a maine coon sits on top of an air conditioning unit

Can A Maine Coon Stay In An Air Conditioned Room?

Not everyone lives in a temperate climate that’s perfect.

Whilst some live in colder climates, many more choose to live in the sun

Good weather often means that the air conditioning is on. It’s OK for you, you can tell if there’s something wrong.

But can a Maine Coon stay fine and healthy in an air conditioned room?

There is no risk associated with leaving your Maine Coon in an air conditioned room. A well regulated temperature will help keep your Maine Coon from overheating which is much more dangerous.

Depending upon where you live a Maine Coon may need some air conditioning to keep them from overheating.

It’s perfectly normal to be concerned for your Maine Coon.

alita the maine coon lying next to a fridge

They have long coats to keep them warm in colder climates, so it stands to reason that a warmer climate might be more problematic.

With respect to air conditioning, a rule of thumb is that if it’s comfortable for you, then your Maine Coon will be equally comfortable.

I live in Thailand where it’s warm all the time, and I run an air conditioner a lot to help keep my Maine Coon comfortable.

Is There A Danger To Maine Coons In An Air Conditioned Room

There is no danger from leaving a Maine Coon in an air conditioned room that has the temperature brought down to an acceptable level.

Therefore, if you are comfortable in the room, then your Maine Coon can either stay in there or sleep all day in the room.

The way an air conditioning works means that it doesn’t produce anything dangerous, nor change the composition of the air that would be detrimental to your Maine Coon.

Maine Coons love to be cozy, and sometimes that means a cooler room.

Many people have indoor Maine Coons and worry about them in this environment, but it’s perfectly safe for your Maine Coon.

a maine coon sits on top of an air conditioning unit
Maine Coons aren’t really worried by air conditioning units

If you’re worried about the air conditioning making the property too cold for your Maine Coon, then it’s unlikely unless you have a young kitten.

The Maine Coon is built for the cold, and air conditioning rarely gets down to a threatening temperature.

Even if it did, a Maine Coon is quite capable of finding a warm little area and curling up.

Don’t forget, part of keeping a good temperature is moving air. An air conditioning unit will keep good airflow to keep the temperature down.

Maine Coons will have a very similar body temperature to you, so if it’s too cold for you, your Maine Coon might be looking for a warmer room as well.

Setting The Air Conditioning Temperature

All pets need to be kept cool and safe in the hot summer months.

Not only do temperatures rise, but so does the humidity.

Maine Coons can cool themselves by air exchange in and out of the lungs, which is when they breathe in the hot outside air and then expel it.

As the temperature and humidity rise, this process becomes more difficult.

In order to stay cool on hot days, you should keep the air circulating with a fan or by turning on the air conditioner.

Airflow can bring down temperatures.

The ideal comfort level for most Maine Coons is around 75-80 degrees.

Also remember the access to freshwater, which should also be considered when the weather is warming up.

alita the maine coon in a fridge

Do Maine Coon Kittens Survive In Air Conditioned Rooms?

Cats are adaptable by the nature of their species, and the Maine Coon breed with the luxurious coat is aided greatly.

A Maine Coon kitten doesn’t have the luxury of warmth from the coat yet and will get the best from the environment it’s in and warmth from the mother.

There are no hard and fast rules for newborn kittens with temperature.

If the mother is happy then chances are good that the temperature is OK.

In an air conditioned room, it’s ideal to keep the room at a temperature you feel comfortable, not refreshingly cool.

Once a kitten is up and walking around a kitten should be learning to regulate its own temperature, and like adult Maine Coons somewhere between 75 to 85 degrees is an ideal temperature.

Newborn kittens can be kept warm on blankets even in an air conditioned room, but a slightly higher temperature might help.

As it happens, a Maine Coon kitten can handle a higher temperature better than an adult.

alita the maine coon in a fridge

Are Maine Coons Scared Of Air Conditioning?

No, Maine Coons aren’t scared of air conditioning units.

Unlike a vacuum, they don’t produce a scary noise and Maine Coons seem quite OK with their presence.

The wall mounted air conditioning units wouldn’t be a concern anyway, but I have a portable one that blows delightfully refreshing air into the room.

Alita, my Maine Coon, has no problem with it whatsoever.

What’s The Best Air Conditioning Temperature For Maine Coons?

The general rule of thumb is that if you are comfortable, then your Maine Coon will be comfortable.

Maine Coons have an internal body temperature very similar to ours.

So if you feel how, then they will be thinking the same thing.

The same with cold.

A Maine Coon, with its rather thick coat, can easily keep itself warm, but keeping cool is harder.

A regular sized, fit and healthy Maine Coon would be fine in a room around 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (24 to 27 degrees Celsius).

It can regularly reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit out here (38 degrees Celsius) and Alita just finds a cool spot and relaxes.

Luckily, I put the air conditioning on to lower the temperature a touch, and she is fine in that also.

The key really is to observe your Maine Coon and their behavior. If they are acting normally then you probably have the temperature about right.

If they seek warmth, or the opposite, seek a cold ceramic tile then you know you are at an extreme.


In short, yes a Maine Coon is able to stay, survive, and be comfortable in an air conditioned room.

The temperature of the room is the defining factor.

A very hot room, with little airflow, is far more dangerous than the air conditioning being on.

An air conditioner removes the heat from a room, but also the moisture, so it’s imperative to make sure there is an adequate water supply nearby that won’t run out.

A Maine Coon is much like the rest of us.

They have a preferential temperature which they like to move about in.

If the room is too hot for you, then chances are good your Maine Coon will feel the same.

Your Maine Coon will learn to love you more if you make ‘that nasty heat’ go away so they can also feel better.

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