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Are Maine Coon Cats Friendly?

When welcoming a new Maine Coon into your home, you need to consider whether they will fit into your daily life and routine.

You’ll need to devote the right amount of time and energy, and have a suitable environment for it to live in. If you don’t, you might have one unhappy and unfriendly cat on your hands.

However, the Maine Coon is well known for being one of the friendly natured cat breeds out there.

Both Chewy and Omlet both list the Maine Coon as one of the friendliest available.

In fact, Chewy has the following to say about the breed.

The snuggly Maine Coon cat, who also scored a spot in our Most Beautiful Cats lineup, is a gentle companion who loves letting his humans take the lead. The breed began as a barn cat working to keep New England farmers’ supplies safe from rodents, and still prefers being part of his humans’ everyday lives. “Maine Coons enjoy a good adventure, as long as it doesn’t take too much energy,” said Bennett. This beauty with the multi-layered coat and often massive size will fill your lap with purring warmth. Devoted and mellow, the Main Coon is a low-maintenance friend who doesn’t expect you to entertain him, but who’s happy to hang with you whether you’re playing, working or just relaxing.

Maine Coon

Temperament Of A Maine Coon

There’s a reason that Maine Coons are one of the most popular breeds of cat in the US. A perfect blend of loyalty and independence, Maine Coons are open to bouts of attention, but aren’t over-needy, enjoying periods of isolation to hunt, explore or rest.

This self-sufficient nature means they are completely hassle-free and perfect for anyone not wanting a cat clinging to their leg 24/7.

It also means they can be left for periods of time without becoming too distressed.

Ultimately, they will come to you if they want anything and will tell you, in their own way, when they aren’t happy.

So, look for signs of agitation, anxiety or distress – vocal cues, excessive grooming, increased aggression, destructive behaviour and loss of appetite.

There aren’t many “horror-stories” of aggressive or evil Maine Coons, as it just isn’t representative of the breed at all.

Nine times out of ten, a Maine Coon will be a genuine loving, family-friendly addition to any household.

That doesn’t mean that Maine Coons are perfect angels. Just like most cats, they can have a feisty, adventurous personality, and like to cause mischief from time-to-time.

Maine Coon

Hostile Maine Coons are likely to be a product of a very bad upbringing, or are trapped in an environment that is causing them a lot of discomfort.

We would all react the same way if poked and prodded for too long.

Maine Coon cats are built for the outdoors.

They are the largest breed of cat, excellent hunters and even enjoy water (swimming and bathing).

Luckily their coat is waterproof. Although their history is not fully known, it is thought that they are related to the Norwegian Forest Cat, introduced into the US by the Vikings.

This means that, although it’s safer to keep them indoors, Maine Coons prefer to have 100% freedom.

Maine Coons are great with children, other cats and other pets.

But, their independent nature means they are likely to try and “assert their dominance” as the top cat – especially if a larger male.

Don’t worry though, this isn’t anything too sinister, just the occasional stealing of food and ninja cat slaps from out of nowhere.

Things That Keep A Maine Coon Happy

As with us humans, leading a happy life is reflected in our personalities, which in turn, makes us nicer people to be around. This can also be said for Maine Coons.

Maine Coon cats are known for being friendly with almost everyone, humans and animals alike.

But providing for their basic needs, and then some, will give you peace of mind that they’ll enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.

Maine Coons are extremely social animals and love attention whenever they can get it, making them a great companion.

Be sure to spend time with your cat, not only will you be tending to their social needs, but your bond will become stronger too.

Maine Coon

Take time daily to sit and pet your furry friend, or play with them with cat toys.

As Maine Coons are well known for their hunting skills, they’ll really enjoy the thrill of chasing toys or even ?unting’ them.

Cats are born with the instinct of hunting, so this will be an enjoyable pastime for your Maine Coon cat.

If your cat is allowed to roam free outside, they may sometimes bring you back a not so delightful treat in the way of a rodent, kit (baby rabbit) or a bird.

Maybe even a worm if you’re lucky.

Although this is something you may not want to deal with, cats enjoy hunting, so try not to punish your Maine Coon for this behaviour.

Ensure you’re feeding your Maine Coon a high-quality cat food. Some brands may not have enough of the essential nutrients your cat needs, which will lead to further problems down the line.

Speak to your veterinarian if you have any concerns regarding your cats eating habits.

Along with good quality food, your Maine Coon should always have a fresh supply of water available at all times.

Make sure this is topped up regularly, especially on warmer days.

And finally, treats! Who doesn’t love treats? This will help reinforce good behaviour, as well as keep your Maine Coon happy.

Try not to overdo it though, treats are to be given in moderation.

Maine Coon

Things That Upset A Maine Coon

If your cat is not being as friendly as usual, they may be trying to tell you something.

There are a few things to look out for but ultimately, if you’re unsure and concerned, always speak to your vet.

As with all pets, it’s essential to ensure their vaccinations and treatments are kept up to date.

Ticks, fleas and ringworm can be common amongst the feline community.

Preventative treatments only take a few minutes to do, and they will benefit you and your cat in the long run.

Some cats can become quite stressed in different situations. For example, moving house or being in a cattery for a length of time.

If possible, prepare your cat for this.

Spend time with them and introduce them to their new environment slowly. They need to be able to get used to new smells, new surroundings and potentially new people or pets.

Don’t worry if your cat isn’t quite themselves straight away, they’ll soon adjust, it just may take some time, along with lots of love and affection from you.

Keep your Maine Coon’s litter box clean. Cats, like any self respecting human, don’t like to use a dirty toilet. So ensure its scooped out daily, and change the litter every few days for maximum cleanliness.

The internet offers a vast array of advice sites and forums for Maine Coon cat owners.

If you feel your concern isn’t quite serious enough to discuss with a veterinarian, there will be lots of information online with hints and tips for you to try first.


Overall, Maine Coons are known the world over for their friendly and sociable nature.

They make great additions to family homes, or even as a companion for a couple or someone living on their own.

As long as your Maine Coon is looked after, happy and well, we’re sure you’ll have a friend for life, so yes, they are most certainly a friendly natured cat.

Here’s a good video showing what I mean

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