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What Are The Best Brushes For Maine Coon Coats?

If you are a Maine Coon owner, you will know that your cat has long coats that can be prone to matting.

My cats need regular brushing and and so do most Maine Coons, but what kind of brushes will work for your cat?

Your cat is friendly, and you might have noticed that it has two layers coat which means you should use different kinds of brushes to take care of the coat.

Knowing what works for your Maine coon is essential in creating a grooming routine.

Maine Coon Cats have one of the most beautiful coats, and most owners usually have an issue with maintaining the fairly long hair. The undercoat is softer which makes the coat prone to tangles. Keeping a regular brushing routine will prevent the coat from succumbing to those dreadful mats that can easily get out of hand and cause distress to your beloved cat.

You can attain a fabulous looking coat that your Maine Coon was born to wear by selecting different types of brushes which will work for your long furred cat.

The kind of brushes that will work for your cat includes dematting brush to remove mats, a raking brush which removes excess hair and a soft brush.

The other brushes are pin brushes and combs that help you to detangle their fur. A combination of brushes are needed to keep them looking magnificent.

Maine Coon tabby

The Maine Coons Coat

The Maine Coon’s coat comes in a variety of colors and patterns. From solid black to a lovely smokey silver. Your cat will probably have its fur length from medium to long.

This might explain why the cat is often referred to as the dog of the cat kingdom.

The fur typically has two layers often referred to as the winter undercoat; the cats are often referred to as the Englanders, and the coat evolved to match the cold climate of Maine and Europe.

Your cat will, however, shed most of their fur in spring as they get rid of the winter coat, and this might be the time to get started on the grooming regime of your little friend. You will need a range of brushes that are versatile and work for your cat.

How To Groom A Maine Coon – The Steps Of The Process.

You will need to brush your Maine Coon Cat at least once a week especially during spring when they are shedding their fur the most.

Brushing avoids the formation of a mat and helps with detangling the hair.

Matted fur is a combination of longevity and neglect.

It also helps you to get rid of excess hair and the loose hair that has detached from the skin.

Additionally, your cat will benefit as it will have their natural produced oils evenly spread on their coat making them beautiful.

The basic steps to grooming are.

  1. Start by gathering your supplies, which include a comb used for first-round brushing, a soft bristle brush, and a pair of scissors. Choose the kind of equipment that is versatile and comfortable for both your cat and you.
  1. Ease your cat into the grooming routine, wait till they are relaxed to begin grooming, if they are uneasy pet them, remember you aim to follow the lead of your cat for a better experience. When your cat is comfortable, grooming sessions will be easier for both of you creating a rewarding routine for you and your cat.
  1. Use the metallic comb first as it detangles the hair and removes the mats, follow the flow of the fur combing from head to the tail, be careful on the sensitive parts such as the stomach and the ears. The metallic hair will help to loosen any mats and untangle any loose hair that would be attached to the fur of your cat.
  1. Once done with the metallic comb, use the rubber comb which helps to remove dead fur. Comb the fur against the flow to address the dead fur. The rubber comb will remove any excessive fur making the coat even and smooth, leaving them looking beautiful.
  1. Remove the mats which form between the two layers by using scissors; the mats should fall off while brushing especially if you brush your cat once a week. However, if you notice that there are mats not there before use the dematting tool, scissors or clippers to untangle.

Types Of Brush You Will Need

Here’s a list of the types of brushes you may want to consider for your Maine Coon grooming rituals.

  • Dematting tool: This tool will work on your cat for removing mats where you will be required to comb gently. The brush tries to reduce fur pulling and not damage the skin of your Maine Coon.
  • Soft brush: A soft brush works by removing the excess loose fur that falls off after brushing your cat with a dematting tool. They work well when the comb is used against the flow of the fur for better removal of loose fur.
  • Undercoat rake: The undercoat rake is made with bristles that help to remove excess hair and getting rid of matted fur and is achieved without causing damage to the skin.
  • Pin brush: This is a brush with wire or plastic pins that are widely spaced and have ball-like ends that are either rubber or metal. The brush helps in removing mats and detangling the fur of your cat when it is lightly tangled.
  • Metal slicker brush: This brush is typically rectangular with fine wired bristles that are packed closely together and are tough on mats thus detangling your cat’s fur.
  • Grooming comb with rolling pins: The grooming comb has one end fitted with both short and long pins that help to take care of both the overcoat and the undercoat of your Maine Coon.
  • Curved nail clippers: The curved nail clipper are special nail clippers designed to secure the claw when you trim your Maine Coon’s nails.

A few points you may want to consider when buying brushes;

  • Durability – It’s not like as a brush it needs to survive an earthquake, but I do like a professional durable feel to a brush so it doesn’t feel as if it’s going to break apart.
  • Bendable Pins – Particularly on the pin brushes it’s advisable to have durable but flexible pins. You want the brush to work with the coat. Not fight against it and irritate the skin. When you brush your Maine Coon with bendable pins then you will see the pins bend back and flow with the movement or direction of your stroke.
  • Smoothed tips – A real problem that can occur in cheaper brushes is sharp tips.
maine coon grooming gloves

Do Those Pet Grooming Hand Gloves Work?

You probably seen these, but if you haven’t they may be good alternative for a lot of people.

A pet grooming glove is a grooming brush that your Maine Coon Cat should love, especially if it likes being stroked and being paid attention, and it works gently on the body.

It’s a glove, or more accurately a pair of gloves that you wear, where the palms and fingertips have very light rubber nodules that lightly bury into the cats fur as you stroke them.

The effect is to detangle lightly twisted fur in a manner whereby the cat thinks it’s being stroked.

Like any other grooming tool, the aim should be to get your cat to relax before starting the grooming routine. The brush will remove loose pet hair and tangles when used, and the hair sticks to the bristles of the brush.

The brush is extra gentle, allowing it for use daily in the grooming regime of your cat.

You need to brush your cat following the flow of the hair ensuring that you tackle the whole body, not forgetting the tail.

Once done it will be easy to remove the excess fur that sticks at the bottom of the bristles by just pulling the fur off. Have a bin handy..

The design of glove allows you to have enhanced five finger access making it easy for you to groom the hard to reach parts of the body.

The rubber tips help to provide a gentle and relaxing touch for your cat, almost like petting them while grooming.

The brush is suitable to not only your Maine Coon Cat as you can also use it on your dogs and it is perfect for sensitive and young pets.

Here’s how they can work;

Dematting Brush

The dematting brush has a handle with a firm grip and is fitted with teeth like spikes that are used to comb and demat the hair. When dematting your Maine Coon’s hair avoid working on dry hair.

Wet and slippery hair will be easier to detangle.

Start by breaking the mat with your fingers; then you place your dematting comb near the mat, you should avoid pulling the comb through the hair.

dematting brush for a maine coon

Move the comb gently through the hair for ease in dematting the hair.

Pulling too hard might hurt your pet avoid this so that you create harmonious grooming experience.

Break the mat with scissors if necessary.

When you hold the hair just below the mat reduces the impact of tugging and pulling motions when dematting.

Successful dematting involves starting with the ends of the matted hair by picking and careful motion to aid the untangle process. Avoid working from the bottom upwards causing the fur to compress and tangle even more.

Here’s one in use;

Undercoat Rake Brush

This brush features a stainless steel rake which has about 20 tip teeth with a rubber coated handle.

This allows you to have a fine grip on the brush while grooming.

The brush gently helps you to untangle the hair of your cat, and it removes matted fur that could cause discomfort to the cat.

Maine coon’s need to to have their underlying coat removed and this can be achieved by use of this brush without irritating to the skin.

Moreover, the brush is suitable for long hair pets, like a Maine Coon meaning you can use it on your dogs as well.

undercoat rake brush for maine coon

The brush is great for daily use as it does not damage the coat of your cat. The dematting process is painless, and it leaves your cat looking beautiful.

Here’s one in use;

Soft Brush Brush / Pin Brush

pin brush for maine coons

Pin brushes come in different designs, but mostly they are wire pins widely spaced wide ball-like ends that are made either of rubber or metal. Unlike common cats, Maine Coon Cat sheds its fur more often thus making it necessary to brush their coats regularly.

A pin brush is used for regular maintenance meaning that you have to have different brushes for detangling and thorough grooming.

Brushing your cat with this brush requires that you brush gently following the flow of the hair.

However, you can go along or against the hair for maximum grooming effect on your cat.

The brush is suitable for either the inner or outer coat and can be used for routine brushing if your cat does not have mats already otherwise you will need the other special dematting brushes for your cat.

Here’s one in use;

Slicker Brush

Slicker brushes are mainly used to get rid of debris, loose hair, and mats in fur.

It is made of wire bristles that are tightly packed together with the wires slightly angled so that they do not scratch the skin directly.

Your cat will enjoy the benefits of staying clean with an even distribution of oil all over their coats leaving them beautiful.

slicker brush for maine coon

Your Maine Coon has thick hair which could be difficult to groom, but this brush will give it the ultimate makeover.

The slicker brush, when used appropriately, is completely safe for your cat, light pressure is key in ensuring safety to avoid any danger.

If your cat has any broken skin avoid using this brush on your cat as it could cause more injury and skin problems that could lead to infections.

The brush will save you money as you can use it for other pets which have long hair like dogs and horses.

Here’s one in use;

Comb And Nail Clippers

Creating a routine for trimming nails will get your cat used to grooming for their paws.  

Make your cat relaxed by petting them when you want to do this. A relaxed cat is a happy cat.

You should snip off their nails gently.

You should hold the claws between your fingers then try to find the area you should clip off without causing injury.

Push gentyl on the pad to expose the nails for trimming.

Trimming helps to avoid buildup of bacteria while also ensuring that the cat does not rip your furniture and tear other belongings.

Another routine is to comb their hair regularly by using a brush or a comb to avoid the tangling of hair in the first place.

Prevention is better than cure.

Brushing will make your cat relaxed as Maine Coon cats enjoy this activity usually and it’s an opportunity for you to bond with your cat.

Choose a brush that works well with Maine Coon’s long hair to avoid damaging their beautiful coat. Once you have created a routine for brushing their hair, your cat will likely enjoy the experience.

Can You Get Maine Coon Grooming Kits?

Should you not possess and tools whatsoever, and only need to add a few bit which you can buy separaely, you can get grooming kits that work pretty well for a Maine Coon.

catlit grooming kit

The Catit Long Hair Grooming Kit

Catit Longhair Grooming kit helps you to meet the needs of medium to long-haired cat’s coat so this is a perfect kit for your Maine Coon Cat.

The kit comes with a set of every daily grooming tool you will require for your cat.

This kit contains a pin brush, metal slicker brush, dematter tool, rolling pins, grooming comb, and curved nail clipper.

One of the tools in the kit is the canister lid which is a handy temporary container which you could use for the loose cat hair.

The kit stores all the tools upright which protects the brushes from damage.

Regular grooming reduces the amount of shedding over time thus getting this kit is essential for your Maine Cat grooming routine.

The kit is easily available over at amazon if you want to check the current price.

friends forever grooming kit

Friends Forever Professional Pet Grooming 6 in 1 Professional Pet Grooming Kit Box.

This everyday grooming set contains most of the tools you will need for grooming your Maine Coon Cat.

The package comes with a professional grade brush set which enables you to easily remove mats onyour Maine Coon.

The set is comfortable and durable thus you won’t need to replace the tools very frequently.

Most of the tools are fitted with an anti-slip handle which will enable you to handle the tools easily.

The tools are perfect for medium to long hair thus good for your Maine Coon.

The set will satisfy you and save your money you should head to your vet to get a kit or buy it online at Amazon and in pet stores.

You may want to add a pin brush to this kit if you feel you need one.

cat toothbrush

Don’t Forget the Cat Toothbrush?

Cats are prone to tooth decay which is mainly caused by tartar buildup so brushing your cat’s teeth is a forgotten essential.

Your Maine Coon could become susceptible to gingivitis without brushing.

Regular teeth brushing is recommended by vets at least three times a week if they’re ever asked.

There is special toothpaste made for cats as well. Don’t use human toothpaste.

You should be keen on choosing a soft brush which will not injure your cat.

Most cats do not like their teeth being brushed so ensure they are relaxed for the best results.

A good brush and toothpaste are pretty inexpensive if you want to check prices.


Grooming is essential for keeping your Maine Coon Cat looking beautiful as well as healthy and regular brushing is an essential part of grooming your cat.

With a well-groomed coat looking good with the natural oils well spread throughout the fur your cat will look glamorous.

Attaining this can be achieved by careful selection of grooming tools such as brushes, dematting brushes, rolling pins, rakes and nail clippers.

When you finally get versatile tools that work for your cat ensure that you establish a routine which allows you to have a cat that totally looks its best.

Of great importance in grooming your feline friend is creating a routine and finding what works for your cat.

Remember, you want to create a positive experience and cause as little distress to your little fella as possible.

Or should that be big fella, considering we are Maine Coon talking here.

To go about grooming your Maine Coon, check out the following video;

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