Maine Coon meow

Maine Coon Cat Behavioural Problems – How to Deal With Excessive Meowing

Every Maine Coon cat owner will have to at some point understand their pet’s meowing, or trilling as it’s often known in Maine Coon circles.

Some people, however, may have a hard time knowing what their pets want from them.

In case you have worries about this then you should relax since here you will learn why your Maine Coon cat meows too much and what you should do about it.

Maine Coon meow

Most Common Causes Of Excessive Meowing

The single most common reason your Maine Coon cat will meow excessively is that he has been trained to do so. He has learned that all he has to do is cry and he gets whatever he wants, whether it be attention, affection or food.

Often times, what starts out as a demand for attention soon evolves into a self-reinforcing habit.

Now your little ball of fluff will meow all day just for the fun of it. And this situation will worsen if your cat is lonely or bored.

Your cat may be ill and meow to let you know he or she needs help. What you should do is start thoroughly looking the cat over, checking for the existence of tender spots, scratches or other damage.

Does it have a reluctance to walk at all, a tendency to favor one or more paws when walking, listlessness, discharge from nose, eyes, or ears, etc.

Anyone of these cat behavioural problems may merit a prompt visit to a veterinarian to make sure needed treatment is started as soon as possible.

Solving the cat’s health problem usually also solves the problem meowing behaviour to.

Another reason for the fact that your cat is meowing so much could be because it wants you to do something. This type of meowing is usually long and persistent.

This could be because it needs food and water, or because it is trying to tell you that the litter box is full and so on.

Most cat owners who have been with their cats for long enough are able to track these signals.

Anyway, once you fulfill their calls or whatever they need, the meowing will usually go away.

When your cat quite suddenly meows a lot, this could mean that something is amiss. Queer but true, there are cases where cats actually act like watchdogs for their owners.

More often than not, this particular type of meowing is coupled with growling as the cat is trying to notify you of approaching foreigners who could be an intruder or other neighborhood creatures.

After all, this is an intruder from the cats point of view. Once the intruder or the foreigner is gone, then the meowing will also go away.

After determining the reason as to why your cat meows, you should consider taking an immediate action to solve its problem. Here are some tips on how to stop Maine Coon cat meowing;

Maine Coon meow

Before You Begin

Before you attempt to stop cat meowing, the possibility of any illnesses needs to be ruled out.

If your pet meows while trying to eat, groom himself or use his litter box, consult your veterinarian immediately as this may signal a serious problem.

Another thing to keep in mind is that certain breeds like the Maine Coon are more vocal than others. Maine Coon cats are well known for their vocal extremes.

If you own a naturally loud kitty, then it would be unrealistic to try and stop his crying altogether.

Nevertheless, you should hopefully be able to reduce his volume and frequency to a level that no longer ruffles your feathers.

Some steps to follow to excessive stop Maine coon cat meowing

Maine Coon cats will often meow during the day as well, but at night, the calls can seem much louder and more demanding. Regardless of the time of day, you can correct this behaviour by using the following strategies:

Ignore it – The most important thing is that your cat learns that meowing won’t get him anywhere. So you must try to ignore him.

This means that you don’t talk to him, pet him or even look at him, as he might see this as getting the attention he was crying for in the first place.

At night, bury your head under the covers, wear earplugs or listen to music.

Maine Coon meow

Relieving boredom – Keep your feline extra busy during your waking hours and especially in the evening. Leave plenty of toys around so he will have something to play with when he’s in the mood.

Additionally, you will have to get involved.

They might go a little crazy over a catnip mouse for a moment or so, but on their own, many cats lose interest in playing by themselves.

Remember, if you want to stop cat meowing, you must not give in. Disregard his cries and shower him with attention, only when he’s quiet.

Be patient and persevere. It will take time for your furry feline to be re-trained, so don’t get disheartened if he doesn’t change overnight.

If this happens too frequently at your house, and you feel your cat is already receiving sufficient attention, try short periods of banishment from your presence.

Put the cat in another room or even in the garage for a short time as soon as the meowing begins, and it won’t be long before your cat learns there are certain times he or she needs to be a quieter companion in order to remain in close proximity to you.

These are some of the most common reasons Maine Coon cats meow too much, and you could probably add a few more from observing your own cat’s behaviour.

Since there are so many causes for excessive meowing in cats, it seems that no one solution to the problem will apply to all.

Always be ready to determine what the excessive meowing is all about in your Maine Coon cat so you can helpfully and peacefully solve the problem.

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