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Why Are Maine Coons Called Gentle Giants

Within the cat world, a breed often becomes associated with a short catchy term.

Munchkins can be described as ‘kitten forever; cats.

The Maine Coon often gets described by the term ‘gentle giant’ hoping to imply a personality trait.

Is it true? Why are Maine Coons commonly described rather favorably as gentle giants?

The Maine Coon has adapted and maintained the moniker of ‘gentle giants’ because of the combination of their physical appearance and easy going personality, They are medium to large cats with a very laid back and affable nature.

The Maine Coon will quite often have white paws, and another nickname has stuck.

The Snowshoe Cat.

However, the gentle giant is the one that always seems to get mentioned.

There are a few breeds that could have taken the crown here, namely Ragdolls, but it seems to have stuck to the Maine Coon.

Ragdolls are like bunny rabbits so perhaps it’s because a Maine Coon doesn’t look like a gentle giant that it takes the moniker because of the surprise element.

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Are Maine Coons Gentle?

Maine Coons have one of the friendliest and most gentle personalities of any of the cat breeds.

It’s rather a known trait of the breed and why many people recommend them as cats for first time cat owners.

Maine Coons are an extremely easy cat breed to get along with.

Maine Coons have converted many a ‘non cat person’ on that basis.

Maine Coons are popular for a reason, and their gentle nature makes them an ideal family pet.

They get well with other cats, dogs, and are good with children and babies.

The Maine Coon sees their family unit as a pack, much like a dog would which is why they are often described as quite dog like as well.

Maine Coons are very affectionate and if you spend time with them they will return the attention twice over.

For those that can’t decide on a cat or a dog then Maine Coon may be a great compromise.

It’s a cat with the personality of a dog, and as such is very protective.

A Maine Coon will look like a cat but follow you around the house, try and have conversations with you, and lie next to you when you rest.

They are not aggressive thus earning their nickname of being gentle.

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Are Maine Coons Giant?

Maine Coons don’t have to be giants, but there’s no doubt they can be.

Alita, my Maine Coon is a small female and weighs around 3.5kg (8lbs) which is on the small end for a female, but she is still larger than most other cats in the area.

The females are smaller than the males as well, but if you have a Maine Coon kitten it would be reasonable to expect a relatively large cat.

Maine Coons are a little larger than average cats when they are born as well.

A Maine Coon kitten will weigh 115g from birth, as opposed to the average 91g.

There’s no real way to tell how big they can get other than likely genetics and a healthy diet, rich with protein.

They certainly can be called giant cats though. The largest Maine Coon is called Ludo

Ludo is officially the largest domestic cat in the world, clocking in at just under 3ft 11 inches in length,

He is 5cm smaller than the longest one ever as well, a Maine Coon named Stewie.

A big Maine Coon might weigh 25 lbs as well so you have a potential smaller tiger.

Maine Coons grow for up to 5 years after their birth as well, so even after a few years they can still be getting bigger.

It’s possible that you will get a small Maine Coon but you may not as well.

Keep the Guiness Book of Records telephone number handy.

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Maine Coons Are The Perfect Cat Breed to Call Gentle Giants

The term ‘gentle giant’ then comes from a contraction of the two terms that describe a Maine Coon.

Acting much like dogs in so many ways, yet with that individual cat personality, they do bond with the people whom they consider their family.

They get along with most people and situations and are incredibly laid back as a breed.

They are incredibly loyal and curious. A Maine Coon will follow you around the house quite a lot.

They won’t be underfoot but they will be on the fringes watching what you are doing.

Maine Coons are not obtrusive with their size nor are they bullying aggressive.

Gentle giants seems to be a fine name for them.


Perhaps never has a cat breed so appropriately named.

They are Maine Coons and they have a nickname that fits them well.

Gentle giants is the name given to this breed of cats because, not only do these felines have an incredibly laid back personality but also due to their size which does reflect that of a gentle giant.

They possess traits in common with dogs like loyalty and curiosity yet maintain their individual cat personalities as well.

Not being obtrusive nor aggressive, they seem wonderfully appropriate for those who enjoy having larger pets in your house without all the hassle such animals can cause sometimes.

The conclusion from reading about the Maine Coon’s history would be just how aptly named it is–gentle giants indeed!

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