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Do Maine Coon Cats Need Sunlight?

It’s something you don’t often hear talked about.

Cats are nocturnal but do go outdoors during the day.

I started thinking about this when I wanted to know more about keeping an indoor Maine Coon.

Surely they will get less sunlight. Humans need sunlight but what about your  Maine Coon.

Do Maine Coon cats need to have sunlight?

Maine Coon cats do not NEED sunlight for their health but they do enjoy it. Humans need sunlight to help with vitamin D production. Cats get their Vitamin D from food. The Maine Coon enjoys the sunlight for the purposes of relaxation and rest.

While a Maine Coon does not need the sun in the conventional sense as we do, it’s not like they would do well in its complete absence.

The sun provides many additional benefits and a Maine Coon will seek out the sun to warm themselves depending upon the climate you live in.

Maine Coon in grass close up

Is Sunlight Good For Maine Coons?

A Maine Coon will enjoy the sun if they don’t get too hot because it is good for them.

All life on earth needs the sun, mainly to keep things warm, but direct sunlight will be good for a Maine Coon as they are happy when they are warm and comfortable.

Sunlight for your Maine Coon can help their wellbeing in general and access to the sun is better than prolonged periods without it, but a Maine Coon cat can be indoors without direct sunlight.

The danger might be too much exposure to the sun, especially in already warm climates or strong direct sunlight.

Excessive heat in all animals can cause dehydration.

An adult Maine Coon can regulate themselves but very young kittens run the risk of getting heatstroke as they’re used to the mother solving their problems.

Cats often hunt at night so they are active when the sun goes down until the sun comes up.

An outdoor Maine Coon may patrol its area during the dark hours.

Daytime is much more for relaxing and sleeping so they may well rest in direct sunlight for comfort.

Sunlight tends to bring out the endorphins for most species so a Maine Coon will look pretty happy in the sun and fresh air most of the time.

A lot of professionals seem to think that a Maine Coon cat out in the sun is more than likely just enjoying some relaxing time.

Sunlight warms the bones and helps joints work better as many humans find out later in life.

Maine Coons are also hardy winter cats by heritage, so it may just be a case of reflex when the sun comes out.

It probably depends where you live as well.

If you are resident in a naturally cooler or cold climate then sunlight is more of a novelty and feels better than being in the cold.

Relaxing or immobility causes the body temperature to drop so sun seeking may be the natural antidote.

an adult maine coon out in the sun

What Happens If Maine Coon Cats Don’t Get Enough Sunlight?

An outdoor Maine Coon will always get enough sunlight.

An indoor one, behind glass, isn’t harmed by lack of sunlight. It’s just beneficial if they do receive it.

If you have an indoor Maine Coon, helping them access the sun could be a good move.

An indoor Maine Coon will perhaps seek out windows, not just to observe the world going by, but to also soak up those warming sun rays.

Maine Coons can often be found on window ledges, relaxing comfortably in the sunlight.

If your Maine Coon has access to be perched next to a window then they will get enough sunlight.

a maine coon relaxing near a barn

Is Lack Of Sunlight Dangerous To A Maine Coon Cat?

There are parts of the world that see very little sunlight for months, and cats seem to be OK there.

If a little sunlight is possible then a Maine Coon shouldn’t experience any serious side effects if it’s treated well, and is mentally stimulated.

Maine Coons are mammals like all other cat breeds, so light changes can affect the production of serotonin.

Serotonin is a hormone that stabilizes the mood and makes your Maine Coon feel happy. It’s present throughout the body and allows the brain and body to communicate.

Good serotonin levels help with sleep and digestion.

Therefore a distinct lack of sunlight will be dangerous over time.

A room or house can be flooded with UV light just by opening windows when the sun is out.

Lack of sunlight with humans produces a Vitamin D deficiency but cats will get Vitamin D from their food.

Your Maine Coon does not need sunlight to produce Vitamin D which is good for the autoimmune system.

Good quality food is needed for the immune system, not sunlight.

a maine coon on a balcony

Why Your Maine Coon Will Sit In The Sun

As your Maine Coon will most likely seek out the sun if you are in a cold climate, we can be sure that the cat knows that it’s good for them.

Relaxing in the sun and resting is an activity enjoyed by most animals on the planet.

If your Maine Coon is anything like mine they don’t look too stressed, probably because dishes of food are served up on a consistent basis by human waiters.

Nevertheless, relaxing in the sun is just a pleasurable activity for them.

Simple as that.

Your Maine Coon will know whether it’s comfortable or not unless it’s very young or very old, so it will move if it is getting stressed.


So, a Maine Coon doesn’t truly NEED sunlight in the way you do as the owner.

A complete lack of it is dangerous for hormone imbalances, but if you have a day/night cycle where you live, and who doesn’t, then there should be enough sunlight.

Getting out into the sun is purely for the purposes of relaxing and feeling happier.

The sun will not give your Maine Coon Vitamin D so as to help their immune system the way you do as a human.

They get that from food.

A high-quality, protein-rich balanced diet will help here for your Maine Coon.

I actually built a cage on my balcony so Alita could get out in the sun when she so chooses, .. check this out.

Alita the Maine Coon outside in caged balcony

She is an indoor Maine Coon but gets access to the sun whenever she wants for her relaxation.

Related Question – Can Maine Coons get sunburn? Yes, your Maine Coon can get sunburn if they are out in strong direct sunlight for too long. It’s called solar dermatitis, which is skin in the sunlight, and they can get it predominantly in areas not covered by fur, like the nose and ears.

Related Question – Do Maine Coons need UV radiation? Ultraviolet light is just another phrase for sunlight. UV-A will go through glass so your cat is exposed to UV behind a window. They don’t need UV but they are happier in sunlight.

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