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The Tabby Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats come in a wide range of colors and patterns which are definitely genetic.

The largest domestic cat breed comes in different patterns like tabbies, torties, and solids.

Tabbies are eye-catching and in different colors like brown, blue, red, orange, and cream.

The Tabby Pattern In Maine Coons

Garfield, a famous comic character is an example of a tabby cat. In general, a tabby cat has a “tabby” coat pattern. These patterns include stripes, lines, dots, and swirls.

Tabby cats also have an M-like mark on their foreheads.

It’s important to note that tabby is a term for a pattern rather than a breed. It’s believed the pattern of today’s domestic cat resembles wildcats.

Collins English dictionary defines a tabby cat as;

cat that is brindled with dark stripes or wavy markings on a lighter background

Maine Coon tabbies are available in a wide variety of colors including brown, red, orange, cream, and blue-grey.

There are also other varieties like parti-color (2-color) and tabby with white.

I personally like them. I mean, have a look at mine – Alita

The three distinct gene loci and a modifier determine the pattern. It is the agouti gene that determines the tabby pattern, while the dominant A shows the root pattern.

But for the solid- color black or blue cats, tabby patterns are not quite observed. But, there are instances that underlying patterns can be seen, known as “ghost striping”.

These are usually observed on the baby coat of young cats.

A tabby cat’s color is determined by looking at the stripes, color and the tip of the tail.

The classic pattern, sometimes known as “blotched” has been described as a marble cake.

This pattern includes wide and dark stripes on the backs and shoulders and three big stripes from the shoulder blades to end of the Maine Coon’s tail.

Common Variants Of The Tabby Maine Coon


The tabby color pattern most frequently includes stripes. However, it can also include other combinations like spots/stripes or stripes/swirls and the following markings:

  • Agouti (ticked): Bands of color along the hair’s length that shimmer in the sunlight
  • Classic: Swirls with a “target” on the cat’s side
  • Mackerel (stripes): Striped rings around legs/tail, stripe “necklace” and solid or broken stripes along the sides
  • Spotted: Spots resemble the American Bobtail and Ocicat

Brown Variant

This is the classic color of tabby Maine Coons.

This color is widely available among cat breeds, so it’s also easier to breed than the grey-colored one.

In fact, brown tabbies are quite similar to the neighborhood cats we see every day.

This color is available in different patterns, including tabbies.

The most famous type of brown tabby has a white undercoat. The color is sometimes combined with other colors like cream, silver, white and cameo.

I would describe my Alita, as a brown tabby;

Red Variant

Remember, that “red” Maine Coons are not considered fire engine red.

It’s actually a blend of orange and ginger. In fact, owners often refer to their cat’s color as orange rather than red.

Fun Fact: 90% of all red Maine Coons are male.

This is due to the gene responsible for the color being male-dominant.

More specifically, it’s always on the X chromosome. In males, the Y chromosome provides the color while in females the combo of the two X chromosomes forms a new color.

This is the brightest color of Maine Coons and is quite eye-catching compared to other colors.

Red and orange stand out, whether by itself or paired with other combos like white.

The color is also seen with various patterns like tabbies’ stripes or blotches.

A pure orange variant is quite rare while the most common Red Maine Coon is a red/white or red tabby.

It has gold or copper eyes that match up with the undercoat. Meanwhile, the nose/paws are pink.

A tabby maine coon

Cream Variant

Cream-colored Maine Coon tabbies appear similar to the white variants, but of a different shade.

This is because these cats are white variants with a little cream color.

These tabbies can have a solid cream color on the whole body.

In other cases, the cream color can be combined with other colors like grey, silver, or white.

The cream Maine Coons are usually available with a combo of patterns like tabby or colors.

The most famous variant is the cream cameo tabby.

It is a combination of a cream color with shades of blue and silver. These are a very eye-catching breed.

Famous Tabby Maine Coons


Samson is a 28-pound (13kg) Maine Coon living in New York City.

The red tabby is known as “The largest cat in NYC” is about 4 feet long and weighs more than the usual size bobcat.

It’s possible that Samson could also be the world’s largest domestic cat.

Jonathan Zurbel is Samson’s owner. He told Love Meow his feline friend is “sweet” yet “tough” or sometimes called “gentle giant”.

Even Samson is big and strong, Zurbel claims his cat isn’t overweight or fat.

His owner describes him as “husky.” Samson is indeed a gigantic cat, but he is in excellent health.

Zurbel explained that Samson waits by his bedroom door every night.

Then in the morning, he walks into the cat dad’s bedroom and sits on his stomach. Zurbel described the cat, as well-behaved. 

stewie the maine coon


This grey tabby was owned by Robin and Erik Hendrickson of Nevada (USA). In 2005 they got Stewie from a breeder when he was 3 months old.

Stewie held the Guinness World Record for world’s longest domestic cat as certified in August 2010. In 2011 Mymains Stewart Gilligan also held the world record for longest cat tail.

Stewie was known as a social cat who liked to meet new people. The gentle giant sadly passed away in 2013 after battling cancer.

How Common Are Tabby Maine Coons?

The tabby Maine Coon is quite common and available in various colors such as orange, blue, and cream.

Tabby cats are common because they are named because of the pattern rather than breed. Sometimes they also include part-colors like white or other patterns such as a tortie.

It’s worth noting that some patterns like “ticked” aren’t recognized by some breed standards for the reason that it can alter the cats recognizable tabby stripes.


The tabby Maine Coon has one of the most common patterns of the world’s largest breed of domesticated cats.

While tabbies are known for their stripes, they can also have blotches and spots. It’s important to get tabbies from legit breeders in order to avoid bad experiences like scams.

You can even find breeders who specialize in certain colors of Maine Coons to get the hue you want.

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