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How Much do Maine Coons Cost – 19 Examples Of Advertised Prices

I like Maine Coon‘s as a preference.

It may be bigger than other breeds but that’s part of their appeal. They are affectionate and playful with a great personality around other species and other animals.

I did some pricing and found that adult cats (around 3 years) can be purchased for as low as $35 or $50 and pedigree kittens from around $1500 or so.

In order to give you an idea of what you might potentially like to spend purchasing a Maine Coon, what I did was peruse the internet for several hours, looking at many different sites that sold Maine Coons.

I visited many websites around the US and was looking for Maine Coons that were advertised well, where the advert gave the sense that the cat had been well treated.

I also had to have a sense that with the advert was a legitimate advert where the well being of the Maine Coon was a top priority.

I discounted many adverts, that were poorly written, lacked information or I thought were a little too spammy and could be a potential scam .

I also discounted very low pricing, with multiple adverts displayed by the same seller. To my mind, that reeks of a scam advert as well.

I was interested in adverts from private sellers, private breeders and official catteries which displayed a sense that the Maine Coon was well catered for and would be healthy.

Maine Coon

So How Much Do Maine Coons Cost?

Here then are some specific advertised prices for the Maine Coons I found.

Male, 10 weeks old, purebred, blue and white, $1500
Male, 10 weeks old, purebred, solid blue, $1500
Female, 10 weeks old, purebred, tabby blue with white, $1400
Female, 12 weeks old, purebred, black and white, $900
Female, 11 weeks old, purebred, soft brown and white, $1400
Female, 10 weeks old, private seller, blue silver, $900 (first shots vaccination shots only)
Male, 12 weeks old, purebred, tabby, $1500
Female, 10 weeks old, purebred, tortoiseshell, $1950
Female, 3 years old, purebred, tortoiseshell, $800
Both genders, 10 weeks old, prebred, all colors, $700 and up (private breeder)
Both genders, 10 weeks old, Half Maine Coon, Half Siamese, all colors, $300 (private seller)
Gender not known, 3 years old, Maine Coon advertised, orange, $35
Male, 3 years old, Maine Coon advertised, red, silver and white, $600 (CFA reg, private breeder)
Female, 13 weeks old, mother and father registered Maine Coons, solid blue, $700 (private breeder)
Female, 10 weeks old, registered Maine Coon, tortoiseshell , $900 (polydactyl, registered cattery)
Male, 9 months old, registered Maine Coon, tabby, $1000 (private breeder, price negotiable)
Female, 9 weeks old, CFA registered Maine Coon, black with white, $800 (private seller)
Gender not known, 3 years old, Maine Coon mix, grey with white, $50 (private seller)
Male, 12 weeks old, registered Maine Coon, cream, $1200 (private breeder)

As you can see from the ranges above there can be significant differences depending upon what type of Maine Coon is for you.

Are they they prices you have to pay? Well, they say everything is negotiable and some adverts did invite you to make a bid.

I am not convinced you should be trading off one cat dealer against another like you might a car.

I’d suggest just asking the owner if they are negotiable on price if you are considering a purchase. A smart seller might drop the price a bit if they sense you are a serious buyer.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon Kitten or an Adult?

What I found was that if your budget is a little tighter and you definitely want a Maine Coon then give consideration to a more adult cat.

A 3 year old Maine Coon has advertised pricing sometimes that is about half the cost of filling up your vehicle. Compared to the $1500 cost of a purebred kitten then that is quite a difference. More money to spend on toys really.

Around $1500 should get you a purebred kitten, around 10 weeks old, of your choice from a registered cattery with all the vaccination, health checks and dewormed.

They would be well trained kittens very used to human interaction.

Maine Coon

Some Research Conclusions

I found that private sellers prices offered lower prices, even if they had vaccinations and health checks as generally the purebred Maine Coon could not be as well established.

If you need to prove lineage from a registered cattery then around $1500 is about the price you will need to pay.

I also found that breeders would usually more likely to have vaccinated, wormed, well looked after etc, Maine Coons. Thus the higher costs, and most offered health records and provable lineage.

So there you have it.

There’s a price range out there to suit almost any budget, it’s just at the lower end you may have to sacrifice the idea of the adorable kitten.

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My name is Ann and I have been looking after and breeding cats since 2013. I am currently the proud ownder of Alita, a female Maine Coon to whom I've dedicated this site. She has had 2 litters and is around 3 years old. We share adventures and stories together.

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