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The Tuxedo Maine Coon – The James Bond Of Cats

Ever since the success of James Bond, the tuxedo is seen widely as a symbol of being suave and debonair.

While men can walk around trying to emulate the symbolism there are cats who are trying to steal their thunder.

Cats and even Maine Coons have their own version.

And fashioned from nature to boot.

As it turns out, Maine Coons can sport their very own version of suave and debonair.

What is a Tuxedo Maine Coon cat?

A tuxedo Maine Coon has a bicolor coat which is black and white. The visual contrast of the colors gives the appearance of formal attire for men. Although the recognized pattern isn’t needed to be labeled as a tuxedo, the body being black while the chest is white gives the cat its moniker.

There are other bicolor Maine Coons, such as ginger and white, or gray and white, but the tuxedo Maine Coon is specifically black and white.

Or should be.

a tuxedo maine coon

What Is A Tuxedo Cat?

The term is slightly ambiguous though and there isn’t a clear definition.

A tuxedo cat is thought to be just black and white in any pattern.

The sheer contrast between the colors with no blending is thought to more resemble a tuxedo.

However, a distinct white patch on the chest, which presumably represents the formal shirt, with a solid black-like color can also be called a ‘tuxedo cat’.

As long as a cat has either black or white colors, or exhibits the look of the white chest then they seem to get labeled as tuxedo cats.

The white chest area is sometimes referred to as ‘the bib’ and if the cat has white paws it is said to be sporting ‘white boots’.

You might be thinking that a tuxedo cat is solely for male cats, but the pattern can also occur in females, so females can be tuxedo cats as well.

Despite a tuxedo being male formal wear.

There are a few variations such as ‘the mask’ resembling a masked ball if the cat has a white stripe around its eyes.

a tuxedo maine coon kitten

Can A Maine Coon Be A Tuxedo Cat?

A Maine Coon can absolutely be a tuxedo cat.

Black and white are two colors that can be seen in the Maine Coon breed quite frequently.

Many Maine Coons can exhibit the ‘bib’ associated with a tuxedo cat as well.

As Maine Coons are a popular breed and represent a good part of the cat population, then there’s good reason to believe Maine Coon tuxedo cats are more common than other breeds.

What’s interesting, is that a Maine Coon with a recognizable tuxedo pattern has a better chance of having eyes that are green.

The green eyes can have blue or gold hues as well.

a tuxedo maine coon kitten

The Origins Of Tuxedo Cats

Cats of the Maine Coon variety can also display a tuxedo pattern.

The genes of tuxedo cats happen to be black.

They have genes, which may or may not trigger white spotting.

These genes can mask the black color on designated patches of the fur.

A cat’s spotting is a measure of their level of white fur, with 1 being the least amount and 10 the most.

Tuxedo cats are classified in grades one through four.

The higher the number, the more white is seen.

A black cat classified as 1 would have very few white patches on the coat.

Tuxedo cats can be found in animated cartoons and entertainment as well, some dating back a few decades.

During the era of silent films in the early 20th Century, Pat Sullivan and Otto Messmer created the cartoon character ‘Felix the Cat‘.

Felix is recognized for his appearance in children’s cartoons.

All-black Felix has a white chin and large eyes.

There’s also Sylvester the Cat of Looney Tunes fame.

Sylvester has a white underside; his feet and tail are mostly white, with white-tipped tail.

Bill Clinton during his time in the White House had a rather appropriately named cat called Socks.

The best example of a tuxedo cat is one named ‘Sparky’.

Sparky was credited as being the richest cat in history when he inherited over $6 million from his owner.

Maybe it was his tuxedo.

a tuxedo maine coon cat side profile

What Causes The Tuxedo Look In A Maine Coon

Like any animal, a newborn Maine Coon kitten will get their genetics from its parents.

If the parents have the correct genes, then a newborn kitten can be born with black hair and white patches.

The chest, face, and paws all seem to be areas where the fur may be white.

Solid black color and white fur genes have the potential for a tuxedo Maine Coon kitten.

Although cat traits like calico, tortoiseshell, and tuxedo cats share some genetic similarities that determine their markings, there is a glaring difference between these gene traits.

If a Maine Coon is Calico or Tortoiseshell they have a high chance of being female.

A tortie Maine Coon has a 99.6% of being female.

For every one male Calico Maine Coon there will be 3000 female ones.

Male Maine Coons that are tortie or Calico are incredibly rare.

A tuxedo Maine Coon has an equal chance of being either male or female.

Are Maine Coon Tuxedo Cats Rare?

Although tuxedo Maine Coons are distinct in their look, they are not particularly rare.

Visiting the various local breeders will bring a few up at any one time.

If you can’t find one immediately, it’s not because they are difficult to find or rare.

Oddly, black cats can scare away the superstitious so many people don’t actually want a black cat – so if you want a tuxedo Maine Coon you are in luck.

Studies have been done where a cat with tuxedo markings stays longer in shelters, rescue centers, and breeders.

Tuxedo Maine Coons are to be found all over the world, so if you particularly want one, they shouldn’t be hard to find.

Are Tuxedo Maine Coons Different From Other Color Patterns

The tuxedo aspect of the Maine Coon only affects the physical appearance.

There is no known knowledge where tuxedo cats of any breed differ significantly from their breed traits because of their coat.

Their personality, temperament, and characteristics will be the same as any other cat from the breed.

There Are No Known Health Concerns

Just like any other cat from the breed, tuxedo Maine Coon cats are just as healthy with the same lifespan.

Isaac Newton had a tuxedo cat, so they certainly have a history with smart people.

A tuxedo Maine Coon will still be susceptible to hip dysplasia, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, spinal muscular atrophy, and polycystic kidney disease (PKD).

They will still follow you around, be really friendly, and loyal.

Just like all other Maine Coons.

2 maine coon kittens


The tuxedo effect doesn’t make them any different from other Maine Coons, just some people think they look better in a tuxedo.

If you are looking to buy a Maine Coon then you should get one that looks the best to you regardless of coat color or pattern.

A tuxedo Maine Coon will be a fine cat to own, and aren’t rare so should you prefer the look they will be easy to find.

And who wouldn’t want a Maine Coon that looks like James Bond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all tuxedo cats mean?

No, tuxedo cats are not mean. The tuxedo is a reference to a distinctive pattern and is not a breed. The breed will determine the personality traits, not the coat colors.

What is the personality of a tuxedo cat?

Although it’s claimed tuxedo cats have personalities, the tuxedo is a distinct pattern on the coat of the cat, most probably black and white colors. The breed of cat has a personality, not a coat pattern.

Do tuxedo cats have health problems?

A tuxedo cat isn’t a specific breed but a coat pattern. There aren’t any known health concerns with cats showing this pattern, so look to the breed information for health concerns rather than coat colors.

Are tuxedo cats purebred?

There isn’t a breed of cat called a tuxedo. The tuxedo refers to the coat pattern, possibly the white chest area with solid black as the main body color. This body pattern can be on purebred or mixed breed cats.

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