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The Personality Of The Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon is famous for its big size and a heavy double layer of long hair that is well designed for the brutal cold in Maine, which is the state they originated from.

Calm and laid-back, the Maine Coons aren’t too dependent, however, they’re very people oriented.

They’re glad to move with their owners from one room to another, as well as playing fetch.

So what’s the short version of the Maine Coon’s personality?

Maine Coons are not only large in size but also abundant with personality. The Maine Coon loves to be around its family and acts as if you are part of their pack. They can be obedient when called and love greeting guests who may find themselves surprised at how sociable these large cats can actually get!

Most Maine Coon cats are drawn to water and might enjoy an unexpected swim. This indigenous cat to Maine has been kept in very high demand due to its mousing talents for hundreds of years.

If this is your first time considering this breed of cat then you will definitely want to know all about the amazing Maine Coon personality!

Alita the Maine Coon on a gorge

Known as the gentle giants or the ‘cat of the dog world’, these traits associated with them showcase the personality of these amazing cats. Maine Coons are quite intelligent and exhibit friendly traits.

They also exhibit curious and playful habits.

These beautiful gentle giants socialise greatly and are definitely the outgoing type, with other animals as well as with people. Their curiosity enables them to interact widely with various pets and humans.

Considered as amazing mouse catchers or “mousers“. They enjoy hunting as well as spending a lot of time playing chase, hence it is essential to place toys around them.

Maine coon personality infographic

One important factor with them is their tendency to stand their ground when they want something, although they are not aggressive to other cats or children they will stand their ground when bringing in a new cat or dog.

The Maine Coon’s showcase positive personality in getting used to new situations. However, if you see a Maine Coon that is very unreceptive or frightened, it means they are likely to have had a bad experience, as you rarely find one that isn’t friendly.

Maine Coons have such a loving personality and can even fit into the term of a “lap cat” occasionally.

They love having a warm snuggle. This might be one of the most affectionate cats that you can own, and the interesting thing is they don’t turn down affection given to them by anyone.

Children, adults, other pets, they’d snuggle up to the affection. Having a special time set aside for these furry pals will always keep them happy.

Referred to the cat of the dog world due to their large size equivalent to dogs and their exhibition of dog-like personality they have a loyalty to owners.

They accept the entire family, however and show extreme loyalty to the individual who takes the majority care of them.

Generally, this breed is great and is simply amazing to have around and will definitely enjoy being centre stage in a room.

The gentle Maine Coon personality sets them apart from many breeds of cat and are happy to be handled, which presumably is why they have a loyal fan base.

Alita the Maine Coon at a waterfall cafe

Are they Friendly?

The Maine Coon is probably as close to a pack animal as you will see in the cat world. They are very interested in what owners are doing and being naturally curious can even be easily trained to come when called.

The character traits of the Maine Coon are just what you would want from a cat. They are friendly, affectionate, loving, sometimes goofy like animals that have a nature that totally belies their impressive size.

The Maine Coon really is a gentle giant.

Are They Affectionate?

Very much so.

If you don’t like an affectionate cat then this isn’t the breed for you. The Maine Coon definitely has a liking for someone sitting down and leaving their lap ‘unattended’,

You may like a lap cat, in which case the breed is perfect, but if you just want a cat presence then this may be too affectionate a cat. Every cat has its own personality, but in general, the Maine Coon is a very loving animal.

I think you will find, if you did a poll that every owner of a Maine Coon would agree, that their Maine Coon is definitely the most friendly and affectionate of all the breeds they have had. Most owners will say this is the most affectionate kitty they have ever had!

This essentially means that it is a very ‘hands on’ cat. It ill require attention and expect the same in return.

Could The Maine Coon Be A Family Pet?

What makes the Maine Coon a good family pet are the same traits that make it a good all rounder.

They are extremely adaptable to their environment. As long as they get a fuss, very little else matters. Farms, apartments, houses in the suburbs with or without children, your Maine Coon really won’t be worried by much.

If you have young children, then these might be an ideal pet to educate them on the treatment of animals, provided of course there is adult supervision in the early stages.

As it is a very laid back cat with a great deal of patience it is ideal around young children.

The Maine Coon is pretty sociable at all times and gets along with all animals as long as they are calm. If you have a dog, then assuming the dog has a pleasant nature the Maine Coon will fit right in.

The Personality Of The Male Maine Coon Cat

Male Maine Coons are much more socially adaptable than their female counterparts.

They go all the way in entertaining the people around them and are also quite bigger in size than the females.

Male Maine Coons showcase very comical behaviors to keep their owners entertained and certainly known how to be the center of attention.

The Personality Of The Female Maine Coon Cat

Female Maine Coons are as well very social but keep much more to themselves, unlike their male companions, who go out their way to make acquaintances.

A very important personality trait about the females is their intelligence, they tend to study the people around them.

However, their playfulness is not affected as they are very nice to have around and are quite easy to train but may seem aloof to individuals they don’t know.


Maine Coons are marvellous pets due to the fact that despite their huge size they are very nicely tempered and sweet, they have a rectangular long tail and a muscular frame which gives them a much larger look.

Originally they were outdoor breeds but later became a breed kept in homes and barns to ensure they stay free of rodents.

Their adaptation to any environment is a very beautiful characteristic about them, it is very rare to find a Maine Coon that is shy. They move houses pretty easily too,a nd don’t get alarmed.

Owning a Maine Coon is quite delicate as they need proper nutrition to remain their ever playful and cheerful self’s.

They may end up becoming overweight or soft if proper nutritional care is not giving to them. Asides from their nutrition, it is important to keep them active due to their overweight tendency, having perches and cat trees with enough room for them to run around is very essential.

Due to their large size, they may tend to knock things done during their play sessions but this is in no way intentional.

Giving the Maine Coon quality daily attention is also important, as they love to be the center of attraction.

They are curious and will follow you around the house to see what you are doing.

In general, due to their unique characteristics, having one of these cats will definitely pice up your home and certainly keep it lively and fun.

If you’d like to learn more about this fascinating breed, please CLICK HERE

Here’s a quick video for you to get a better idea;

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My name is Ann and I have been looking after and breeding cats since 2013. I am currently the proud ownder of Alita, a female Maine Coon to whom I've dedicated this site. She has had 2 litters and is around 3 years old. We share adventures and stories together.

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    • Author gravatar

      My Maine coon is a flame she will be 5 in may. She is the most loving most caring she is very art she comes when I tell her come by mommy. She knows the word mommy she sleeps with me every night. She snuggles up close to me and I pet her and I kiss her head and tell her I love her. She puts her paw in hand looks at me makes a sigh and goes to sleep i love it

    • Author gravatar

      Before getting our Maine Coon I could take or leave cats. Ozzie changed that. True to the description he has many dog features: loyal, interactive, intelligent, social etc. He is sensitive to emotions and a great entertainer. It’s hard not to smile when you are being entertained by a clown. If you are looking for another member of your family Maine Coons should be strongly considered.

    • Author gravatar

      I really want one of theses kittens my cat is long haired and shes great but a main coon would be wonderful to have they r so beautiful.i wish i knew where to start looking for one if anyone knows please let me know thank you.

    • Author gravatar

      I love my MaineCoon .Tom-Kat .He is an awesome orange- gold with gold eyes . He is always always competing with my male dog for my attention. He acts more dog like then cat. He chases my legs and bites at me playfully , like a puppy when I walk by . He comes when I whistle or call his name.I’ve had lots of cats all my life but never had one like this ! So gentle, sweet , playful and demanding of lots of cat ever!

    • Author gravatar

      Can maine coon cats live in a 140m2 apartment?

      • Author gravatar

        Hi Ana, all I can say is mine does, quite easily. They are really easy going cats all tend to go around with their owners. If it is going to be an indoor Maine Coon I like to take them for trips and walks to keep them mentally stimulated, but that apartment size sounds fine. You shouldn’t have a problem. Thanks, Ann.

      • Author gravatar

        Our apartment is 169m2 and we have 2 Maine Coons. I think the size of the apartment is less important than the quality of what they can do in it. If there’s enough things to climb on, scratch, hide under or sleep in, they’ll be very happy. You don’t need tons of space to play with a “fishing rod” or little ball and keep them entertained.
        I hope this helps. Good luck!

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      It’s a myth that Maine Coons are strictly from Maine and originated from there.

    • Author gravatar

      I have what I “believe” to be a Maine Coon Tuxedo…. she has ALL of the traits of the Maine Coon breed… even down to playing fetch and following me. Best addition to my family. Can’t imagine not having her.

    • Author gravatar

      I have a red kitten, he is only about 14 weeks old and huge. He carries everything in his mouth like a golden retriever..he hid the frog food in my boot..which was a surprize. Stole my necklaces from the dresser and dragged them down stairs..left them on the kitchen floor. He is like a dog and begs for food…and eats anything…you have to watch him like a hawk. But he loves to cuddle…and rest behind my head like a pillow on the couch…my son named him Meatball..but I honestly should call him Fetch.

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