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The Cream Maine Coon

The cream is just one of the delightful colors that your Maine Coon Cat can come in.

There are many combinations of cream including the rare blue cream and the stunning shell cream.

What Is The Cream Color?

Physical characteristics are what makes a Maine Coon a Maine Coon.

When we think of Maine Coons cats we often think of the classic brown tabby.

But Maine Coons come in a wide variety of colors. Most colors are accepted within the breed standard with nine cream variations recognized.

The International Cat Association (TICA) accepts cream, sometimes called buff as an official color.

According to the standards from the Cat Fanciers Association,

Cream is found in a solid, which is a solid buff color with a pink nose and paw pads.

Solids are one color without any stripes. A cream and white bicolor and a blue cream are also available colors.

The only colors that are disqualifications in the Maine Coon are chocolate, lavender, or the Himalayan pattern.

Cream Tabby (below) has a buff background with markings a shade or two darker. Sometimes these markings will fade as the kitten grows.

If you want to see what a cream colored Maine Coon kitten looks like, please watch this;

Champion Cream Maine Coons


Cream Silver Tabby-White Maine Coon Cat Neuter from,Grands201213.aspx

How Common Is The Cream Color?

The most common color of Maine Coons is the brown tabby.

But the solid colors: black, blue, cream and white are very common as well.

These common solid colors can be in a full range of combinations and bi-colors. 

There is a full range of hybridization of colors as well including colors such as the shaded cream cameo. Cream is one of the more popular colors along with brown, silver and tabby.

Blue cream is a rarer color and hard to find but very desired.

There are basically only two colors in cats.

Black, red and then solid white which is an actual genetic “masking” one of the other two colors.

Each color has different markings which are referred to as patterns, such as solid and tabby.

Modifying genes in the cats DNA can change the color. For instance, a red can become a cream which can, in turn, lead to a host of variations.

cream maine coon winner

Does Color Affect Cost?

Breeders have not had much success breeding for color.

It seems the Maine Coon defies being typecast! In general Maine Coons are a very popular breed.

In fact, they are the third best selling breed of cat. Unusual colors are very sought after and can command a higher price.

So expect them to be on the high end of the typical $800 – $2000 Americans are currently spending on quality Maine Coons.

A cream colored Maine Coon is a ball of fun, watch this;

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