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Maine Coon Rescue In Texas (What, Where, How)

Maine Coons are one of the most popular cat breeds in America.

Maine Coon rescue centers can be found all across the country and offer Maine coons of all ages, colors, shapes, and sizes.

Maine Coon Rescue centers are a place for Maine Coon owners to donate Maine Coons that have fallen on hard times or have been abandoned by their owner, as well as for people who want to adopt Maine Coons.

Sometimes an owner passes away and the cat is given to a rescue center.

A Maine Coon from a rescue center in Texas can be mixed or purebred but there are many more adult cats than kittens.  Adoptable Maine Coon are quite common and they are much cheaper than a cat from a professional breeder.

The adoption process typically includes an interview with the potential new family and final approval from a rescue center representative before being allowed to take home your new Maine coon friend. 

There are many benefits of adopting a rescued Maine Coon including saving an animal’s life, helping them get over any trauma, and providing them with a loving home.

Maine Coons are wonderful companions and the rescue experience can make their personality blossom further than ever before, so you know that your Maine Coon has found its forever home.

A Maine Coon at the State capitol in houston

What Is A Maine Coon Rescue Center?

Maine Coon rescues are used to help rehabilitate Maine Coons that have fallen on hard times and those that have been abandoned by their owners.

Many owners cannot keep their cats and rescue centers have sprung up, some of which specialize in a specific breed.

Maine Coons making it into rescue centers can live in small cages which are very stressful for them. 

A lot of people are under the impression that only Maine Coon kittens end up in rescue centers but this is not necessarily true as Maine Coon adults are also put into the centers for adoption.

Most of them will be adults, in fact.

How Do Texan Maine Coon Rescue Centers Work?

The process for adopting a rescue Maine Coon begins by doing an online search for Maine Coon rescues close to you.

Most of them will have a section on their website where you can fill out a questionnaire about yourself and your life situation and preferences so they can match you with the perfect Maine coon friend.

Once you’ve finished this, you can call the Maine Coon rescue center and speak to someone about Maine Coons.

The Maine Coon rescue center representative will ask more questions to better understand who you are as an individual and what kind of Maine coon would fit best within your life situation.

They will also try to find out if you could provide what the Maine Coon needs in terms of food, grooming, exercise, and attention.

After this process is done, Maine Coon rescue centers either let Maine Coons go for “trial runs” with families that want them or adopt them out by doing a home visit first to ensure everything is good for both parties involved.

In summary, the process is pretty simple

  • find a cat to adopt
  • fill in a questionnaire
  • they will do an address check
  • possible home visit
  • rental agreement if renting
  • paperwork, pay rescue fee, arrange a collection date

Often there are lots of cats available as most people want a fluffy kitten, but rescuing a Maine Coon is incredibly valuable.

They often come with a vet check-up, wormed, vaccinated, and many other things like socialization and insurance.

You might be surprised how professional a Maine Coon rescue center is.

There is normally a fee for adopting a cat, but they can be free if the Maine Coon is old enough, say 10 years or so.

Very few people want them unfortunately so they have to be given away.

A maine Coon at Big Bend National Park

Can Maine Coons Survive Well In Texas?

The hottest temperature ever recorded in Texas is 120°F (49°C) on June 24, 1994.

That’s a bit warm so a Maine Coon might need an air conditioner – just like you.

A typical July will range from 77-97°F (25-36°C).

A typical January will be 37-55°F (3-13°C).

As long as a Maine Coon has a good home to go to, those are easily survivable temperatures for a Maine Coon to come with.

The only danger might be the usual snakes and other venomous or poisonous animals.

A maine Coon at the Houston Space Center

List Of Maine Coon Rescue Centers In Texas

Most cats will be posted online in rescue centers but there are a few locations that are specific to the breed.

We will discuss more about Maine Coons rescuable in Texas shortly, but in Ennis, Texas, just south of the Fort Worth and 50km South of Dallas there is Merlin’s Hope Ragdoll and Maine Coon Rescue.

Here are the details;

Name: Merlin’s Hope Ragdoll and Maine Coon Rescue


Email: merlinshoperagdollrescue@gmail.com

Address: Ennis, TX 75119

You can find a list of their available Maine Coons on Petfinder.

If you want to take a look, please CLICK HERE.

The other is Maine Coon rescue in Simms, Texas.

Name: Maine Coon Rescue – Simms, TX

Website: http://www.mainecoonrescue.net

Email: rescue@mainecoonrescue.net

Address: Simms, TX

Info: https://www.adoptapet.com/adoption_rescue/69962-maine-coon-rescue—simms-tx-simms-texas

The rest tend to be online places or stores for profits.

Here are some more places in Texas to rescue a Maine Coon.

Petco Love

Petco works with a non for profit organization that finds homes for rescued small animals.

The link to put in a search is here.

Maine Coon Rescue Me

The Maine Coon Rescue Me Texas location has a page for their current Maine Coons.

Click HERE to go to the Maine Coon Rescue Me center’s page.

Maine Coon Rescue Shelter

Some rescue shelters have put together a page and this may have a Maine Coon for you.

Click HERE to visit the site.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

The privately funded 501(c)(3), not-for-profit corporation of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has a page designed for finding your ideal Maine Coon.

Click HERE to visit the search page where you can put in the Maine Coon breed and specify allocation within your zip code.


Petfinder is a large online search engine to find your ideal Maine Coon.

Click HERE to visit the search page.

Adopt A Pet

Another large online search platform to find a Maine Coon.

It’s so large that many other online platforms will use its data, so why not go directly to the source.

You have to search and then select the breed to filter, but there are plenty of Maine Coons on there at any one time.

Click HERE to go to the search page to find your Maine Coon to rescue.

This is a good site as you can register and set up an alert – they will message you when your requirements come in.

A Maine Coon at the Alamo


There are thousands of Maine Coons in Texas at any one time.

Many of them will currently be in rescue centers.

You should always research the breed before adopting any cat; there are even Maine Coon rescue places where you could visit first and spend time with Maine Coons, just like people do when adopting a child.

Most shelters have adoption requirements so make sure you read those and ensure the Maine Coon is suited to your lifestyle.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Can Maine Coons live in Texas?

Yes, Maine Coons can live in Texas. Texas has an annual range of temperatures between 37-97°F (3-36°C). This is easily adaptable for a Maine Coon that is domesticated. The Maine Coon is resilient to the natural temperatures of Texas.

Do Maine Coons overheat?

Yes, a Maine Coon can overheat. Their long fur and double coat mean they retain heat well, but the fur can also keep them cool. Make sure your Maine Coon has easy access to water, and keep ceramic tiles, and some rooms cool for them if you live in a very hot area.

How cold is too cold for Maine Coon cats?

Maine Coons can survive cold temperatures but if the weather is freezing, then it will start to be too cold for your Maine Coon. Around 32-41°F (0-5°C) the Maine Coon will need to find shelter to keep warm. They should not be outside for long in freezing temperatures.

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