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Can Maine Coons Breed With Regular Cats?

Maine Coons are a Maine native breed and have been around for centuries.

They come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and temperaments.

Maine Coons can be very interactive with humans or they may prefer to spend most of their time hunting outside.

If you are an owner of a Maine Coon, or plan to be, it can be worth thinking about what happens when nature takes its course.

If you don’t neuter a female Maine Coon, chances are good that one day, you will have to deal with some kittens.

Maine Coon owners might wonder if their own Maine Coon might breed with other breeds.

Or maybe you have 2 cats in the house and wonder about kittens.

Is it possible or a good idea?

Can Maine Coons breed with other cats?

Maine Coons can breed with other breeds of cat and the resultant kitten is called a Maine Coon mix if the kitten shows predominantly Maine Coon features. Common mixed breeds are the Maine Coon Persian mix and the Maine Coon Ragdoll mix.

A purebred Maine Coon is actually rarer than a mixed breed Maine Coon.

Statistically, only 2% of cats are purebreds, that is, their parents are purebred Maine Coons.

Maine Coons are usually known as large cats but that is not always the case because there are some Maine Coons who stay small as well.

The mixed Maine Coon is a kitten with physical and personality traits of the parent breeds.

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What Is A Mixed Maine Coon

A mixed Maine Coon kitten is simply a cat where the parent breeds are from different heritages.

If a Maine Coon breeds with a Persian then the kitten produced will be a Maine Coon mix if the kitten takes on features more associated with a Maine Coon.

Purebred Maine Coon can be parents, or the parents can be mixed breeds themselves, but 98% of cats available will be mixed breed cats.

Purebred Maine Coons are rare, but they are where their parentage can be proven with provenance and other associated paperwork.

There has been no dilution of the breed with other cat breeds.

What Are The Common Maine Coon Mixes

Maine Coon mixes are much more prevalent than purebreds by a factor of 50.

There are some common mixes that you will see listed if you are looking for a Maine Coon.

Such as;

  • Maine Coon Persian mix
  • Maine Coon Ragdoll mix
  • Maine Coon Siamese mix
  • Maine Coon British Shorthair mix
  • Maine Coon American shorthair mix
  • Maine Coon domestic mix

The kittens produced will be 50% Persian and 50% Maine Coon or if they are further crossed they can be 75% Persian to 25% Maine Coon etc…

It’s a bit of a minefield out there, but generally, if it’s listed as a Maine Coon mix then it’s expected that the kitten will have predominantly Maine Coon features.

As well as that legendary Maine Coon personality.

There are no set rules as to what physical features Maine Coon mixes will inherit from their parent breeds, but most have more similarities to either of their parent breeds.

It’s therefore not possible to go into any great detail about how Maine Coons look when they’re mixed with other breeds because there are so many variations in how these cats can look – it depends on how close a kitten might be to a parent or a grandparent of purebred status.

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Are Mixed Maine Coons Normal

Any Maine Coon that is a mix of Maine Coon and other breeds can be called a Maine Coon mix.

And although they will not have the exact Maine Coon features, they could still be Maine Coon in type depending on how much Maine Coon blood is present.

A mixed Maine Coon is perfectly normal and normally lives as long as the parent crossbreeds.

They take on similar physical characteristics and the personality traits come from two different breeds.

They are not a concern healthwise, and mixed breed cats are by far the most common style of cat out there.

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Maine Coons are a type of cat that is typically larger than regular cats.

Maine Coon owners might wonder if their own Maine Coon can breed with other breeds, but there are many Persians or Ragdolls mixed with Maine Coons.

It’s no coincidence that the common mixes share many of the same personality traits as the Maine Coon.

People seem to naturally put together two cat breeds they like, and the result is a common mix.

Maine Coons are regularly bred with another cat breed and the resultant kitten, called a ‘mix’ could have predominantly Maine Coon features.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What two breeds make a Maine Coon cat?

The Maine Coon is its own breed and has no breed parentage. The breed itself was recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1975. The origins of the Maine Coon are disputable but they are probably a pairing on sea cats from Europe and domestic American cats.

How many times can you breed a Maine Coon?

The female breeding age for Maine Coons is between 2 and 6 years of age, and it’s possible to have 5 litters a year but that will put a lot of strain on the cat. One to two litters a year is normal for a female cat.

What makes a Maine Coon cat different?

A Maine Coon is more different than a normal breed of cat in several ways. They are larger than a domestic cat having earned the nickname ‘the gentle giant’. They are also very dog like in behavior, being loyal, affectionate, and friendly. They also have a tendency to follow you around.

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