alita the maine coon using a litter box

Do Maine Coons Use A Litter Box?

The Maine Coon is a large cat with its own unique personality.

It has dog-like categories, follows you around, and has its own unique personality.

It’s a friendly breed of cat that is distinct from other breeds.

So do these unique traits mean it does things a little differently.

Do Maine Coons use a litter box?

Maine Coons are happy enough to use a litter box without issue if the box is large enough to accommodate their size. Around 1.5 times the cat’s length is optimal. The litter box should allow the Maine Coon some privacy, and be clean. The litter box should be cleaned regularly to encourage use.

A standard litter box will likely be a bit too small for a Maine Coon.

The ability to jump in and out and move without stepping in the ablutions is critical.

Alita the Maine Coon with 2 litter boxes

I have 2 litter boxes for my Maine Coon, Alita, and she is a small cat for the breed.

The first is 22 x 17 inches and is 8 inches tall.

The other is a more private box that is 21 x 16 inches and is 15 inches tall.

This just fits her and gives her room to manoeuvre.

If it was too small then there would be a reasonable guess that she would ignore the litter box entirely.

Where she would go I don’t really want to contemplate.

What Kind Of Litter Box Is Good For A Maine Coon

Personally I like one that has high sides, yet your Maine Coon can easily get into.

It should be large enough for the cat to turn around and paw scoop the litter over the feces.

High sides help control the spill of litter onto the carpet or flooring.

People go for odorless and covered for extra privacy, but a simple one is good enough.

As long as you place the litter box away from the feeding area where your Maine Coon can be assured of some privacy.

alita the maine coon in a high sided litter box

What Kind Of Litter Do You Use For A Maine Coon Cat?

This is kind of a complimentary question to whether a Maine Coon will use a litter box.

They do use litter boxes, no problem at all.

Size of the box, cleanliness, and privacy aside, the other factor is the litter.

Litter has to be found that works for you and your cat. There are a few features of litter that may be of interest.

There’s a variety of textures available from fine coarse sand to a more pellet like feel, as well as the small stone chip look.

You can opt for a scented litter if you like, but very strong perfume smells may put off your Maine Coon from using the box.

Litter is designed to be stood on by your Maine Coon so you don’t want it to stick to the fur, nor be too light so as to be tipped easily off the sides of the box.

The other problem is called ‘tracking litter’.

That is the state of affairs that arises when your Maine Coon jumps out the box and little bits of litter stick to the undersides of the paws and deposit themselves around the house.

The litter needs to be heavy so it stays in the litter box.

Often it’s a  case of trying a few varieties and seeing what works for you and your Maine Coon.

Alita does just fine with unscented chip litter in a high sided box.

A sweep of the floor every now and again, and everything is good underfoot.

3 Maine Coon litter boxes

Should I Get One Or A Few Litter Boxes

Multiple cat litter boxes are often preferred by cats who dislike the idea of sharing a box.

If you have more than one kitten, and especially if they’re indoor Maine Coons, each will need their own litter box.

Some cats may be relaxed about sharing an indoor litter space with other cats, more so if they grew up together as kittens.

As cats can be territorial, it’s a good idea to have more litter boxes than you have cats.

You will need to clean regularly.

Once a litter tray has been used, you might find that your cat is less likely to use it again which can result in them going elsewhere.

A second tray for the times when a litter box is ‘full’ makes sure there aren’t messes left around the house.

Maine Coons like being near their owners so don’t put the litter boxes too far away from areas where you normally are in the house.

Do Maine Coons Use Open-Top Litter Boxes

Yes, A Maine Coon is quite happy to use an open top litter box providing the box is big enough, clean enough, and somewhat out the way to ensure privacy.

Going to the toilet for a cat is a vulnerable time for them, so some are very cautious about where they go to defecate.

A hooded box makes some cats feel awkward as they can’t keep an eye open and look around for threats.

An open top litter box is similar to a toilet in the world, so most cats get along with them.

maine coon on the balcony


Maine Coons like to use a litter box, but need them to be spacious, so the cat can have room to manoeuvre in them.

High sided, open topped litter boxes are fine, and a Maine Coon will happily use that.

There is no specific type of litter box on which this breed cannot function well with.

Often it’s just a case of playing around with a few locations and preferred litters to see what works.

There’s no real telling whether your Maine Coon will be put off by scents, or locations.

Move things around and see what works.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big should my Maine Coons’s litter box be?

A small adult Maine Coon will require a box around 22 x 17 inches and is 8 inches deep. This is around 1.5 times the length of the cat from nose to base of the tail. Maine Coons can grow to be large cats so go for the biggest if you can.

Is scented litter good for a Maine Coon?

While scented smells work well for humans they are an unnatural scent for your cat. Powerful perfume smells can seem strange and make the Maine Coon wary. A balance in odor needs to be found between covering up smells and putting off the cat from doing its business. Avoid overpowering smells.

Where should you situate the litter box for a Maine Coon?

You should put the litter box in a place with little foot traffic from humans or other pets. Cats are vulnerable during toilet duties so require safe and quiet areas away from where their food bowls are.

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