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Are Maine Coons One Person Cats (Let’s Find Out)

Maine Coons are often described as loyal cats.

From a breed described as having ‘dog like’ qualities that is reasonable but how does that loyalty work.

If you get a Maine Coon will it attach itself to one person, or indeed, only the person that feeds them.

Or are they a little less choosy than that, and bond with the family unit.

So, are Maine Coons one person cats?

Maine Coons are fully loyal to their owners and members of the household. Although they may seem to attach themselves to one person, such as the person who regularly feeds them, they are quite capable of bonding with various people.

Maine Coons as a breed are both loyal and sociable.

My own Maine Coon has that adorable trait of following you around to see what you are doing.

They love jumping up onto workspaces to see what you might be feeding them or yourself.

They are curious by nature.

Alita isn’t a lap cat, and doesn’t like to be picked up and cuddled, but she will often lie on me, and I do mean often, when I am relaxing.

A Maine Coon will have a ‘dog like’ loyalty to you, and as such, bond to whomever they feel attached to.

Alita the Maine Coon dressed up on shelf

Will A Maine Coon Bond With Only One Person?

Many single people will get a Maine Coon.

Although the breed is known for its sociability the Maine Coon will almost certainly form a bond with their owner.

Unless treated badly, a Maine Coon will naturally develop the bond as they begin to trust and acclimatize to their situation.

A Maine Coon once it attaches to a person or family is unlikely to run off.

I can attest to this.

Alita, despite being an indoor Maine Coon can be put on the ground outdoors and she seems to have no inclination to run off.

She will look at me wondering what she is about to do, and where she will be visiting.

It seems that if a Maine Coon bonds with you, then you are quite safe.

Their loyalty shines through, as I am sure many Maine Coon owners will corroborate.

Alita the Maine Coon asleep near laptop

Do Cat Breeds Attach To One Person Anyway?

This is the crux of the question isn’t it?

Is there something inherent to certain breeds that makes them naturally more inclined towards a single person?

Or is it more based on individual experiences and situations?

Are people who think Maine Coons are one person cats miscalculating based upon their loyalty and friendliness?

Turns out, several breeds are noted for their single person attachments.

Russian blues, Siberians, Norwegian Forest Cats, Bengals, and Siamese are all supposed to favor one person in a household over others.

Incidentally, among the non specific breed commentators there doesn’t seem to be recognition that the Maine Coon is among them.

This kind of makes sense if they are described as a social breed.

close up of a maine coon face

Your Maine Coons State Of Mind Determines If It’s A One Person Cat

This seems the more likely scenario to me.

Not that I’m a pet psychologist or anything, but I suspect cats are more like humans and dogs.

After all, as humans we don’t describe ourselves as a one person race or species.

It’s all down to the individual cat, even if it’s a Maine Coon.

One such blog that agress is WayOfCats, run by Pamela Merritt.

To quote:

It’s not a breed trait so much as a state of mind that creates a One Person Cat. These cats are happiest with a high degree of interaction and trust, and, once this is established, they will not be driven to seek that same level with another person

That sounds right to me.

It makes sense that a Maine Coon would attach themselves to one person if there is a high degree of interaction.

Whether that’s healthy is another matter entirely.

I’d suggest it probably isn’t.

Most likely you will outlive your Maine Coon, so if they have only attached to one person then it might not be considered healthy.

If your Maine Coons significant other isn’t available then they may experience the feeling of loss.

The fact that a Maine Coon might be more likely to bond with many members of the household is probably a good thing for their mental health.

facial image of a maine coon cat


Maine Coons are not particularly one person cats.

They certainly can be, but a Maine Coon is loyal to the household and the family.

Alita is perfectly friendly with people she knows really well, family and friends.

When we are together though, and I am relaxing, she will jump up to lie on me and make sure we are face to face for maximum effect.

So Maine Coons are loyal to the family but are quite sociable with people they see regularly.

If there’s a breed of cat that has the qualities for loyalty, it’s the Maine Coon.

So if your Maine Coon is bonding with a single person it’s probably because they interact with them the most and trust has developed.

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