maine coon stewie biggest domestic cat in the world

The Maine Coon: The Biggest Domestic Cat In The World

In order to make things tricky the Guinness Book of Records, pretty much the authority on world records, defines the largest domestic breed of cat in two very distinct ways.

Firstly, the world’s tallest cat will be measured from the top of its shoulder to its paw. Secondly, the world’s longest cat will take the record with the largest length measured from the tip of its nose to the very end of its tail.

Thus its not only possible but likely that two different breeds can take the prize for being the biggest domestic cat in the world.

In short then, the biggest domestic cat by length ever recorded was a gray tabby Maine Coon called Stewie. He measured 48.5 inches long from nose to tail. That’s 123cm.

The world’s biggest domestic cat by height is Arcturus, a Savannah cat which is 19.05 inches tall, that’s 48.4 cm.

The Maine Coon holds the record for the longest cat living and the longest cat ever.

Meet Stewie; The Biggest Domestic Cat In The World

A gray tabby Maine Coon named Stewie currently holds the record for being the biggest domestic cat in the world by length. With a full name of Mymains Stewart Gilligan he took up a rather enormous length of 123cm of tape measure.

That is 48.5 inches in length from nose to tail. He was measured on 28th August 2010.

Stewie was bought from a breeder in Hermiston, Oregon in 2005.

The owner Robin Hendrickson only decided to enter Stewie into the Guiness Book of Records after conversations with friends urging her to do so. Ironically, Stewie also held the record for the longest cat tail.

Stewie appears to have been the epitome of Maine Coon affection as “Stewie was always very social and loved meeting new people”

Sadly, Stewie passed away in 2013 of cancer at the very young eight years of age.

maine coon ludo biggest domestic cat in the world

Meet Ludo; The Biggest Domestic Cat In The World Currently Living

Owned by Kelsey Gill from Wakefield in the UK, Ludo, a tabby Maine Coon measures a rather impressive 118.33 cm from nose to tail. That’s fractionally under 4ft in length.

Kelsey has owned Ludo from 13 weeks old and fell in love with Maine Coons since watching them in the Harry Potter series.

Apparently Ludo is quite an active cat for his size but has to be put in a dog carrier when travelling due to his impressive size. Ludo is currently recognized by the Guinness book of World Records.

He is still 5cm short of the world record holder, Stewie for the coveted title.

Meet Cygnus; The Biggest Tail On A Domestic Cat In The World

A silver Maine Coon by the name of Cygnus entered the Guinness Book of Records for 2018 for having a tail of 44.66 cm. This is measured from the pelvis to the tip of the tail.

Cygnus is owned by Lauren and Will Powers of Ferndale, Michigan, USA who say they have to be extra careful wandering around the house not to tread on that enormous tail.

maine coon cygnus biggest domestic cat in the world

Meet Arcturus; The Biggest Cat In The World By Height

Arcturus is the world’s tallest domestic cat and measures an impressive 48.04 cm (19.05 inches) tall.

Arcturus is actually not a Maine Coon but a Savannah breed, which is a large eared wild African cat.

His full name is Arcturus Aldebaran Powers. He is in fact so tall he has to have a dog door to come and go from the house.

savannah arcturus biggest domestic cat in the world

Unbelievably, these two monsters of cats, both Cygnus and Arcturus live together in the same house

Apparently, these record breakers are firm friends.

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