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Are Maine Coons Nocturnal? (Will They Let You Sleep)

Before you get a Maine Coon you may wonder what their sleeping habits might be.

Cat owners generally work, so the last thing anyone wants is a very talkative breed of cat trying to make conversation in the dead of night.

So, if you’re thinking about a Maine Coon, knowing how they behave prior to getting one would be a good idea.

Are Maine Coons nocturnal?

Maine Coons certainly can be nocturnal and sleep more when the sun is out. Cats are naturally crepuscular which means they hunt during dawn and dusk. Domesticated Maine Coons will sleep when their owners do and don’t typically wake the household with their antics.

But many Maine Coon owners will say that their furry friends are very vocal during their waking hours – much like dogs.

This behavior can be very frustrating for people who work outside the home and want peace and quiet while they rest at night.

Alita, my own Maine Coon is vocal during the day, will lie on me as I go to bed, and after a bit wander off for her own long sleep.

She doesn’t wake me at all during the night.

A maine coon during the night

Your Maine Coon Is Naturally Crepuscular

There’s a difference between crepuscular and nocturnal behavior.

Crepuscular animals are active at dusk, dawn, or both.

Nocturnality is the tendency to be active during the night.

Crepuscular creatures are not nocturnals.

Your Maine Coon might be a cat that gets active at twilight, but once it’s dark, it will go back to sleep.

Maine Coons are very independent cats and can be quite the hunter.

Even domesticated Maine Coons have their off days when they seem like wild cats trying to survive on their own.  

They’re constantly busy doing things and looking for places where prey can hide so they’re never bored in your home.

Make sure you do your homework before you buy a Maine Coon because this cat breed has its unique quirks just like any other animal would have.

Will Your Maine Coon Be More Active At Night

If you’re wondering whether your Maine Coon will be more active at night or during the day, there is no easy answer to that question.  

It depends on the Maine Coon itself and its environment.

Maine Coons are very alert, independent, and strong-willed cats that may have strong opinions about what time they go out for a walk or when food is served in their bowl. ​

This can lead to some Maine Coon behavior problems because they don’t like to do what others think they should do – Maine Coon behavior can be very difficult sometimes.

Some Maine Coons might prefer to be active during the nighttime because it’s cooler.

When Would A Maine Coon Naturally Hunt?

A Maine Coon is a cat that hunts for food and catches mice, so you might expect it to be nocturnal when there are rodents around.

They should locate their prey during the night but catch them at twilight when the prey might come out of their dens.

They’re excellent hunters.

But Maine Coons will also hunt in broad daylight because they are crepuscular – meaning the Maine Coon would naturally be awake during dusk or dawn.

Maine Coons may play during daytime hours, but they don’t hunt as much because there isn’t as much prey available to them.  

They’ll wake up when their owner wakes up and sleep at night because the Maine Coon wants to keep its owner company while asleep.

They have very dog like behavior like that.

The Maine Coon won’t disrupt your night’s sleep with crying or loud noises like a dog might

What Will Your Maine Coon Do At Night?

Your Maine Coon may be awake when you go to sleep and still be up during the night.

But if you work during the day, it may be active for a while before going back to sleep because your Maine Coon knows its main purpose in the house – to keep you company.

Maine Coons are very social animals that love to spend time with humans and other pets alike.

Just like many dog breeds, Maine coon cats can even learn how to open doors, climb trees, fetch things and play games that dogs do without being given any formal training or special assistance. ​

I think Alita just sleeps during the night.

I am a light sleeper, and rarely get woken, if ever.

What Are Maine Coon Sleeping Habits

Maine Coons may snuggle up to their owners when they go to sleep, but after a little while, they’ll get the feeling that you’re sleeping and wander off.

After not very long at all, the Maine Coon will fall into a deep slumber where it cannot be roused or easily disturbed during the night.

It may not even sleep right next to you, depending on how active it is that day.

Maine Coons are social cats and they love to spend time with their own kind as well as people.

The Maine Coon goes back to sleep after being up for a while so their behavior won’t disturb your sleep.

Maine Coons seem to want to sleep a lot anyway – they’re cats after all.


If you’re wondering whether the Maine Coon is a nocturnal or crepuscular animal, it can be either depending on the situation.

Alita is an indoor Maine Coon and I’ve seen her fully asleep at dawn and dusk, so she doesn’t appear instinctively crepuscular.

I presume this is because she realizes she doesn’t have to hunt for food.

Maine Coons don’t mind getting up and being active during the day if they feel they need to do something, but at night, they’re more likely to sleep next to their owner while sleeping.

According to my research, Maine Coons are not strictly nocturnal, nor crepuscular animals; however certain Maine Coon traits such as intelligence and inquisitive nature may lead them to explore outdoors at any time of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Maine Coon Cats sleep more than other cats?

Maine Coons sleep about the same amount of time as other breeds. They catnap throughout the day and night. Maine Coons, having dog like characteristics will sleep when the household goes to sleep.

Do Maine Coons keep you up at night?

Even though the Maine Coon is a talkative breed they are also intelligent and very social. They will recognize you are sleeping and keep their activities down to a minimum so as not to disturb your sleep. They may wake you if a regular feeding pattern has been established.

Are Maine Coons lazy cats?

The Maine Coon isn’t any more or less lazy than other similar breeds. They are active hunters and can be consumed by play to keep their skill level up. They will take rests often, but it’s a natural act of energy conservation that’s instinctual.

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