A Little Bit About Me

Ann About me PageHi, please let me introduce myself.

I am Ann. Welcome to my site.

I have been interested in cats for as long as I can remember and have owned many different breeds. The Maine Coon is one of my very favorites, but I also breed Munchkins.

I live here in Chiang Mai, Thailand but grew up in Lampang, about 65 miles South East of here.

My day, I am a nurse in the infirmary at one of our local hospitals, so you can imagine my life can be quite busy. If you have ever visited Thailand you will know about the traffic.

So it’s nice to come home to my cats when I have finished. They are always pleased to see me.

I have several, as I do a little private breeding here in Chiang Mai. Sadly, the Maine Coon isn’t as popular here in Thailand as I would like it to be, so I breed a few other breeds, mainly some Scottish Kilts and American Curls.

All my cats are treated as if they are royalty. Seriously.

They are indoor cats as I worry too much about them outside, but I have an outside area and regularly take them on walks around the nature parks here.

Sometimes they go on longer trips.

If you’d like to read about Elsa’s first road trip, then you can read about it here

From the moment they are born and onto solids, they are fed top quality BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food). There are many home based catteries around me that produce it, and it is amazing quality.

They are all vaccinated and groomed as best I can take care of them. I’m often left wondering if they truly appreciate the effort that goes into all this. Especially as they knock over my plants.

Ann About me Page

My site is here to help anyone who wants to learn more about the wonderful and majestic Maine Coon.

So that’s me. I have put a lot of effort into this site from the knowledge I have gained over the last 30 years, sometimes with Maine Coons. Sometimes without.

As it happens I am on the lookout for an appropriate Maine Coon kitten, and hope to document the journey through to adulthood in a series of articles, so any newby Maine Coon owner can benefit from the experience.

So please stay tuned for that. I’m hoping this will be a good series of articles.

Please let me know in the comments of an article you like if you’d like to know anything more, and if you want an article that covers anything in particular that worries you or you’d like to share.

Thanks for visiting, and I really hope you like what you find.


PS. Please excuse any errors in language I may make. English is not my first language, but I have a friend who tidies up the English for me.

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