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Do Maine Coons Fart?

Although not the politest of topics, the question of cat flatulence often crops up.

Many people have blamed your feline friend when a whiffy smell invades the nostrils.

Flatulence is often associated with smell, but not so commonly a sound in cats.

So if you don’t hear your Maine Coon flatulate, but can detect the odor, then this begs the question.

Do Maine Coon cats fart?

Maine Coons will pass wind occasionally which is mostly down to either the diet or gulping down air while eating. The Maine Coon’s gastrointestinal system digests food, which if excess gas is produced will result in flatulence. A low fiber diet, exercise and portion control helps reduce your cat passing wind.

A cat passing wind can often be a quiet affair.

The noise may be quite quiet and odorless as excess air can cause cat flatulence.

However, the diet is also another culprit and a change of diet can make a Maine Coon pass wind.

It’s generally not a large problem with Maine Coon ownership, and if the flatulence is excessive you should definitely seek professional help.

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Why Your Maine Coon Farts

There can be a few causes of flatulence, but basically it all boils down to the build up of gas in the digestive system.

Your cat farts for the same reasons you do.

Apparently your Maine Coon can gulp a bit too much air while eating which causes flatulence as well.

Who knew.

Along with food, whether off or a stomach disagreement, allergies can also cause gastrointestinal problems.

Worms can also cause gas build up leading to flatulence.

Despite this, the biggest cause of flatulence is the food that your Maine Coon eats.

Whether it is food to which your cat is mildly allergic, or the food is not fresh, the digestion process naturally produces gas.

Most Maine Coons that fart will do so as a result of having consumed something.

Occasional farting is fine, but if it is a common occurrence then the diet could be to blame.

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Symptoms Of Gas In Your Maine Coon

The symptoms are very simple to identify.

When your Maine Coon farts, you can either hear or smell it.

Often it’s both.

Some signs are less obvious, but they often go in tandem.

One clear sign of feline flatulence is that your cat’s belly feels bloated when you pet them.

It will have a light and airy feel rather than a solid stomach.

Pressure might cause flatulence or some discomfort.

Your Maine Coon might also have a change of behaviour, being a little more idle than they normally are.

If you are feeling gassy, you do the same. It’s natural for animals.

Your Maine Coon might be less inclined to jump, run, or play with their usual toys.

They might also be more reluctant to eat something else, or drink water.

Hopefully the symptoms are temporary, but if the issue persists, particularly if the cat vomits, has diarrhea, then you should see a vet.

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Maine Coon Flatulence And Health

Like any animal, the passing of gas should be an occasional occurrence.

If your Maine Coon is passing gas on a regular basis something isn’t quite right.

If the cat is passing wind with a particularly pungent odor, along with diarrhea or vomiting can be a sign of gastrointestinal problems.

You should take them to a vet for a check up.

Before panicking, most cat flatulence isn’t a cause for concern, it’s more than likely a temporary problem, or a result of a recent diet change.

I rarely notice Alita passing wind, so it’s not a big problem.

Good quality food, fresh and healthy, should keep most flatulence at bay.

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Your Maine Coons Diet And Flatulence

The best option to reduce flatulence is good quality food as part of a balanced diet.

Portion control, and not letting the cat ‘fight for’ their food with other animals stops them gulping down air as well.

A balance of dry and wet food high in protein can stop the excessive passing of wind.

Diets high in fiber can help your cat’s gastrointestinal health, but a lot of fiber will produce gas as well.

You can always select a diet from a good brand manufacturer designed to be easy on the stomach, and see if that helps.

Cat food is also specially formulated for a cat’s digestive system so cutting out any treats from your own meal preparation is also good, as it keeps the Maine Coons diet very balanced.

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Prevention For Your Maine Coon Farting

If you do find your Maine Coon is passing wind a little too often, you can always try the following to see if that cures the problem.

Prevention is better than cure as the old saying goes.

Lower fiber – High fiber diets help with constipation but can produce gas. Pick foods higher in protein and less fiber, so less grains like rice and barley.

Cut out dairy – It’s quite common to give a cat milk as a treat. Some cat’s can lose the ability to break down lactose, and milk may be giving them gas.

Keep your Maine Coon hydrated with water.

Portion control – Your Maine Coon may be gulping down air when you give them large portions, so make the portions smaller and feed more often.

This may help the digestive system and not overload it at any one time.

Overeating – Take steps to make sure your Maine Coon isn’t eating a little too much, An odd treat is OK, but if they are constantly eating this may be causing problems.

Are they sneaking out and getting food elsewhere?

Exercise – When the joints are moving and the muscles are working your cat’s systems are moving at optimal performance.

Exercise stops food sitting in the stomach, so walks, and plenty of playtime may keep their digestive system from producing too much gas.

Remember, it’s perfectly OK to let your Maine Coon pass gas once in a while – there’s nothing out of the ordinary there.

What we are talking about is a ‘little too excessive’ passing of gas.

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There are many reasons why your Maine Coons may be passing excessive gas, and it’s important to figure out which one is the issue.

Once you know the root of the problem, there are steps that can be taken to help curb the problem.

Most flatulence from your Maine Coon will be to do with diet, as it is in humans.

Feeding your Maine Coon a healthy, low-fiber food will help to cut down on gas production.

Protein rich foods are good for Maine Coons anyway.

Wet food is also more easily digestible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cat fart smell?

Cat’s do pass wind, but it’s not guaranteed that the flatulence will form an odor. Some flatulence is too much air taken in with food. Digestive issues and poor quality diet can often lead to bad smelling flatulence.

Is it normal for a cat to fart?

Yes, it’s normal for any breed of cat to fart. Most animals have a gastrointestinal system that produces occasional flatulence. With cats it’s often a lot quieter than with dogs or humans.

Do cats fart when they poop?

The flatulent sound that a cat can make as it defecates is often more to do with how liquid the poop is. The more solid the food the less it’s likely to happen. A lot of wet food can sometimes make it sound like a cat is farting as it is passing feces.

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