Alita the Maine Coon dressed up

Can You Dress A Maine Coon Cat?

Domestic cats have been around for millennia and even revered as gods in ancient Egypt.

They’ve survived all manner of natural disasters, and are still here today with the natural talents and traits that they were made with.

The dressing of a Maine Coon isn’t necessary but many people like to show their cats, so can you dress or clothe a Maine Coon?

A Maine Coon can be dressed up and clothed for short periods if the clothing is comfortable and doesn’t restrict movement. Females are better at accepting clothes than males, but each individual Maine Coon is different.

The Maine Coon it’s said, is one of the most charismatic and attractive breeds of all the domestic cats.

Part of that is their personality, but a large part of the attraction may be the size. They’re large cats.

Maine Coons are easy going, and personally, I find it quite easy to dress Alita should it be necessary for a show or a quick trip out.

Alita the Maine Coon dressed up

Luckily, there are some helpful tips out there on how to clothe a Maine Coon!

Whether you’re looking for a winter coat or just want your furry friend wearing something special for the holidays, this article will help give you all of the information you need.

Is It OK To Dress Up My Maine Coon?

Pets like dogs and cats are typically seen wearing silly costumes or related accessories.

Celebrities can often Instagram a photo with a cat or small dog dressed up in cute attire.

Opinion can be decided on the subject as to whether you should or not, but if you are thinking about trying to dress a Maine Coon, the first thing to do is address whether it’s a good idea.

Many years ago the societies used to be against it, basing their reasoning on a pet becoming a fashion accessory rather than seen as an animal that needs care.

Although this is an excellent point, the more modern approach, while not encouraging it, seeks to educate an owner, rather than them having the incorrect message about caring for a Maine Coon.

More modern thinking reflects whether it’s good for the individual Maine Coon.

Simply put, if the Maine Coon is against it, you probably shouldn’t do it.

If your Maine Coon doesn’t seem fazed or stressed about the experience then you are clearly doing them no harm.

Every owner knows their own Maine Coon better than anyone else, so gauge whether they are resisting your attempts or are curious and relaxed.

Alita the Maine Coon dressed up

Some Maine Coons seem to love getting dressed up, while others view it as an intrusion.

If your Maine Coon seems delighted that they are trying some item of clothing on, then it’s difficult to say that’s a negative thing.

The main point to make would be to make sure your Maine Coons breathing and movement aren’t limited. This could conceivably panic the animal.

This may be why you have tried it before and it hasn’t worked.

Every Maine Coon will struggle if it suspects that it won’t be able to breathe or protect itself.

There’s certainly no harm in dressing up a Maine Coon according to vets, especially if it’s an irregular thing.

Having your Maine Coon dressed permanently may be more of a problem, especially if it’s an outdoor Maine Coon.

Things To Check When You Dress Up Your Maine Coon

A question you must ask yourself first though is whether dressing up your Maine Coon is beneficial to them or to you.

Maine Coons have survived many years without being clothed so it’s difficult to say it’s for them per se, however, an individual Maine Coon may actually love the experience.

So you need to ask yourself, are they really enjoying it, or are you trying to convince yourself they are.

There are many reasons why a Maine Coon might need an item of clothing, like a harness, as it has practical applications.

Alita the Maine Coon dressed up on shelf

There are many devotees of dressing cats that do it because it looks either cute or funny.

While you may think it’s funny, as might all of social media, your Maine Coon could be deeply stressed if it’s been forced into clothing.

That said, I should tell you that Alita completely doesn’t mind being dressed up.

I don’t do it regularly though.

If you are going to dress up your Maine Coon, here are a few really important aspects to check before your Maine Coon dons a cape.

Can Your Maine Coon Move Without Restriction

While you might be used to putting on clothes, your Maine Coon is not.

There are a few things to look out for here.

Can they breathe easily? Obviously the most important but you don’t want anything at all tight fitting around the neck.

Alita the Maine Coon dressed up on shelf

Your Maine Coon should be able to walk easily and comfortably without tugs at the fur or restrictive leg movement.

While too tight is restrictive, too loose can keep the legs from being used for running if bibs drop down over the chest area.

An animal that feels it can’t move and defend itself will start to panic.

Clothing obviously traps the air as well, so on very hot days, it’s not a good idea without some cooling effect.

Additionally, make sure that the clothing isn’t so loose that it could catch on something and cause injury.

Does Your Maine Coon Look Stressed

Wearing a cute outfit isn’t a natural state of affairs.

While some Maine Coons are fine with it, some might even have had bad experiences with them in the past.

Maine Coons will groom themselves like all other cats and clothing that impedes this necessary function can cause stress.

This is a good reason why wearing clothes should be relatively short for all breeds of cat.

Alita the Maine Coon dressed up on couch

Can Your Maine Coon Communicate

Cats don’t just meow to communicate.

They use body posture, facial expressions, and movements.

If a Maine Coon feels that clothing impedes their ability to communicate they may try to struggle out of the clothing.

The body language they normally use might not be able to be performed, so now your Maine Coon is stressed.

Does Your Maine Coon Look Reverent

This sounds like an odd question because your Maine Coon isn’t really knowledgeable about human embarrassment or humor.

Nevertheless a Maine Coon can be perceptive and realize that they are being made fun of, and dislike the feeling.

The more likely you are to admire the clothing and think it looks respectful, the more likely the Maine Coon might be to pick up on that vibe.

Alita the Maine Coon dressed up and standing

Can Your Maine Coon Harm Itself

Something to think about is the quality of the material you are dressing your Maine Coon in.

A Maine Coon that dislikes the clothing might bite and gnaw at the clothing and ingest some of the material.

This could be harmful in blocking breathing or poisonous upon ingestion.

So think about choking hazards as you dress your Maine Coon.

Loose clothing can also wrap around protruding objects and cause strangling hazards.


So yes, a Maine Coon will quite happily let you dress them in a small amount of clothing should you want to.

I do it for shows, and occasional trips out.

Alita really doesn’t mind but she’s a female Maine Coon.

Maybe a male one would react differently.

I found it to be important not to force her into a bit of clothing, and if she had reacted badly I wouldn’t have progressed further.

A cat that really doesn’t like it that is forced into it will react badly and become stressed.

If it can’t move, breathe, or feels the clothing hinders its ability to defend itself then your Maine Coon could become panicked.

If your Maine Coon perceives that it’s vulnerable somehow in clothing then you have to remove all garments.

Possibly best to start with some clothing that isn’t restrictive.

Giving them time to become accustomed to it as well can help. Place the item near the food bowl for a few days.

Rewarding a Maine Coon with treats always seems to work as well.

If they associate an item of clothing with playtime, a fun game, or a treat this will positively reinforce their acclimatization to it.

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