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How Much Sleep Should A Maine Coon Have?

Maine Coon cats are one of the most popular cat breeds in the United States.

Any Maine Coon owner knows how much they can be different from other cat breeds: they’re big, they sleep in the oddest places, they love water, they’re friendly and good-mannered, they don’t meow (they chirp and trill, a mixture of a meow and a purr)…

But they’re always cats, they’re always feline: they’re independent, they would say they love you only when there’s no one listening, and they sleep a lot.

Cats sleep much more than people do. An average Maine Coon can sleep for 16 hours straight and he may not be that active or perky for the remaining 8 hours of the day. Kittens, pregnant queens, and seniors may sleep even more, up to 20 hours per day.

A lot of new Maine Coon owners ask whether it’s healthy for their cat to sleep that much.

They start thinking they’re nocturnal, but then they may notice that their Maine Coon takes long naps even during the darkest hours.

So, how much sleep should a Maine Coon have?

Are they nocturnal, or should they sleep at night and be active during the day?

The Amount Of Sleep A Maine Coon Should Have

Maine Coon cats are steadfast and agreeable, but they’re not the most active cat breed.

Those who appreciate the perkiness of a cat should be prepared that Maine Coons won’t surprise them with their playfulness.

They won’t bother you with constant tearing around the house.

Maine Coons are not lethargic, they’re just wisely aware of when to fall asleep, or take a nap.

In the remaining time, they’re very talented in relaxing, grooming, and stretching on the floor.

Sleeping for 16 hours straight would completely normal for a Maine Coon, and it doesn’t indicate anything worth of concern and worries.

In fact, they could sleep even more, up to 20 hours a day but that really is pushing it.

This could also be a typical behavior without any sign of disease.

There could be also factors that make your cat sleep less so let’s see what factors can change your Maine Coon’s sleeping habits.

Things that change how much your Maine Coon should be sleeping.

The length of time that a Maine Coon should sleep depends on some factors, so if you notice your cat sleeping more than the desired 16 hours a day, the could be a reason.


Your Maine Coon’s age is one of the biggest things that contribute to the amount of sleep needed.

Just like babies need to take lots of naps during the day, and they don’t do much more than eat and sleep, kittens are going to need much more sleep than an average adult cat.

They can sleep up to 20 hours during the 24 hour day.

On the other end of the age spectrum, senior Maine Coons are going to sleep more.

Seniors need to slow down, so it would be okay if their sleep needs increase.

Alita the Maine Coon on bed in morning

Pregnant Queens

It’s ok for a pregnant female Maine Coon to sleep more than usual.


The climate has a significant impact on your feline’s sleeping habits; he or she will sleep more when it’s frosty or wet outside.

It’s not unusual for cats to become their owners’ weathermen.

Once you’ve become familiar with your cat’s habits, you will no longer need to go outside to know if the day is particularly cold.

There are also that could make your cat sleep less.

Light Exposition

Cats that are exposed to higher amounts of natural or artificial light sleep less than other cats.


When, for any reason, cats are fed less food, they tend to be awake more often, and have their sleep more fragmented.

When To Be Concerned

If you notice sudden changes in your cat’s sleeping habits, and none of the factors listed above seem to be the cause, it may be a good idea to have them checked over by your veterinarian.

If they start sleeping far more or much less than before, it could be a signal that they are in pain or having gastrointestinal issues.

A change in cats’ sleeping habits can also be a sign that they are depressed.

How Does A Maine Coon Cat Sleep?

Not only cats sleep much more than humans, but their sleep is also different from ours.

Considering that you see them sleeping for up to 16 to 20 hours a day, you may think that they spend all this time sound asleep.

This isn’t true: according to researchers, only about 25% of a cat’s sleep is actually deep sleep, while the other 75% of the time they’re lightly snoozing.

Cat Naps

While they are still getting plenty of rest, Maine Coons would be still alert most of the time, enough to awaken quickly.

You can tell if your Maine Coon is taking a cat nap by observing its ears: you’ll see a movement of the ears as they are paying attention to what is going on.

You may also notice your Maine Coon’s eyes open once in a while to take a sleepy peek around.

This comes from their primal instinct: as hunters, cat naps helps them rest to recharge their energy and rest their muscles and bones, while still being able to immediately spring into action.

Deep Sleep

One-quarter of the time your Maine Coon spends resting can be considered deep sleep.

They usually sleep deeply in intervals of 10 to 20 minutes.

This type of sleep is important, for it is when your cat’s cells will restore themselves.

You can guess when your cat is deeply asleep by gentle ear twitching and paw movements.

You may even hear him or her snoring!

When it comes to the way they sleep, Maine Coon cats show silly behavior.

You could find them asleep on their backs, stretched out and in the oddest places.

For unknown scientific reasons, they seem to love napping in whatever place that is not made for sleeping.

Wondering to buy an expensive cat pillow bed? Ask a Maine Coon owner: they’d say not to waste your money.

Your cat won’t sleep there, period. If you want to make a gift to your Maine Coon, give them a box, a pile of fresh-washed clothes, half the couch, and your pillow… while you’re resting your head on it at night.

If you see your Maine Coon sleeping upside down, know that this is normal for a Maine Coon.

Alita the Maine Coon in a cupboard

Does Your Maine Coon Dream?

Just like humans, cats can have good or bad dreams.

Researchers trust that felines do indeed dream. During their deep sleep they may be catching mice or any variety of winged creatures…

You may have noticed your cat’s ear twitching on their paws or face moving – that is not a seizure,

They are just dreaming!

Are Maine Coons Nocturnal?

Since you see your Maine Coon sleeping throughout the whole day, you may think they’re nocturnal creatures.

Why then they seem to enjoy waking you up, and wanting to play or be fed at dawn?

Are they just mean?

Not at all.

The answer to that is that Maine Coon cats are not nocturnal, despite popular belief.

Maine Coons, like many other breeds, are crepuscular.

This means that they are most active during dusk and dawn.

They begin their day just before the sun rises, a time when you are most probably still asleep – this is why many people think they are nocturnal.

Why Are Maine Coons Crepuscular (Active During Twilight)?

Once again, this comes from their primal instinct of hunters.

Biology tells them to take advantage of these peak hours.

The reason why your Maine Coon is more likely to be active during dusk and dawn is that there is just enough light to them to see well, while still having the ability to be cloaked in darkness.

These hours are also those during which cats’ predators would not be that active: in the wild, your cat would be able to hunt safely, without worrying so much about large birds trying to scoop them up.

Furthermore, these are the hours when mice, little birds, and bugs tend to be more active and easier for your cat to hunt down.

It is also thought that crepuscular behavior has developed because of environmental factors.

Dawn and dusk make for the most favorable temperature conditions: activity during these peak hours means no harsh midday sun and no nighttime chills.

While some people may think that Maine Coon cats are a bit lazy due to their sleep habits, those who know them best realize that they are anything but lazy: they’re just experts at resting and chilling.

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