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What Price Should I Be Paying For My Maine Coon?

The buying price of a Maine Coon cat is the most substantial outlay as they are relatively easy to maintain after that. They require a clean litter box, enough clean water and do not eat enough to be overly expensive. They are a great investment as a companion but they can be considerably pricey. The average price is about $1000, starting at $400 and peaking at about $2000. The price you should pay depends on various factors. These include;

i. Certification.

Maine CoonThe first way to determine the price you should pay for your Maine Coon cat is whether it has an official certificate from a recognized veterinary doctor. This certificate guarantees vaccines have been timely delivered and meeting this standard will drive the price of a Maine Coon cat up. The least you should pay for a certified Maine Coon cat is $400. The general rule is that the more vaccines given, the higher the price you should pay. Spayed cats are generally less expensive than viable ones.

The certificate will also give additional information such as genetic quality which determines the length of life and peak fitness. It will also validate the pedigree status of the cat and ensure that you do not get ripped off.

ii. Breed status.

Pure breeds are generally more expensive than mixed breeds because Maine Coon cats get a large part of their appeal from characteristics ingrained in their genetics. High-quality pedigrees are in the $2000 range and with increased dilution, the price can bottom at around $400.

iii. Age.

Kittens are considered more ideal than adults because the owners get the options of naming and conditioning them. This makes them more expensive than more senior cats with certified kittens ranging anywhere from $400 to $1500.

Older Maine Coon cats go for an average of $600 depending on their state but they may require specialist medical care for age-related complications. They are a wild card because the lack of previous experience makes them more difficult to maintain.

iv. Health status.

Healthy Maine Coons have a luxuriant coat and proper weight. Determined by their pee, healthier cats are more expensive. The Maine Coon cat should be specifically tested for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, a condition that they susceptible to due to their potential size. A healthy cat averages at about $600.

v. Quality.

Maine CoonMaine Coon cats come in show or pet quality. Show quality cats are judged on many detailed metrics such as color. On the high end price-wise, a show cat cango for up to $2000 depending on the source. Pet quality cats go for $400 and upwards. Although breeding is not done for profit, beware of anyone selling a Maine Coon cat for less than $400.

vi. Purpose.

Maine Coon cats kept specifically for breeding are more expensive. To ensure quality litters, they are high quality themselves and usually worth over $1000. Breeding rights can be acquired for $2000. Pet cats go for anything from $400.

Once the above factors are considered, there are a number of sources from which you can get a magnificent Maine Coon cat.

Caution: Be very wary of Pet Shops. Respectable breeders do not like to put their cats up for sale in pet shops and you may wind up with a mixed breed Maine Coon or one with a shaky history.

Reputable sources include;

a. Maine Coon Rescue-Organizations.

These are breed specific bodies that get their cats from animal shelters and unhealthy situations. Pure breed cats are rare but if you keep an eye out you might get lucky. Of all the options, adoption is the cheapest, with the requisite fees that make an adoption legitimate adding up to at least $200. This method runs the risk that you may not get a purebred Maine Coon cat so there needs to be some level of verification. It also comes with the added advantage of doing social good.

b. Breeders.

Breeders are trusted professionals who usually keep show quality Maine Coon cats and sell off pet quality cats. This is a negotiable situation depending on your preference. Research into reputable breeders should be done and the Cat Fanciers’ Association keeps an up to date log of all reputable breeders []. A show quality cat from a breeder can be up to $2000 and pet quality cats start at about $400.

Breeders should not be overly profit motivated. They should keep the Maine Coon litters in humane conditions and be able to provide proof of pedigree. The breeder should also display a sound knowledge of Maine Coon cats. Do not make any payments to unscrupulous dealers!

c. Personal owners.

People who own Maine Coon cats that are not spayed may have unwanted litters. The price you should pay for one of these depends on the quality of the parents. Verified pure breed cats are more expensive but the actual prices vary according to the owners. You should, however, pay at market friendly rates because there was most likely an expense in the acquisition of the parents. Market rates start at around $400 and may reach into the thousands.

d. Online sources.

Maine CoonThe internet is flooded with sites for buying and selling Maine Coon cats. The prices are negotiable and can start from as low as $400. They can also be used to source high pedigree cats costing up to $2000. This is an easy way to find the perfect Maine Coon for you but requires a level of care. There are a lot of unscrupulous dealers that treat the parent cats very poorly and ethics should be factored in when making a purchase. Do not make any payments sight unseen!

In conclusion, the price of a Maine Coon cat averages at about $1000 and as such the price you pay for one will depend on your financial ability. Any price under the $400 range should be cautiously vetted. Most Maine Coon cats are expensive so if the deal is too good, think twice. If you intend to go into the breeding business, you should pay more. Litters vary from 1 to over 10 and this should be factored into the buying price. Breeding Maine Coon cats average at about $1000. For competitive shows, the Maine Coon cat can be priced at up to $2000.

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