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What Is The Temperament Of A Maine Coon?

The Maine Coon is an extremely popular cat, and if you’ve never owned one, you may wonder why?

It could be because they are a common breed.

Speak to a Maine Coon owner for 2 minutes though and it quickly becomes apparent that people own them because of their personality and temperament.

So, if you decide you may want one, what is the temperament of a Maine Coon?

The Maine Coon is a people oriented cat, and they love to play while displaying some very dog like characteristics. They are intelligent, affable, social, vocal, and will follow you around the house out of curiosity.

They’re not known as gentle giants for nothing.

Maine Coons add an element of fun to any household but don’t want to be left alone for long periods.

They can get along with other animals if raised in the same household from an early age.

This cat craves attention from its human companion, oftentimes following you around, but never being underfoot.

Maine Coons are in plentiful supply as a breed.

There are many breeders, as well as private owners who have Maine Coon kittens for sale.

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What Does Temperament Mean In A Maine Coon Cat?

Maine Coon temperament means what is in their nature that has a permanent effect on their behavior.

The temperament of your Maine Coon will dictate how they react to their surroundings.

As you as a Maine Coon owner will be part of their surroundings, the Maine Coon temperament will ultimately play a decisive role in how they interact with you.

We typically think of temperament as an adjective describing  emotional disposition, whether someone is calm or agitated for example.

Temperament is an abstract word in psychology that describes a cat’s prevailing mood.

Some people believe that the temperaments of a cat can be identified from the time they’re born, while others disagree.

The temperament of the Maine Coon will shape how they grow into adults as people react to them to give them life experiences.

Psychologically speaking, there are said to be nine different traits to temperament.

These are;

  1. Activity level
  2. Biological rhythms
  3. Sensitivity
  4. Intensity of reaction
  5. Adaptability
  6. Approach/withdrawal
  7. Persistence
  8. Distractibility
  9. Mood

Maine Coons, like people, are not clones.

Each individual cat will have it’s own very unique combination of style, personality, and how they react to the world.

There is no one-size-fits-all temperament.

Temperament is not a question of right or wrong.

It’s about creating a unique Maine Coon

A Maine Coon is a very social cat, and if you like animals that are talkative and play constantly –  the Maine Coon temperament might be for you.

a gray maine coon sitting on a rock - cropped

Is Maine Coon Temperament The Same As Maine Coon Personality

Temperament is different from personality.

Your Maine Coon may be a very happy cat that reflects its personality rather than its temperament.

Personality is more individual than temperament.

Temperament refers to the way you can expect a Maine Coon to behave.

Likewise, an individual Maine Coon may have been treated badly and might behave aggressively.

That’s its personality because being social and affable is more indicative of the temperament of the breed.

Additionally, characteristics will describe more physical traits than behavioral norms.

a maine coon washing another cat

What Is The Maine Coon Temperament?

So, what kind of temperament can you expect from a Maine Coon.

Maine Coons tend to become part of the family rather than just another pet so cohabitation isn’t difficult to say the least.

They are extremely intelligent and outgoing, sometimes dominating their human companions.

Well, mine does.

A Maine Coon Is Very Social

They crave attention from their owners and will show emotions easily.

If you’re a cat person Maine Coons are for you.

Maine Coons have no problem being around other animals despite their large size.

A Maine Coon will integrate themselves into the family and be interested in what they are doing.

Despite the aloof and independent nature that cats are meant to display, the Maine Coon is more dog like with its behavior in this regard.

They make great pets for the elderly as they provide compatibility and companionship.

The Maine Coon temperament is fun loving, social, and outgoing – just like Maine Coons themselves if they’re in the right home.

2 maine coon kittens

A Maine Coon Is Very Affable

These cats are very family oriented and love to play, talk, and be part of the goings on in their homes. 

Maine Coons will keep you entertained all day with their antics and energy.

Maine Coons can have a mischievous side when they want to, but mainly you will find them very friendly to all family members and known visitors.

If you connect with a person, then the Maine Coon will take your lead.

Maine Coons tend not to be shy about approaching people even though they may not know them.

A Maine Coon Is Easy Going

It takes a lot to rile a Maine Coon.

They are not quick to anger.

Alita doesn’t like to be picked up, but if you do, she goes like a doll.

She doesn’t scratch, twist, scowl or otherwise sulk.

When you have to give the Maine Coon a pill it will be unhappy – as all cats are – but the Maine Coon will trust you and make the process painless.

If you have small children, then the rough and tumble of play will be unlikely to anger the Maine Coon to the point of anger.

It will just walk away.

a maine coon kitten in a cat basket

A Maine Coon Will Play

Along with the easy going nature comes the ability to play.

They are very kitten like in a lot of ways – this sort of speaks to their dog like nature.

Think of a dog when you pick up the lead.

Cat toys, and spending some time interacting with a Maine Coon is a large part of owning one.

They’re Talkative

Maine Coons have a louder voice to tell you what they want.

They also like to talk in greeting and during play – Maine Coons are known for being very vocal.

It’s not like they talk to you all the time, but they chirp, trill, meow, and purr.

They do so when they want to communicate something – you have to develop a bond with them to know what it means.

More than once I have heard Alita make a sound or two, responded with more chirping from her, and thought …. did I actually have a conversation there?

a maine coon upside down

A Maine Coin Will Follow You Around

They like to participate in anything that involves you.

It’s part of their nature – their temperament.

They’re not underfoot a lot, you won’t turn around and be constantly tripping over them – at least I don’t.

But if you go to a room and turn around, don’t be surprised if you see a Maine Coon in the doorway.

If you work or spend time time on a laptop…. – well, take a look.

Alita the Maine Coon helping me work

This is quite common.

It’s not like they’re clingy – it’s not that, they just are curious and are interested in what you do.

A Maine Coon Is Affectionate

A Maine Coon wants to be around you and will show its affection.

They can rub against you, purr loudly and give head bumps.

Maine Coons have a lot of personality – they are fun loving and outgoing Maine Coons just like the breed standard describes them as being.  

This is what makes Maine Coons so endearing to people who become their pet owners.

Maine Coons take care of themselves but also want to be part of the family and enjoy spending time with you.  

They’re Obedient And Trainable

Maine Coons aren’t too difficult to train.

Maine Coons want to please you and are willing learners.

Maine Coons will take their lead from you – it’s all about the relationship

Maine Coons will respond well to consistency and dedication, but they’re not steadfast by nature.

Maine Coons are intelligent and this hints at why they can be trained – if a trainer takes time to work with them and be consistent Maine Coon owners will find that their temperament is more than agreeable towards training.  

a maine coon looking at grass stalk


Maine Coons are what every owner knows they are – affable, sociable and every bit deserving of their moniker, the gentle giant.

Maine Coons want to be with you and they will show their affection.

Maine Coon owners love them because of that trait.

Maine Coons are known for being personable, they like to hang out with you, not hang around you!

Maine Coons have an especially forgiving temperament – one that invites people in rather than makes them feel excluded or ignored.  

The Maine Coon’s easy going nature is appreciated by many as well as its curiosity around what the owner is doing at any given time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Maine Coon cats aggressive?

The Maine Coon is not an aggressive breed of cat. Aggression is not a feature of their temperament. They are rightfully called gentle giants that reflect an affable and social nature. If A Maine Coon is aggressive there is something wrong.

Are Maine Coons stubborn?

Although they are intelligent they are not particularly stubborn. They may have individual preferences but they are obedient and trainable. A Maine Coon won’t do things because it knows it annoys you.

Are Maine Coons one person cats?

Like any cat, a specific Maine Coon may display more bonding behaviour with one particular person, maybe because they feed them, but the Maine Coon does not have an exclusive personality. They are family orientated and won’t deliberately exclude a member.

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