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Can Maine Coon Cats Live With Other Cats

Once the most popular cat breeds in America, the Maine Coon, was the third most popular breed in the US in 2015.

It is nearly always, in studies, show up in the top 5, and it is natural to see why. This massive cat, while intimidating at first sight, is a the most gentle creatures.

Owing to the size of this cat, it can be mistaken for a dog and just like a dog it is fiercely loyal. Inquisitive in nature, the Maine Coon will be content to sit and watch what you and other members of the household are doing.

Maine Coon

Unearthing Its Personality

While all cats are individuals with their own distinct personalities, people with this particular breed agree that it is docile and friendly.

The Maine Coon is likely to be content most of the time, they do not need to be petted constantly but are happy to receive attention.

Their patient nature often means that they will wait for you to finish what you are doing around the house.

They are inquisitive by nature and follow their owners around the house so they can see for themselves what everyone is doing.

They are calm and playful, perfect additions to a home, and people will often say that they are kittens that just became bigger.

The Maine Coon, unlike other cats, loves water.

They are likely to jump into a tub or shower to get wet and drink the water. This breed of cat also prefers to stay on the ground though they are adept climbers.

They are also great at catching rats and mice. A household with a Maine Coon is undoubtedly going to be free of rodents.

While mostly calm, this cat will not hesitate to tell you what it needs.

A loud meow followed by direct eye contact will say to you that perhaps forgotten to fill their water or food bowl.

While they are not needy, they will let you know when it is time for a cuddle.

The Maine Coon With Other Cats

Bringing an adult Maine Coon cat into a household with other cats might seem tricky.

However, as this cat is friendly and gentle, they are usually able to get along well with other animals.

A Maine Coon will start to get acquainted with its new home and surroundings and begin to adjust quickly to its new home.

Apart from its gentle nature, the Maine Coon has got along with other animals quite naturally.

Many cat owners will prefer to bring home a kitten so that every member of the household finds it more comfortable to adjust to the new addition.

This could be a good idea, however, just as with other cats and animals, it is not necessary that an adult will not be accepted. It is a good idea to check if the cat has been socialized.

While most shelter cats do receive a fair amount of socialization, all breeders do not ensure this.

It would be prudent to check on the cat or kitten’s comfort with other people and animals.

Maine Coon

Introducing A Maine Coon To Your Other Cats

When bringing an adult Maine Coon into a family with other cats, there are more things to consider than just the nature and socialization of the Maine Coon.

Often, your other cat or cats are likely to regard your house their territory and hesitant to welcome a stranger into their midst.

The size of the Maine Coon could also be a reason your present cat feels threatened. However, this is not an impossible situation.

It might take a little time and effort but will be worth it leading to your big happy family.

An excellent way to start is to introduce the cats to each other slowly. Rather than put them into the same room right away, they could be kept in separate rooms initially.

This will let them know that there is another cat in the house and they will be able to get used to the new smell.

Another good idea is to put the food bowls of both cats a few feet on either side of a closed door.

This way, they will associate the new smell with something good. Gradually you can begin moving the bowls closer to the door.

The next step would be to let them see each other but not be close enough for physical contact. One way to do this is to put a baby gate and to leave the door open during meal times.

This way, they can see each other and as previously mentioned the food bowls will help them associate the other cat with something pleasant.

Once this is successful, you can start introducing the cats to each other for short periods of time.

The main thing to remember here is to let these interactions be positive.

It would be helpful to have another family member or friend present during these interactions so each person can keep an eye on one cat.

This time can be increased until there is no need for supervision required.

Maine Coon

Introducing A New Cat To Your Maine Coon

When it comes to presenting your new cat to the resident Maine Coon, many of the same methods apply.

While Maine Coons are friendly cats and like company, it might be a good idea to introduce your new family member gradually.

You can begin by keeping the new cat in a separate room in the beginning and letting your Maine Coon get used to the fresh smell.

Keeping the food bowls a few feet on either side of a closed door is a good trick here too, it lets each cat get familiarized with the smell of the new cat while associating it with something pleasurable (eating).

Next, you can introduce the pets to each other for a short while making sure that you keep an eye on each pet. The interactions should be positive.

The time of the interaction can be increased gradually, so that the Maine Coon can get used to the new member of the family and not feel insecure.

This might seem slow, but patience pays off. All animals are territorial, the sudden arrival of a new pet could make the old one feel unsure of their place.

It is also necessary that you spend time separately with each cat, so none of them feel ignored or left out.

Maine Coon


The playful and friendly nature of a Maine Coon has led to its popularity.

This nature extends to people and other pets alike. In spite of its size, it is a gentle animal that is an excellent addition to all homes, whether that home has children or other pets.

However, if you are interested in seeing a Maine Coon introduced to the household have a look at the video below for what you might expect.

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      We are having huge issues with our resident Maine coon kitten meeting his new playmate. We have an 8 month old Maine coon, we got him from a Maine coon breeder at 13 weeks old and assumed he would be well socialized but he plays pretty rough and seems bored with toys so we thought he’d be happier with a friend. So two weeks ago we brought home a one year old kitty from a shelter. We have introduced them very slowly. In two weeks they’ve only been in the same room together three times. Both are fixed, the Maine coon is a boy so we got a girl from the shelter. Our Maine coon seemed thrilled with a new cat being in the house and goes to her door constantly calling to her in a playful way and rolls around practically begging her to play, but when given the chance he actively stalks her and constantly tries to chase and terrorize her. It’s oncw or twice been play, but the majority of the time it’s aggressive behavior. We have to separate them to keep him from hurting her. She’s already so stressed we are thinking we will have to rehome her. But we really want this to work. But we have tried it all. It’s like our Maine coon thinks he’s a German Shepherd. Any advice? Our Maine coon definitely didn’t take after the typical personality of the breed unfortunately. Send help!!!

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      I am having the same issue. I have a one year old female maine coon and a one year old female cat we rescued. We had them for about 2 months now and they are slowly adjusting to being in the same room. My maine coon seems to be more aggressive towards the other cat. So I have to stay near. Both are loveable cats that our family adores. We are blessed to have them both but how can I get them to play nicely together? Maybe more time is needed? Thank you for any help and advice.

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