumbers. They give me the Heebie-jeebies!

Sound familiar? That’s because you are a Maine Coon owner.

Anthropomorphism is the word used to describe giving animals human characteristics.

We know we aren’t dealing with that, don’t we?

They do feel things.

They do get angry, sad, happy, and jealous.

It’s no wonder Egyptians made them demigods 4000 years ago. A fact that Alita is in the process of never letting me forget.

They considered them agents of order. Need I say more?

Basically in turns out they lie on you for warmth, security, familiarity, companionship and that you are a mini furnace if their paws are cold.

Alita, just basically saunters over and lies down whenever I do.

On me, so yes, getting a Maine Coon may come with the additional responsibility of being a bed.

You should feel humbled that this furry creature wants to sleep with you and keep your lap warm.

When you consider that cats are 20% warmer than you are, they might be warming you up, and not the other way around.

Alita the Maine Coon sleeping on me

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My name is Ann and I have been looking after and breeding cats since 2013. I am currently the proud ownder of Alita, a female Maine Coon to whom I've dedicated this site. She has had 2 litters and is around 3 years old. We share adventures and stories together.

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      I’m seriously thinking of getting a Maine Coon myself. For one, they do supposedly get along with dogs. So that’s good, as I’m thinking of getting a dog as well. Trying to find breeds of the two that will be a good mix, a non-predetory dog and such. If the Maine Coon wants to join us on walks, sure, that’s great. So I know the Maine Coon is my next cat breed, now just onto the dog. I have no problem with being the cat’s couch and or bed, no problem. Grooming? Shouldn’t any pet person have no problem with grooming? Or if they don’t want to, make sure they get a pet that doesn’t require as much if any? Point being: I have no problem with grooming in the morning and at night… And from what I read, a Maine Coon will love that I would assume. Another thing you are to them aside from waiter and bed: groomer. Which is fine, a good pet person should read up and be prepared for the breed they get. So I think I’m down for this breed, the seem awesome to me. It’s either that or a Ragdoll. I like a lot of attention from cats. But the Maine Coon seeks out the attention, almost demanding it. That’s better than a Ragdoll instinctively going limp regardless if they want to be held or not. Anyway, thanks for all the info. Now I’m on to dog breeds… And by the way, the bit about animals not always being as their breed info online says? Yeah, I’ve had a Jack Russel that was great around cats.

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