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Is It Up to Scratch? – Kitty Tube Generation 3 Review

I had never thought of myself as a cat person.

That is, until my partner decided to move in with me with his cat that used to be a stray one.

I was a bit nervous and uncomfortable because I heard that feral cats had a much different temperament than domesticated cats and forcing them directly into a new home could have disastrous results.

Not to mention the numerous potential illnesses the cat might carry into my house.

I could not take the risk, but I also had grown a soft for this cat. What was I supposed to do?

With the winter season well underway, we were concerned about whether our new furry friend would have a safe and warm place to hide when the cold nights settled in.

Even if we could bring her inside, she made it very clear she would not be domesticated in any way.

However, we were not comfortable letting her just fend for herself in the winter cold.

There had to be a way to make sure she was protected from the cold.

kitty tube 3 in use

We asked around my circle of friends who also owned outdoor cats and discovered the best solution: an outdoor cat house.

Each of my friends vouched that an outdoor cat house would provide our stray companion a safe and comfortable place to rest and socialize on their own time.

Through some deep diving on the internet, we discovered The Kitty Tube Generation 3.

It was deemed one of the best outdoor cat houses on the market, and we just had to purchase it to see if it is up to scratch.

Here is what we found.

kitty tube generation 3

Kitty Tube Generation 3

The Kitty Tube Generation 3 is a next-level outdoor insulated cat house with a custom pet pillow insert.

With its environmentally conscious design, it keeps the weather and predators out and keeps your cat safe and comfortable.

This fantastic outdoor insulated cat house is certainly your feline friend’s newest safe haven.

This one-door insulated cat house is one of the most economical, safe and secure homes on the market today. It has several advanced features that ensure the Kitty Tube will withstand nature’s forces, such as its one door design, vent caps, a scratch and moisture resistant interior, fully insulated walls, floors and ceilings, built-in ventilation, drainage systems, and all within a simple one-piece construction.

This outdoor insulated cat house has a unique one-door design that ensures your cat’s space remains untouched.

The one-door design gives your cat easy access, while preventing predators like coyotes or dogs from fitting inside to bother your cat.

The one door design also prevents any excess flow of air. There is also a gasket around the door to stop water from seeping inside.

As much as possible, the Kitty Tube prioritizes keeping a warm, clean and dry hideaway for you cat.

The floor, walls and ceiling of this outdoor cart house also keep the weather at bay because they are insulated with high-quality, high-R value insulation.

Also, the walls on this particular model are double insulated. From winter to summer, your cat will never have to experience the weather and temperature extremes.

They will be able to keep extra cool in the summer and extra warm in the winter.

Also, the insulation of this cat house is easy to remove for cleaning.

With the double insulation, you can fit up to two cats inside.

Without the double insulation, this spacious cat house fits up to three cats.

At the top of the Kitty Tube, there is a top lid vent cap, which helps to eliminate moisture-laden air that can create condensation inside the house.

The vent cap prevents excess condensation from encouraging mold, mildew and bacteria from growing inside the cat house.

The Kitty Tube’s ventilation system is also supplemented by ventilation hand-hold awnings.

These lifting handles adjust to supply extra ventilation in hot days and can be locked during the winter to retain heat.

The awnings protect the hand holes from rain or snow and provide a comfortable grip when moving the insulated cat house around your yard.

The exterior design of this cat house also ensures that it can withstand any weather change.

The domed lid of the house makes sure water runs off during rainstorms instead of collecting on top while the geometric shape is virtually wind-resistant.

So, no matter what is happening outside, your cat will always feel protected inside.

kitty tube generation 3 with cat in doorway

With this wonderful outdoor insulated cat house, the scratch resistant and moisture resistant interior insulation is easily removable and can withstand damage from clawing, moisture, mold, mildew and bacteria.

So, if you have a cat that might have continence problems or if intense weather-changes cause a buildup of moisture, deodorizing and sanitizing your cat’s house will be effortless.

It is also environmentally friendly and an extremely green product.

The Kitty Tube shell is completely made out of recycled, post-consumer content, such as recycled detergent and milk bottles.

It is also made in the USA.

So, when you are buying this environment friendly insulated outdoor cat house, you are also supporting several American business and families.

This was ideal for my feral cat because it gave her a safe oasis but feigned the sensation of being inside a safe human home.

She was free to come and go as she pleased, but I always had the peace of mind knowing that when she did wander back onto my porch, she could rest in one of the highest quality, secure and comfortable homes the feline house market can offer.

What’s Included With The Kitty Tube Generation 3?

There is definitely more than meets the eye with the Kitty Tube Generation 3. Here is what I got when I purchased this high-quality outdoor cat house.

1. I got a fully insulted shell, with high quality double insulation.
2. I got the main door awning with a removable flap. This specially designed door keeps the elements at bay and improves temperature control inside the Kitty Tube.
3. I also got a removable top lid with top lid vent cap and ventilation hand holes. The removable top makes cleaning super simple. Meanwhile the vent cap and ventilation hand holes ensure the cat house is free of bacteria, mold and mildew.
4. It also comes with a custom pet pillow that is machine washable. If you have a feral cat, you can also order the Kitty Tube Generation 3 with straw.

Altogether, you have a safe, economical home with the perfect temperature for any of your felines.

This cat house is a great benefit to those who have outdoor cats and want to ensure it has a safe place to hide and stay comfortable and protected.

It is also a great place to house feral and stray cats if you have a few that frequent your home.

The Kitty Tube is also a great place to house a mother cat and her litter.

It keeps them well protected from any unwelcome visitors and harsh changes and gives the mom cat a perfectly safe, environment to raise her kittens.

kitty tube generation 3 insulation

Overall, not only does the Kitty Tube Generation 3 come with features that ensure the comfort of your cats, but it also brings some ease to you as an owner.

Its special weather proofing and easy to clean design makes sure that the maintenance and upkeep is minimal at best. So, you won’t have to spend much time for cleaning process.

Other cat houses require constant cleanup and welcome bacteria and mold that could be a detriment to your cat’s health.

Kitty Tube saves you and your cat veterinarian visit by providing safeguards to ensure that the interior of this cat house is always fresh and clean.

Kitty Tube Generation 3 Pros & Cons

1. It is water tight, comfortable and attractive.
2. The Kitty Tube is adjustable to all seasons.
3. It has high quality insulation that will keep the interior extra cool or extra warm depending on the season.
4. Ergonomic and sleek design make it wind resistant and help it blend into any space.
5. Environmentally-friendly.
6. It is easy to build and easy to clean.

1. The small, one door is not ideal for very large cats.
2. It’s light-weight design can sometimes cause the roof to come loose. It might need something to lock into place.
3. The lack of a second, escape door might be unfamiliar to some cats and make them feel trapped.

kitty tube generation 3 with 2 cats in

Results from Using the “Kitty Tube Generation 3”

Many cat owners are happy to let their cats roam wild and free, but they are also worried about the days and nights they might not be there to welcome the cat inside.

Using the Kitty Tube Generation 3 is the easiest way to ensure your cat is safe and comfortable with very little effort on your part!

Before we got the Kitty Tube, our cat always tried to hide underneath the porch or underneath the hood of my car to escape the elements. In the mornings when we would leave for work, I always had to check if she was underneath the hood to make sure she would not get hurt.

Having the Kitty Tube meant that our cat would not find refuge where she might get hurt.

Once we had purchased the insulated cat house, she had taken to it very quickly, and from then on, we had the comfort of knowing exactly where we could find her.

kitty tube generation 3 inside

“The Kitty Tube Generation 3’s” Price: Is It Worth It?

The Kitty Tube Generation 3 is priced around $160 at most outlets.

True, it is on the pricier side, but the design enhancements are thoughtful and provide long-lasting results

The tube is practically a gem at heat retention, especially on cold days.

The entirety of the tube is insulated with high quality R-insulation pads that are removable and easy to clean.

Aside from the insulation, the specially designed door further enforces heat retention while several air vents that can be adjusted depending on the weather.

The air vents also ensure that the inside is kept dry, so you do not have to deal with intense cleaning, disinfecting and sanitization.

All of these design choices ensure that your money goes into a lifetime of protection and comfort for your cat so you do not have to fork another hundred or so dollars to keep replacing an outdoor house that could not stand the weather.

The Kitty Tube is approved by Alley Cat Allie and Feral Fixers, which are two non-profit organizations geared towards improving the care of cats.

If they find that the Kitty Tube is an ideal home for outdoor cats and even indoor cats alike, then I assure you, you are in good company.

kitty tube generation 3 outside


If you’re are looking to give your cat its own private oasis, the Kitty Tube Generation 3 outdoor house the ideal product for you.

While it might have a one-door design that most cats might find entrapping, this insulated outdoor cat house will protect your cat from any and all of the elements.

It is made with high-quality, environmentally friendly materials that have a lifetime guarantee to not scratch or chip.

It was comforting to know our outdoor cat was free to roam and socialize as much and as little as she pleased.

Having an outdoor cat house is a good investment not just for outdoor or stray cats, but great for your indoor cats. Y

ou will have a good reason to let them out to play and get some exercise but also be able to find a safe hovel for themselves.

No matter what your cat’s circumstances, an outdoor cat house might be a beneficial addition to your household that will not only bring comfort to your cat but also bring comfort to you, knowing that even when your cat is out of your sight it is always in good hands with the Kitty Tube Outdoor Cat House.

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