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Are Maine Coon Cats Good With Babies And Children?

Maine Coon cats are one of the most popular and most domesticated cats in the world.

They’re also quite capable of being huge.

It’s quite natural to wonder if a large breed of cat is an any way a threat to a small child or baby.

So let’s answer that quickly and directly, is a Maine Coon good with babies and young children?

Maine Coon are gentle giants that bond with their ‘family’. After a supervised accustomization period Maine Coons are not a realistic threat to babies. They are good natured and friendly as well as being non violent and playful. Maine Coons form strong bonds with family members.

That says something about their temperament, doesn’t it? If you too are looking for a feline that is child-friendly and gentle, the Maine Coon is the perfect pet companion to have.

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The Gentle Giants

It is surprising that a cat that looks so much like a lion in terms of its mane has all the best features of a house cat. Lovingly referred to as the “Gentle giants”, Maine Coons can weigh up to 25 pounds.

They are large cats with equally large and loving personalities.

They are extremely docile and have a distinct understanding of their size—thus, are unlikely to step on to your little one’s tiny feet or hurt them in any other way.

Their sturdy physique also allows them to be more confident and relaxed around kids. They are not afraid to be near young children and are often seen playing freely with kids (and adults too)!

Maine Coons were originally bred on family farms which gave them an innate understanding of human needs—and perhaps this is what makes them so friendly and cuddly with people.

These cats are also very tolerant and adaptive to the needs of babies and children.

This is an unusual quality in a feline that are known for being aloof and anti-social to some extent.

2 children with a maine coon kitten

Calm And Friendly

One of the qualities that make Maine Coon cats a safe and preferred choice for most people is their temperament.

They are calm, loyal and have the patience of a saint.

It’s the kind of pet that doesn’t react sharply or defensively to being carried around even by a child, or being tripped over (a frequent occurrence owing to their size), or even manhandled, individual temperament aside.

I can pick my Maine Coon up and although it’s not her preferred state, she nontheless doesn’t fight and scratch. This trait is helpful around children and young ones.

Of course, you need to teach your children to be gentle with the feline but it’s a great quality for a cat to be tolerant of such behavior.

a maine coon licking their coat

Independent And Non-Violent

Another quality that makes them good family cats is their independent nature.

You don’t need to constantly supervise them even with young children around.

They tend to roam around freely without causing nuisance or any discomfort to the people around.

That said, a degree of supervision is important for every pet when they are around children, but you don’t have to be anxious about the Maine Coon getting aggressive or hurtful towards your child.

Maine Coons are not clingy.

With young children who are vying for your attention all day, it is a relief to find a furry companion who is not as neurotically clingy.

They are social and friendly but you won’t find them looking for opportunities to jump into your lap.

They will want to be around you and will follow you across all corners, but will not literally hold on to you at all occasions.

This is again a great quality especially when you are moving around or sitting with little babies.

Maine Coon cats therefore thrive well in big families with children and even other pets.

a maine coon sleeping

Playful And Fun Loving

Not only are Maine Coons completely safe to have around children, they are also very fun loving.

They are extremely playful and enjoy the company of children.

You will often find your Maine Coon cuddling, playing with toys, running around the house and entertaining your kids all day.

These cats are naturally very curious and spirited.

They love being around people and getting into silly “harmless” mischief all day.

Although females of this breed are known to be more cautious and as such a little reserved, they can be very sociable once they get comfortable and familiar.

Alita the Maine Coon on a hammock

Protective And Kind

Pregnant and worried about how safe the new born will be around your Maine Coon?

You can rest your fears aside because these cats have very strong protective instincts just like a dog.

Maine Coons share a strong bond with the family members and can be especially caring and protective towards little babies.

Maine Coons have a prominent maternal instinct which makes them stand out amongst the other felines.

Take the time to help your Maine Coon connect with the little one and you will be surprised with how caring, gentle and protective it is towards your baby.

These cats are also quite intelligent and easy to be domesticated.

What this means is that you can train them to “do” or “not do” certain things ensuring the safety of your child.

Since Maine Coons have above-average intelligence and human-like sensitivity, it is even easier for you to prepare them for your baby’s arrival and introduce them to the child early on for a close bonding.

Alita the Maine Coon outside in caged balcony

Word Of Caution…

Highly intelligent and easy to train, a Maine Coon will entertain your family with their wonderful, fun-loving personalities.

But there are certain points you should keep in mind when bringing one home!

They have thick, layered and silky fur that is prone to matting especially around the ears and toes.

This hair can get stuck on to your baby’s toys or in their food which can create problems.

It is therefore important to take your Maine Coon for regular grooming sessions to prevent the fur from matting up.

Maine Coons are large cats and they can get “really big”.

Thus, you must be keen walking and playing around the cat to avoid tipping over it. While Maine Coons are very tolerant, it is important to train your children to be gentle with them.

The Maine Coons also have very sharp claws.

Though, it is unlikely that they will hurt you or young children with it, you must keep their claws trimmed always—or provide them with enough scratch posts so they can work their claws regularly.

Just like humans, cats also need time to adjust and adapt to new members in the family.

Alita the Maine Coon sunning herself at river

Allow your Maine Coon to be around your toddlers or little babies, but do not leave them alone unsupervised especially during any transition period.

A Maine Coon can be an excellent playmate for your child and a great addition to your happy family.

Their cuddly charm and friendly demeanour make them a completely safe and much recommended pet for a family with young babies.

By fostering a safe environment for your children and the Maine Coon to play and stay together, you will see that they develop a deep bond with each other in a perfectly safe, happy and positive manner.

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