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Can You Get A Maine Coon Cat From A Pet Shop?

If you are searching for a Maine Coon then there are a wealth of places to buy one from.

Professional catteries, professional breeders, adoption centers, or rescue centers.

That’s before you look at the online classifieds and social media groups,

But what about pet shops? They sell all the food, and associated trappings for keeping a cat, so why not the pets themselves.

Can you get a Maine Coon from a pet shop?

It’s unlikely that you will get a Maine Coon from a large pet shop. Small community pet shops can sometimes have cat breeds for sale but the large stores work in partnership with adoption and rescue centers. PetSmart, Petco and PetValu have local centers they work in conjunction with.

The small pet shops that are locally owned are more likely to have a Maine Coon for direct sale than the larger owned stores.

Even if they don’t directly sell Maine Coons they may be able to put you in touch with someone who is having a litter.

It’s very hit and miss and will vary with each store, but you might strike It lucky if you phone, email, or contact local pet stores.

Professional catteries and breeders are the best places to find Maine Coons but pet stores can certainly connect you with the right people.

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Does Petco Sell Maine Coons?

Petco itself does not sell Maine Coons, nor any other breed of cat.

In 1999 Petco set up Petco Love which partners with adoption centers and rescue centers.

Through this mechanism, it’s possible to meet local Maine Coons at a store near you.

Petco only sells all the required foodstuffs and equipment needed to take care of your Maine Coon properly.

Does PetSmart Sell Maine Coons?

PetSmart stores sometimes have a Cat Adoption Center inside that you can visit and talk to them about trying to adopt a Maine Coon.

PetSmart itself does not sell Maine Coons, just the associated food and equipment.

If you have a PetSmart near you then you can drop by and look for the instore adoption center for cats.

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Why Don’t Pet Stores Sell Maine Coons Anymore?

Some pet stores will sell cats, and some even might have a Maine Coon.

The small community pet shops are more likely to have one than the corporate stores, although they have adoption centers inside to help you.

In recent years, much like elephant rides in SE Asia, consumers have let it be known they don’t approve of certain methods or animal sales.

Pet stores have made the decision that they don’t wish to be associated with the ‘factory’ mentality and are there to provide nutrition, knowledge, and equipment only.

To help their consumers out though they often partner with adoption and rescue centers and house booths internally in the store.

PetSmart and PetValu are both stores where you might find an internal adoption center.

Any finances that are exchanged between you and an adoption center go back to the shelter which consumers are expressing a preference for.

The public tends to look favorably towards animal shelters and rescue centers rather than what might be considered a more money based motive for animal placement.

The business relationship between an adoption center and a pet store makes a lot more sense when viewed in that light.

The image being presented is a much more caring one than selling kittens for consumers and largely is rewarded with public acceptance.

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Maine Coons can definitely be found at pet stores.

The small community based stores will know local breeders or people may advertise in their shop.

If you want a Maine Coon then you can always drop by occasionally and leave your name and number, you never know when one is going to turn up.

You can adopt a Maine Coon from the larger stores.

PetSmart and PetValu have internal adoption centers so that might be where you want to go first.

The public prefers shelters and rescue centers to pet stores since they feel like there are better motives for placement at these larger establishments.

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