2 maine coon kittens together

Can Two Maine Coons Live Together?

Maine Coons are gentle giants. It’s the nickname that has stuck to them.

It implies a gentle and affable nature, which is true.

I have a Maine Coon and she is extremely friendly, and never gets her claws out, even when she is picked up which she doesn’t like.

They get along well with dogs, children, and other cats in general.

But what about another Maine Coon?

Can two Maine Coons get along and live together?

Maine Coons can get along with another of the same breed. Many owners have two Maine Coons living together. Maine Coons are extremely tolerant of one another. Make sure to properly introduce the two so relations start off well.

If you have yet to get a Maine Coon, then you could well be wondering if getting two is better than getting a single cat.

Firstly, rest assured, if you choose a single Maine Coon then with the appropriate attention and care that they will not unduly suffer for not having another Maine Coon or other breed living in the home.

A Maine Coon can be wonderfully happy being the only cat within the house.

However, many vets seem to think that cats, in general, are more social than we once might have imagined.

2 maine coons side by side on a couch

Should I Get Two Maine Coons When I Buy Them

Certainly, if you always plan to get two cats then it is more ideal to get them at the same time.

As with most things in life, this isn’t always possible.

If you as the owner are going to be away at work and leave the Maine Coon alone in an apartment, then it is more ideal to get two at the kitten stage if you want two cats.

Kittens are much more accepting of the new situation and world, and if they have grown up in the same litter then they will be socialized together and the move to a new house would be less stressful.

Should you actually want a two Maine Coon household, even though Maine Coons are about as affable a breed as there is, an adult Maine Coon potentially is a lot more skeptical of the new situation.

Two Maine Coon kittens growing up together will nearly always be fine.

There is no easy answer to whether you should buy two Maine Coons rather than one, as everyone is different.

However, for curiosity, here are the benefits.

Mental Stimulation – If you’re not available to entertain your kitten virtually all day, they may become severely unhappy.

One of the best things about adopting two cats is they will be able to play with each other and keep each other company.

Like many stereotypes, this one about cats preferring to be alone isn’t always true.

Normally, they prefer the company of other cats and even people over being alone for long periods of time .

Though some cats may not be as active when they are alone, two cats from the same litter will get along and there will likely be no issue with their playtime being lessened.

2 maine coons side by side

Socialization – Likewise, cats can get lonely after a time, despite their seeming “don’t care” attitude.

Along with having an endless supply of mental stimulation, the two kittens will simply have the benefit of a constant companion as well.

Kittens are much more active and playful than full-grown cats and so having two together is a perfect way to provide lots of exercise and play for them.

Fun And Excitement – Kittens are full of energy.

Adopting two kittens makes finding time for playtime easier—and you never have to worry about running out of new games.

Two kittens can keep each other entertained with their games.

Pair bonding – Maine Coon kitties who share the same litter are already used to each other.

There’s no worry for you about having to introduce them to each other.

Less Moving Stress – Being removed from the litter to a new home can be worrisome for a new kitten.

Keeping a brother or sister nearby will make the transition to their new home much easier.

There will be some familiarity within the process.

Behavior And Skills – When two kittens are raised together, they can learn from each other and develop better skills.

When two cats are raised together, they will often teach one another important skills such as hunting or how to get along with other animals.

It is very common for siblings to do exactly what one another does.

If one cat is using their litter box responsibly, the other will soon follow.

The two kittens interact and learn from each other while doing so.

2 maine coons side by side near a window

Will Two Maine Coons Get Along With Each Other If Bought Separately

Maine Coons generally have no problem getting along with one another whether they know each other from a litter and grow up together or are introduced at later phases of their lives.

There’s no need to worry about two Maine Coons not liking each other if they’re the same breed.

So whether you buy them separately, at the same time, or only want a single kitten, for the time being, a Maine Coon will be fine.

That comes from the already adopted cat, or the cat being introduced.

Maine Coons are extremely affable and friendly, even to each other.

Introducing Two Maine Coons To Each Other

Many Maine Coon owners have loved the breed so much that they got another one.

That isn’t an unfamiliar story.

Maine Coons can be great friends to each other and should live together happily.

Introducing Maine Coon cats is still a delicate process. It can take some patience and forethought.

If you want to introduce two cats, consider their dominant traits and make the introductions slowly.

Maine Coons can learn to live together with a carefully planned introduction.

Here are some best practices to make sure an introduction goes well.

2 maine coon kittens together

Keep The Maine Coons Separate At First

Newly acquired Maine Coons should have a separate room to be placed in, preferably one without access to the outdoors.

An isolated room for the incoming Maine Coon allows for a safe place to calm down, get used to their surroundings, and get used to you.

You can then more adequately control how the two Maine Coons will meet.

The isolated room in the home should have the essentials – food, water, a litter box, and a cozy hiding place.

It’s OK if the two cats can either hear or smell each other – or both.

You can force the issue slightly by feeding both the Maine Coons near the door.

This should provide a positive message while the period of uncertainty exists.

Time to get those favorite cat treats out.

Maine Coons are very affable and may be perfectly fine with another cat in the house, but if you sense nervousness or anxiety then be prepared to keep them apart for a few days until they are both very calm.

You can always swap scents by getting some blankets or clothes and swap them around so they get used to the other’s smell.

Rub a small piece of cloth against the sweat glands near the mouth of each Maine Coon and swap the cloth around.

You can always play with each cat near the door so everything has a positive emotion associated with it.

2 grey maine coon kittens on a bed

When The Time Is Right – Let The Maine Coons See Each Other

When you assess the time is right and there are no obvious signs of aggression or anxiety then it will be time to introduce them visually to each other.

If it’s possible, install some kind of see-through barrier in the door frame.

A baby gate of a piece of clear plastic is fine.

If possible, have one person with each Maine Coon on either side of the barrier.

Then try putting the food down a fair way away from the barrier and adjust what happens.

If the cats start to eat food, you can nudge the dish towards the barrier so they are getting close to one another.

10 feet apart initially is fine and gradually get them to eat closer to each other.

3 maine coon kittens on grass

Finally – The Face To Face Meeting

After taking the time to introduce a second cat, it’s important to allow a supervised, flight-free introduction.

Don’t be too concerned if the cats are temporarily very standoffish or snap at each other a little and then walk away from one another.

That would be perfectly normal.

Introducing two Maine Coons to each other is a slow process, it will take time for them to get used to each other

Make sure the cats are safe.

Keep watching as they assess and read each other’s body language, then give them space

If one Maine Coon appears to bully the other, you should intervene.

Maine Coons usually get along well and can live together perfectly well.

Your patience will be rewarded in the long run when they are content with each other and start the path to becoming firm friends.

2 maine coon kittens in a sack


It’s perfectly possible, even likely, that two Maine Coons can co-exist together in the same property.

Your main priority should be making sure they are safe from each other, and that one Maine Coon isn’t bullied by the other.

Just give them time to assess each other’s behavior over a period of days before you judge.

The best way to know for sure is if you’re patient about it…sometimes cats just need more time than others!

If you can, it’s best that they are brought to the house at the same time from the same litter but life doesn’t always take the most perfect path.

In the long run, both cats will probably find themselves content with being able to live happily together.

Maine Coons are a perfectly tolerant breed.

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