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Do Maine Coons Purr? (Reasons And Causes)

There are many features about the Maine Coon breed that attract future owners.

Most people know about their size and their incredibly affable nature.

One thing you may have heard is that Maine Coons make all kinds of different sounds.

Trilling, chirping, and meowing are all in there.

But is it all at a cost, do Maine Coons do these instead of more catlike sounds.

Do Maine Coons purr?

Maine Coon do purr as well as chirp, trill, and meow. Maine Coons are a very vocal breed of cat. They will purr when they are content, hungry, want something or are in pain. The purr often isn’t loud and some cat’s may purr in silence or very infrequently. Purring is also associated with healing bones.

My Maine Coon purrs.

Not loudly, and not spectacularly often.

During an ordinary day she will follow me around, chirp, and trill away.

When I’m lying down though, she will jump onto me, lie down on me, and purrs like crazy.

In many ways there are quite a few things that differentiate the Maine Coon from other breeds of cat.

It’s intelligent, gentle and loyal to its family.

It’s unique set of characteristics make it amongst the most popular breeds of cat in the world.

They’re known for their size, but it’s their personality that charms.

The Maine Coon has a range of vocal talents, and purring is just one of them.

They don’t so much make sounds as talk to you.

Purring is just how they express it.

Alita the Maine Coon on the bed

Why Do Maine Coons Purr?

Ask someone to list a sound a cat makes and their first answer will be purr.

The Maine Coon has a few sounds that are known and your Maine Coon may well make up a completely new one.

A Maine Coon, like other breeds, will certainly purr when they are content, happy, or satisfied.

Most people assume that their cat will purr only when they’re happy, but all cats will purr in a variety of circumstances.

Some good – some not so.

You have to use your judgement as to the reason.

Cat’s will purr in order to convey information or emotion.

Years of study have given us reason to think that a cat will purr in several scenarios.

Purring Because They’re Happy

This is the reason most people associate cats witht.

The Maine Coon will be in a blissful state of relaxation.

They’re not hungry, extremely relaxed, and receiving physical attention.

The cat is showing you their appreciation.

If a Maine Coon is purring, they’re most likely relaxed and happy.

All is content with the world.

Purring Because They Are Hungry

When a cat’s stomach begins to rumble, some cat’s will purr to alert you to that fact.

Analysts have found that the purr isn’t quite the same as a contented purr, as it has a small cry embedded in it.

The message though is clear – I’m hungry, follow me to that food cupboard.

Purring During The Kittens Early Stages

Even though their eyes aren’t open, some kittens have been observed purring.

It seems like an instinct, in order to let the mother know they’re breathing, and they are healthy.

Purring Because They Are In Pain

In the complete antithesis of purring because they are content, a Maine Coon will purr if they are in pain or feeling uncomfortable.

Why? I don’t think anyone can say definitively, but chances are they are trying to keep themselves calm and relaxed.

A ‘happy thoughts’ mechanism for cats.

Some research might suggest that the purring can help an injury heal faster.

Purring happens during inhalation and exhalation with a frequency said to be between 25 and 150 Hertz.

This is a frequency consistent with bone and muscle healing.



Alita the Maine Coon face close up

Do Maine Coon Cats Purr A Lot?

Maine Coons are very vocal as a breed, but not all of it is purring.

Maine coons can wander about the house observing the world while chirping and trilling.

Some Maine Coons will purr a great deal, especially if they are happy go lucky cats and are well treated.

My own Maine Coon mainly purrs when she is lying down next to me receiving attention.

Is A Maine Coon Purr Loud?

Being vocal doesn’t confer loudness, and my own Maine Coon isn’t particularly loud, despite being quite talkative.

The volume from the purring is more a case of the individual cat rather than the breed.

They certainly can be loud, but they can also be quite mild in volume, more in tune with their nature.

I’m not sure there’s any truth to the rumor that cats purr louder the happier they are.

An individual cat might, but a loudly purring Maine Coon isn’t necessarily happier than a quieter one.

Each cat purrs differently, with some louder than others.

It’s possible for a Maine Coon to be extremely quiet when they purr.

So quiet it may even sound like silence.

Touch the throat though and you will feel that purring warble.

Don’t worry if your Maine Coon does purr at all though, some cats don’t and no-one quite knows why.

It’s known that wild cats will purr less loudly and less often than a domesticated cat.

It isn’t necessarily that domestic cats are happier but purring may be a weakness in a world of predators.

It could also be that most cat breeds have learned that they’re treated better when they purr.

Crafty little so and so’s.

Alita the Maine Coon lying on me

Will A Maine Coon Only Purr If They Are Happy

A Maine Coon will purr for a variety of reasons, but by far the biggest reason is they are happy and content.

Almost all cats will purr for this reason.

Some cat’s purr when they’re hungry but most will probably just meow.

They will purr if they’re in pain in order to calm themselves but the cat has to be injured or something seriously wrong for them to purr.

As alluded to earlier, the frequency is consistent with muscle and bone healing, so they may purr if they tear muscles, are injured, or experience a fracture.

Alita Maine Coon resting on human


Most Maine Coons will quite happily purr away when they are content and happy.

The Maine Coon is quite different from other breeds of cat in many regards, but purring isn’t one of them.

My Maine Coon doesn’t purr very loudly, and only seems to do so when I am lying down and she is looking down on me.

They are certainly vocal, so you will hear a lot of other sounds as well, and like any animal it will have its own distinct personality.

What does Maine Coons purring do to humans?

Purring can often have the effect of lowering stress in humans, as does stroking the cat to cause a purr. Purring creates a more relaxing atmosphere the cat and their owner. Statistics suggest cat owners are less prone to heart attacks.

Is a Maine Coon louder than other breeds?

Not really. A Maine Coon has a wider range of vocal talents than other breeds but they aren’t louder. The volume of the sound they make is more down to the individual cat and perhaps the forceful nature of the message they want to convey.

What noises does a Maine Coon cat make?

Maine Coons can make a variety of noises as it’s a very vocal breed, They certainly purr and meow like other breeds but also chirp, trill, and warble. When a Maine Coon trills it pushes air through the vocal cords.

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