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How To Keep Your Maine Coon Safe And Secure

The cases of pet-related theft have increased massively in recent years. Family pets are being targeted and stolen in some cases for breeding. There are actually recent cases where the stolen pets have been used for ransom.

One of the most targeted species of pets is the cats, expensive cats, with the Maine Coon rated as one of the most wanted cats.

Therefore it’s imperative for you to be aware of the procedures to keep your Maine Coon safe.

Indeed, there have been more reported cases of the Maine Coon cat being stolen than most other cats.

The law enforcement agencies have not done so much to contain this problem, often pushing the buck back to the pet owner.

The only means to assure the safety of pets at home is for individual pet owners to be well informed on how they can keep their Marine Coon safe and secured, and also take full responsibility for ensuring their safety.

Maine Coon

How You Could Lose Your Maine Coon.

For us to be able to keep our Marine Coon cat secure in our homes, we need to be aware of the tricks and means used in stealing this pet.

This awareness will help find you to avoid such instances, by doing it in a sensible way that suits us personally.

One of the easiest ways your cat could be stolen is if it wanders around the street. It can be easily picked up by any stranger and depending on who picks it, you may never hear your adorable pet again.

One way to ensure it stays at home is seeing to it that all exit doors are always closed. This restricts its movement within the rooms in your house.

Also, ensure that all windows that the cat can access are closed, or at least secured.

The Maine Coon cat will always want to go out and move around when there isn’t much for it to do at home.

Creating a playful environment with a frequent feeding schedule helps to keep your pet at home more frequently.

That way, it doesn’t see the need to move out and about.

Sometimes, the thieves could also break into your house when you are not around.

They will pick up any valuable thing they find including your pet that they could later use to extort money from you.

For individuals that cannot take their Maine Coon to work, you can ask a local resident to look after your pet when you are not around, or at least keep an eye out.

You could also leave it with a house relative. Just make sure your pet is with someone so they don’t go wandering around on their own.

There have also been reports of theft of cats from their owners while taking them on a walk. If you don’t live in a very friendly environment, you should avoid walking around with your Maine Coon pet.

You can take your cat on a walk in a secure environment such as public places like parks, or you could even take them on a walk around your locality.

Common sense prevails here.

Walking alone down an ally or in the woods is discouraged unless you understand the neighbourhood well.

Remember that most of these thieves are also fairly violent and savage. You will not just lose your pet but also sustain injuries to your selves as well.

Also, do not forget to hold your cat with a trend or tape, so that you can restrict its movement when you take it on a walk. If the tape is not properly fixed, your cat can slip off and wander off into the road.

This may give you difficulties in getting your cat back and sometimes you may never find them again. Also, always remember not to take out your cat for a walk at the same time your neighbour is bringing out his dog unless the two are good buddies.

Your Maine Coon cat may get scared, slip off your hands and run as far away as possible. Getting them back sometimes is almost impossible.

Consider joining a local or national facebook group for pet thefts, like pet theft awareness so you might be alerted to any criminal gangs operating in your area.

Local neighborhood watch groups can provide much the same function. Prevention is much better than cure.

Maine Coon

What To Keep On The Collar

There are many precautions you can take to ensure the safety of your cat and the content of what to put on the collar of the cat might be a big help.

Most people put a fancy collar with a name on their pet.

This way, in case the Marine Coon wonders off and gets lost, there won’t be any information on the cat to identify that it belongs to you.

Although there is a name on the collar, it doesn’t point to any direction to where the cat can be returned to.

You can place your surname and your phone number on your cat’s collar. Thats some of the best advice I have heard is to ONLY put your surname and a telephone number on the collar.

That way, anyone finding it can ring you, but will not know the cats name.

In conjunction with a microchipped Maine Coon, this could set off alarm bells if your cat is stolen and the new ‘owner’ doesn’t appear to know the cats name.

Consider adding your address, although it depends where you might live and who might find a ‘lost’ cat.

That way, it can be easily identified and traced back to you. In the interest of privacy, some pet owners may not want to directly place their information on their cat. This should not pose any problem. Get a collar with a pocket, one that can keep this information.

Maine Coon

Microchipping Your Cat

Microchipping your cat is one of the best ways of ensuring your Maine Coon cat is as safe and secure as possible. Even when you have an identification tag on your cat, finding it if it went missing is not always assured.

With the microchip technology, it makes it possible for you to find your cat if it goes missing.

The microchip technology uses a microchip tag that is inserted into your cat.

It contains all your information linking the cat back to you. The microchip issuing company serve as an intermediary that reunites you with your cat.

With the microchip, you do not need to worry about your pet losing its tag as the tag does not come off.

Your information is also safe since the issuing company will work tirelessly to ensure you are reunited with your feline friend.

Another good option is a GPS tracking collar. Although they can be taken off by thieves, if your cat simply goes missing it’s a relatively simple matter of tracking it down using the latest technology.

It’s the only way it will know how to communicate to you it has got stuck in a tree.

Maine Coon


It is important to remember that the best ways to keep your Maine Coon secure is to keep them at home more frequently and pay attention to them at all time if possible.

Once your Maine Coon slips out of your eyes, tracking it may be a daunting task that will not only be stressful to you but to the straying cat as well.

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      Drove across State to visit family. Walked outside my sister’s house with my maine coon so he could do his “business,” less than 30 seconds later he disappeared. Collar “broke away,” and luckily found with all tags on it. He’s been missing 6 days. He has never been to this house or this part of the State. Any ideas to help him return to the house he disappeared from? Message alert put on Facebook and Humane Society notified immediately. Should his litter box be put outside, his blankets, or cat carrier? I love my cat very much. He will be 7 years old in July. Thank you kindly!

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