Maine coon weight

The Weight Range For Maine Coons – What You Need To Know

As Maine Coon cats do not reach full maturity until they are 5 years old, the weight range can be quite large and depends upon many defining factors.

However, as a rule adult male Maine Coons are between 6.8 kg and 11.33 kg. Female Maine Coons, being smaller, have a weight range between 5.0 kg to 9.1 kg. These are weight ranges for healthy cats.

Comprising factors affecting the weight will be genetics, gender, diet and health.

Maine coon weight

Genetics Effect On Maine Coons Weight

Like humans, and indeed other animals, Maine Coons have a higher likelihood of being larger if the parents are large for their respective genders. Genetics is largely the deciding factor as to whether you will own a mini tiger.

When purchasing your Maine Coon, you should ask about or,

if you can, visit the parents of the kitten and you will probably get a good idea of what size Maine Coon yours will grow into.

Sometimes, genetics can skip generations and kittens are more like the grandparents in relation to size.

Gender Effect On Maine Coons Weight

Nothing you can do here other than accept the fact that female Maine Coons are on average 20-25% less heavy on the upper and lower weight ranges than their male counterparts.

Thus, if weight, or indeed size is important to you in your Maine Coon then pick the gender accordingly.

Maine coon weight

Diet Effect On Maine Coons Weight

As growth happens in your Maine Coon kitten this is self evidently an important factor to consider so you can ensure healthy growth.

Just like yourself, if you were fed junk food growing up then you can put on weight, but it is not healthy growth.

Thus, your Maine Coon will require a good mix of nutritious foods, both dry food and wet food in order to ensure the proper nutrients and vitamins are present to promote a healthy weight growth.

Ending up with an unhealthy Maine Coon is your responsibility.

A continual diet, deficient in the right vitamins, nutrients and a non appropriate calorie intake will produce a lethargic and despondent Maine Coon.

With a healthy diet, it is said that the Maine Coon can put on double the weight of traditional domestic cat breeds.

Health Effect On Maine Coons Weight

Maine Coons are naturally large cats, and require exercise with stimulation to maintain a good weight as they grow.

They are very energetic and are extremely good mousers which require a properly functioning muscular physique.

Maine Coons that are not exercised and have a sedated lifestyle run the risk of becoming obese.

If your cat is not stimulated with exercise it will over eat and thus develop unhealthy weight gain. Common sense should be used here.

If there are fields or large play areas near you, your cat will go out and prowl the neighbourhood regularly so will develop healthy habits to keep off unwanted weight gain.

However if your Maine coon has a more urban environment, then it might be a good idea to look up cat exercise equipment, or consider taking your cat for a walk on occasion.

Sure, it may seem funny, but the Maine Coon needs exercise.

Most Maine Coons will love this activity and as an added bonus it will be healthy for you as well.

Maine coon weight

Maine Coon Kitten Weight At 12 Weeks

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a study was conducted in 2011 on the birth weights of purebred Maine Coon kittens, which found a Maine Coon kitten had an average birth weight of 115 grams.

An average kitten for a domestic cat at 12 weeks will be around 1.35kg to 1.8kg. That’s 3 to 4 lbs as a broad guideline.

Thus for the first 12 weeks, your Maine Coon kitten should put on around 150 grams per week.

As Maine Coons mature later there is no real way to tell if your cat is a Maine Coon because of its weight at 12 weeks.

Growth spurts can happen later than normal in Maine Coons, but they are larger cats than most domestic house breeds so as to confuse the issue.

12 weeks is also the age that most breeders will start to consider a Maine Coon kitten as available for sale.

Creating A Maine Coon Weight Chart

If you wish to create a weight chart for your Maine Coon to track then I would suggest the following details be plugged into a spreadsheet file.

Name, Gender, Breed status, Birth Weight, Date of birth for the general information.

Down the Y axis I would put week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4 etc

For each week I would weigh my Maine Coon and add the following data;

Date of weighing, weight, weight gain from previous week, food information, calorie intake, feedings per day, height, and length.

Mine looks something like this;

Click HERE to download a Weight Growth excel file.

For an informative video, this might help.

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