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The Brown Maine Coon

The Maine Coon cat breed is available in a wide variety of colors that exist naturally or from professional breeding.

This particular feline can be found in various coat patterns like solid, tabby, and torties.

For example, the “classic” Maine Coon tabby is the brown variant but is available in different color and pattern combinations.

My own Alita is a tabby brown cat.

The Brown Color In Maine Coons

Several genes are related to a cats fur color.

This includes the B gene that differentiates black vs. non-black fur. Felines with 1+ copies of the B gene are chocolate or cinnamon.

There’s also the D gene that determines dense vs. dilute color.

Dominant D results in brown, black, or orange fur. A recessive D results in lighter colors like tan or cream.

A truly brown coat is difficult to achieve and is available in certain cases like the Havana breed. As a result, a genuinely brown cat is quite rare.

Meanwhile, a more common case is the “brown” Maine Coon, for example, which is actually faded black.

This explains the tone of the classic brown tabby.

The most common type of brown Maine Coon is smoky brown with white undercoat.

Other variants include a combination of brown and other hues like silver, cream, cameo, and white.

So, if you’re willing to provide some leeway, these options are a good choice since they’re still brown cats.

It’s worth noting that the terms used to denote a cat’s fur color aren’t always an exact science. For example, the “red” Maine Coon is sometimes also described as “orange.”

Another example is ‘blue” cats are more like a blue/grey combo.

A brown maine coon against white background

Common Variants Of The Brown Color

As noted, the brown Maine Coon is typically a faded black.

This is due to the complex/difficult process of breeding a truly brown cat with a chocolate or cinnamon color.

Like other colors of Maine Coons, the cats are also available in different patterns.

They include solid, tabby, and tortie. Some kitty-cats include a blend of these patterns like a tabby/tortie, for example.

You can also find parti-color cats that combine the brown color with hues. Here are some of the different possible combinations:

Silver Variant

This color is quite difficult to find compared to other colors.

In addition to brown/silver combos, you can also find silver combined with different colors like blue and patterns like tabby.

However, if you want a solid-colored silver cat, it will be much tougher to find.

In fact, you should find a professional breeder because they’d have the know-how to produce a silver-colored Maine Coon.

Cream Variants

This hue is close to the white Maine Coon but has more pigmentation.

The hue can be a solid color on the large breed or combined with other colors like brown, silver, and blue.

The most famous cream-colored Maine Coon is the Cream Cameo Tabby.

Cameo Variants

This color is actually a blend of a red base and silver touch. The upper side of the feline’s body is bright red. Meanwhile, the middle/lower side of the body is bright silver. Meanwhile, the other markings of the Cameo cat are worth noting. They include a red/silver tail. The paws are white or silver. Some Cameo Maine Coons also include other colors like brown.

a brown maine coon with large neck ruff

White Variants

Fun Fact: In art, white is the absence of all colors, but in science, it is the presence of all colors.

These cats are nearly entirely white with the exception of the pink nose and ear tufts.

It’s worth noting that a color gene isn’t responsible for white cats.

In fact, it’s a masking gene so a particular color can’t be passed on from the parents to their kittens.

As a result, it’s important to find an experienced professional breeder if you want a white Maine Coon.

Another issue is the parent cat can’t pass on all-white fur to its furbabies.

If you’re looking for a brown cat, the good news is it will be easier to find one with a little white on it.

As a result, you can save time, effort, and money while still getting an adorable pet.

a brown maine staring at you

Famous Tabby Maine Coons

Breed’s Origins

One reason the Maine Coon is named as such is that the cat’s big size and shaggy/brown fur resembles a raccoons.

In fact, some people believe the breed resulted in semi-domesticated cats mating with raccoons. However, this obviously isn’t a biological possibility.

It’s an entirely discredited theory.

When people think of Maine Coons, the image of a feline with brown fur often is the first image that pops into their minds.

Especially for me;

I may be a bit biased here.

This is indeed a common color, but it’s only one.

In fact, the Maine Coon’s colors and patterns can vary significantly. The breed exists in 70+ different color combos/patterns.

Cosey The Maine Coon

The first national cat show in the United States was held way back in 1895 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. A “brown tabby” named Cosey won first place.

It’s interesting that Cosey’s Maine Coon breed wasn’t described.

At that time cats were usually described by their coat color rather than their breed. During those days few domesticated cat breeds existed.

Another interesting fact is Cosey was described as a “native” of America, which implied she was from Maine versus foreign countries like England.

Another noteworthy issue was this was the first show in which cats were judged based on a breed standard.

So, this made it the first modern-day cat show compared to shows in the 1970s that didn’t feature the American Cat Club’s strict criteria.

a brown maine coon kitten

How Common Are Brown Maine Coons?

Brown Maine Coons are relatively common.

In fact, this is the iconic variant people often first think of versus other colors.

The color is also quite easy for breeders to achieve since it involves a “faded black” version of the feline.

On the other hand, a truly brown cat with a chocolate/cinnamon color is quite difficult to achieve due to the genetics involved.

If you want a truly brown Maine Coon then you should find a professional breeder.


The Brown Maine Coon is one of the gorgeous variants of the biggest cat breed.

At least I think so.

The color itself is eye-catching and is available in solid colors or combos with other hues like white, cream, and silver.  

Remember that the winner of the first US cat show was a brown tabby Maine Coon. Your next brown feline could also win a blue ribbon!

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