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A List Of The Maine Coon Breeders In Europe And The Rest Of The World

If you live outside of the United States and are looking for a Maine Coon cat to adopt, don’t worry, there are plenty of breeders around the world as well.

Canada has plenty of amazing Maine Coon breeders to pick from.

There are hundreds of breeders across Europe and Russia. Australia and New Zealand also have some great breeders.

And if you are in South America, Brazil has some great breeders in their midst as well. We are sure you will find the best Maine Coon kitten for your family, anywhere in the world.

But in the interest of those with limited knowledge on these cats, perhaps it’s important to stress that you may need to be careful when selecting a breeder.

As a general rule, try to establish the environment where the Maine Coons are bred to ensure it is not one where they are constantly bothered by parasites and infections.

facial image of a maine coon cat

A thorough search on the background of the breeder is also recommended.

And while we are not expressly shunning new entrants into the industry, seasoned breeders with longer periods of existence are especially recommended.

Below is a list of countries in Europe and after that is the rest of the world.

All the websites are link checked, but please let us know if you come across a broken one. Sometimes breeders stop breeding and discontinue their sites.

United Kingdom

Name: Villenelle
Website: www.villenelle.com
Email: margaretnolan21@btinternet.com
Address: A suburb of Reading
Phone: 01189566042

Name: Budletts
Website: www.mainecoonkittens.me.uk
Email: colliewobble43@gmail.com
Address: Countryside of East Sussex
Phone: 01825370102

Name: Jehozacat

Website: www.jehozacat.co.uk
Email: contact@jehozacat.co.uk
Address: Basingstoke in Hampshire, England
Phone: 01256479319

Name: Kassaro
Website: www.kassaro.demon.co.uk
Email: sandra@kassaro.demon.co.uk
Address: Ryde, Isle of Wight
Phone: 01983616550

Name: Eclipse Coons
Website: www.facebook.com/pg/eclipsecoons
Email: N/A
Address: Suffolk, UK
Phone: N/A

Name: Navarri
Website: www.navarrimainecoons.co.uk
Email: glennagil@aol.com
Address: Burgh Heath, Surrey
Phone: 01737351932

Name: Maine Starz
Website: www.mainestarzmainecoons.co.uk
Email: mainestarz@outlook.com
Address: Chessington Surrey
Phone: 02083972169

Name: Coon Flakes
Website: www.coonflakes.com
Email: coonflakescats@btopenworld.com
Address: Surrey
Phone: N/A

Name: Amoramist
Website: www.amoramist.com
Email: mareen@amoramist.com
Address: Cornwall
Phone: 01326240907

Name: Daraquist
Website: www.daraquist.webs.com
Email: daraquist@aol.com
Address: daraquist@aol.com
Phone: 01271831168

Name: Kelferron
Website: www.cobsncats.co.uk
Email: maine.coons@yahoo.co.uk
Address: West Wales, UK.
Phone: 07527798794

Name: Isadora
Website: www.isadoryou-mainecoons.co.uk
Email: taniamurray22@yahoo.com
Address: Bucks
Phone: 01908221001

Name: Rydal Maine
Website: www.rydalmaine-maine-coons.co.uk
Email: jstratton927@btinternet.com
Address: Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
Phone: 01733571260

Name: Mabalakat
Website: www.mabalakat.com
Email: lynnettecannell68@gmail.com
Address: Northamptonshire
Phone: 01327844069

Name: Madeleven
Website: www.facebook.com/Madelven-1596281520654653/
Email: magdalena.davis.mad@gmail.com
Address: Northamptonshire
Phone: 07534062744

Name: Janeissa
Website: www.janeissamainecoons.com
Email: janicelayton@hotmail.com
Address: Northamptonshire
Phone: 07809 268509

Name: Conspiracy
Website: www.coonspiracymainecoons.com
Email: anne@coonspiracymainecoons.com
Address: Northamptonshire
Phone: 01865 391247

Name: Casien Moon
Website: www.casienmoon.co.uk
Email: pilotcarden@yahoo.co.uk
Address: Wiltshire
Phone: 0771 4993134

Name: Stukelin
Website: www.stukelinmainecoons.co.uk
Email: vjoiner@talk21.com
Address: Birmingham
Phone: 0121 605 2458

Name: Silva Lake
Website: www.silvalake.co.uk
Email: janlake@ymail.com
Address: Wolverhampton, West Midlands
Phone: 01902 335365

Name: Myndmacoons
Website: www.myndmacoons.org.uk
Email: N/A
Address: Shropshire
Phone: 01694 781434

Name: Robusto
Website: www.robustomainecoons.co.uk
Email: jacy_hill@hotmail.com
Address: Lincolnshire
Phone: 01507 451107

Name: Alisika
Website: www.alisikamainecoons.co.uk
Email: alisikacoons@yahoo.co.uk
Address: Nottinghamshire
Phone: 07530830895

Name: Mythical
Website: www.mythicalmainecoons.co.uk
Email: louise@mythicalmainecoons.co.uk
Address: Rutland
Phone: 07900806442

Name: Jingle Belles
Website: www.jinglebelles.co.uk
Email: jinglebelles@ntlworld.com
Address: Rugby, Warwickshire
Phone: 01788336803

Name: Elm Coon
Website: www.elmcoon.com
Email: elmcoon@btinternet.com
Address: South Yorkshire
Phone: 01226 740049

Name: Moonencia
Website: www.moonencia.com
Email: lisa@moonencia.co.uk
Address: South Yorkshire
Phone: 01226360060

Name: Purdyston
Website: www.purdyston.com
Email: purdyston@talktalk.net
Address: West Yorkshire
Phone: 01274869943

Name: Oceanaria
Website: www.mainecoonsuk.com
Email: oceanariacats@gmail.com
Address: West Yorkshire
Phone: 01977612571

Name: Cocoon
Website: www.cocoonmainecoons.co.uk
Email: cocoon@sky.com
Address: West Yorkshire
Phone: 01484 666728

Name: Dark Tower
Website: www.darktowermainecoons.com
Email: darktower.mainecoons@btinternet.com
Address: Manchester
Phone: 0161 865 8668

Name: Redrose
Website: www.redrosemainecoons.co.uk
Email: redrosemainecoons@hotmail.com
Address: Lancashire
Phone: 01772 492187

Name: Anglezarke
Website: www.anglezarkemainecoons.co.uk
Email: angela@anglezearkmainecoons.co.uk
Address: Lancashire
Phone: 01257271301

Name: Darley House
Website: www.darleyhousemainecoons.com
Email: davidpatrickbennett@outlook.com
Address: Durham
Phone: 07825 823 748

Name: Nepetacoons
Website: www.mainecoon-kittens-mcbfa.org
Email: Nepetacoons@gmail.com
Address: Cumbria
Phone: 0758 2251838

Name: Jules Coon
Website: www.julescoon.co.uk
Email: maincoonr@aol.com
Address: Cumbria
Phone: 01768840675

Name: West Lakes
Website: www.westlakesmainecoons.co.uk
Email: a.milligan425@btinternet.com
Address: Cumbria
Phone: 01946830052

Name: Conns R Us
Website: www.coonsrus.co.uk
Email: maincoonr@aol.com
Address: Cumbria
Phone: 01768 868189

Name: Brilthor
Website: www.brilthor.com
Email: brilthor@hotmail.com
Address: Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Phone: 01466780245

Name: Tiger Feet Cats
Website: www.tigerfeetcats.co.uk
Email: Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland
Address: cath@tigerfeetcats.co.uk
Phone: 01387259630

Name: Leonais
Website: www.leonaismainecoons.com
Email: leonaismainecoons@hotmail.com
Address: Edinburgh, Scotland
Phone: 0131 315 2344

Name: Spirritz
Website: www.spirritz.co.uk
Email: spirritzmainecoons@gmail.com
Address: East Lothian, Scotland
Phone: 01875340927


Name: Coonpaws
Website: www.maine-coon-cat.at
Email: coonpaws@gmx.at
Address: Steyr, Austria
Phone: N/A

Name: Coonity
Website: www.maine-coon-austria.com
Email: coonity@aon.at
Address: Chikago 3. Gasse 4, A-2421 Kittsee, Austria
Phone: +43/ 2143/ 30157

Name: Panthera Coon
Website: www.mainecoon.at
Email: office@mainecoon.at
Address: Mönchgrabenstr 148
A- 4030 Linz, Austria
Phone: +43 (0) 699 11 89 68 56

Name: Magic Lions
Website: www.members.aon.at/magic.lions-mainecoons
Email: magic.lions@aon.at
Address: 8010 Graz – Austria
Phone: +43 676 7086555

Name: Action Cats
Website: www.members.aon.at/action-cats
Email: actioncats-mainecoon@aon.at
Address: A-1210 Wien, Austria
Phone: 0664 544 75 78

The Netherlands

Name: Tabula Rasa
Website: www.catterytabularasa.nl
Email: info@catterytabularasa.nl
Address: Veenendaal , Netherlands
Phone: N/A

Name: Eufemia
Website: www.freewebs.com/eufemia
Email: vaneufemia@gmail.com
Address: The Netherlands
Phone: 0492-462661

Name: Stella del Camino
Website: www.stelladelmattino.nl
Email: cattery.stelladelmattino@gmail.com
Address: The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0) 418 662648

Name: Royal Mainlys
Website: www.royalmainlys.com
Email: royalmainlys@chello.nl
Address: Heinenoord, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)6 53857448

Name: Droomwereld Cattery
Website: www.cattery-droomwereld.nl
Email: N/A
Address: Schouw 45
3263 PD Oud Beijerland
Phone: 06 – 33 16 83 49

Name: Dynamicats
Website: www.dynamicats.com
Email: info@dynamicats.com
Address: JJ Allanstraat 355
1551 RH Westzaan
Phone: +31 75 6310198

Name: Macawimosi
Website: www.macawimosi.nl
Email: Info@macawimosi.nl
Address: Rijnsburg, The Netherlands
Phone: 0031714030045

Name: Mayada
Website: www.mayadacoons.com
Email: N/A
Address: Dorigweg 28
9551AN Sellingen
Phone: 06- 20034006

Name: Patchwork
Website: www.catterypatchwork.nl
Email: a.kuys@casema.nl
Address: The Netherlands
Phone: N/A

Name: Nixmirandoen
Website: www.freewebs.com/nixmirandoen
Email: mainecoon7@GMAIL.com
Address: The Netherlands
Phone: 0031(0)6-14125699

Name: Southmoor
Website: www.southmoor.nl
Email: mainecoon@southmoor.nl
Address: The Netherlands
Phone: N/A

Name: Magic Craft
Website: www.magiccraft.nl
Email: postmaster@magiccraft.nl
Address: Vlaardingen, The Netherlands
Phone: N/A

Name: Cattery Cassiopeia
Website: www.catterycassiopeia.nl
Email: maafjes@hotmail.com
Address: The Netherlands
Phone: 072 505 4239

Name: Oakenshield
Website: www.oakenshield.nl
Email: info@oakenshield.nl
Address: Haarlem
Phone: +31 (0) 23 5403344

Name: Heart of Maine
Website: www.heartofmaine.nl
Email: mc-cattery-heartofmaine@home.nl
Address: Deventer, The Netherlands
Phone: 0031 570 614546


Name: Aloa’s
Website: www.aloa.eu
Email: aloa@aloa.dk
Address: Smørum, Denmark
Phone: +45 61 79 39 19

Name: Gigant Cat
Website: www.gigantcat.dk/
Email: gigantcat@gmail.com
Address: Ringsted
Phone: 60 48 23 95

Name: Maxi Coon
Website: www.maxicoon.dk
Email: N/A
Address: Salsmosevej 20, 3660 Stenløse DK
Phone: +4561420052 / +4520400157

Name: Red Line
Website: www.redlinemainecoon.dk
Email: mariannehinnerskov@gmail.com
Address: a small town just outside Aarhus
Phone: +45 8724 2044

Name: Yoon Coon
Website: www.yooncoon.dk
Email: mco@yooncoon.dk
Address: Falster
Phone: +45 – 2617 2363


Name: Le Maine Coons de Brunelet
Website: www.mainecoonsbrunelet.com
Email: N/A
Address: 43700 Brives-Charensac (Haute Loire) – FRANCE
Phone: N/A

Name: Kawai Coon
Website: www.kawaicoon.com
Email: N/A
Address: 6 Allée de Saint-Andrews

Name: Castel del Gat
Website: www.casteldelgat.fr
Email: casteldelgat@nordnet.fr
Address: Languedoc
Phone: +33 6 62 65 98 58


Name: Waterproof’s
Website: www.waterproofs-maine-coon.ch
Email: N/A
Address: 1 hour from Zurich
Phone: +41 (0) 71 223 57 44

Name: Babafun
Website: www.babafun.ch
Email: coonies@babafun.ch
Address: between Zurich and Basel
Phone: +41 79 383 73 83

Name: Dzetiau
Website: www.dzetiau.ch
Email: dzetiau@bluewin.ch
Address: Andix Road 14
1807 Blonay
Phone: +41 21 943.30.45

Name: Lufre
Website: www.lufre.ch
Email: bernaa@bluewin.ch
Address: Alte Bernstrasse 70, CH- 3075, Rufenacht
Phone: +41 031 839 6551

Name: Nuala’s
Website: www.nualas.ch
Email: nualasmainecoon@bluewin.ch
Address: Golf Park 16
CH 8564 Lipperswil TG
Phone: 52 366 66 01

Name: Mosy Kirani’s
Website: www.mosikiranys-maine-coon.com
Email: N/A
Address: Näfels, Glarus, Switzerland
Phone: 0041 (0) 55 612 15 55


Name: Feral Coons
Website: www.feralcoons.se
Email: mco@feralcoons.se
Address: Sweden
Phone: +46 58115405

Name: Dreamways
Website: www.dreamways.se
Email: marina@dreamways.se
Address: Sweden
Phone: N/A

Name: Lynx Luna
Website: www.lynxluna.se
Email: info@lynxluna.se
Address: Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: N/A


Name: Apple Pie
Website: www.applepie.it
Email: info@applepie.it
Address: Via MC Trovenzi, 32
24060 – Gorlago (BG)
Phone: N/A

Name: Prince of Maine
Website: www.princeofmaine.com
Email: silvia_zardet@libero.it
Address: Via G.Falcone 4o/A – 35010 Vigodarzere – Padova, Italy
Phone: +39 049 8874020

Name: Supernova
Website: www.saraegrazia.it
Email: sem.grazia@yahoo.it
Address: Italy
Phone: N/A

Name: Supersimi
Website: www.supersimimainecoon.com/
Email: info@supersimimainecoon.com
Address: Italy
Phone: 334 9051 620 or 373 5243 040

Name: Ruffians Maine Coons
Website: www.ruffiansmainecoons.it
Email: info@ruffiansmainecoons.it
Address: Roveredo in Piano
Friuli Venezia Giulia
33080, Italia
Phone: (+39) 3450012495

Name: Planet Coon
Website: www.coonland.it
Email: info@coonland.it
Address: Florence, Italy
Phone: +39 347 6431937

Name: Mount Desert’s
Website: www.mountdeserts.it
Email: info@mountdeserts.it
Address: in the hills of Prignano-Sulla Secchia in Modena province
Phone: +39 349 8686760 or +39 347 3539468

Name: Clabacoons
Website: www.clabacoons.de.tl
Email: info@clabacoons.it
Address: Rome, Italy
Phone: +39 3477688417

Name: Miti’s Giant
Website: www.mitisgiant.it
Email: info@mitisgiant.it
Address: Via Centenere, 15
32030 Cesiomaggiore
Phone: 333 7428453

Name: X Land
Website: www.x-maine.it
Email: info@x-maine.it
Address: Piazzale Santa Croce – Parma, Italy
Phone: + 39 388-0440554

Name: Wistariantale
Website: www.wistariantale.com
Email: wistariantale@yahoo.it
Address: Varese, Italy
Phone: +39 0332312847


Name: De Lisbeth
Website: www.delisbeth.com
Email: contacto@delisbeth.com
Address: Madrid
Phone: 637 471 375

Name: Buwele
Website: www.buwele.com
Email: alejandranussbaum@gmail.com
Address: North of Madrid
Phone: 620188074

Name: Xiliam
Website: www.mainecoon.es
Address: Asturias
Phone: +34 648874491

Name: Berkano
Website: www.berkanocattery.es
Email: berkanocattery@yahoo.es
Address: Spain
Phone: 633636863

Name: Iberian Lynx
Website: www.iberianlynxcoon.wixsite.com/mainecoon
Email: iberianlynxcoon@gmail.com
Address: Madrid, Spain
Phone: 627559019

Name: Bakarrik
Website: www.bakarrikcoon.com
Email: N/A
Address: Baena, Spain
Phone: 651 87 15 51

Name: Thalod
Website: www.thalod.wixsite.com/thalod
Email: thalodmainecoon@hotmail.com
Address: Catalunya, Spain
Phone: 616206203

Name: Castalynx
Website: www.castalynx.com
Address: Bilbao, Spain
Phone: 657 79 57 60

Name: De Busgosu
Website: www.debusgosu.com
Email: debusgosu@hotmail.com
Address: Piloña (Asturias)
Phone: 634 44 83 50

Name: Siloe Coon
Website: www.siloecoon.com
Email: laiasimoes@yahoo.es
Address: Aranguren – Vizcaya
Phone: 609 419 075

Name: Vademar Coons
Website: www.vademarcoons.com
Email: vademarcoons@gmail.com
Address: Spain
Phone: 938080968

Name: Kimz Koonz
Website: www.kimzkoonz.com
Email: kimzkoonz@gmail.com
Address: Montserrat, Spain
Phone: 0034 691978310


Name: Furor Poeticus
Website: www.furorpoeticus.pl/en/home/
Email: mco@furorpoeticus.pl
Address: Otwock – Warszawa
Phone: +48 669 40 88 33

Name: Alwaro
Website: www.alwaro.pl
Email: katarzyna.milewska@yahoo.com
Address: Warsaw
Phone: N/A

Name: Nanarella
Website: www.nannarella.pl
Email: nannarella.pl@gmail.com
Address: Katarzyna Małażewska
Jabłonna k.Warszawy
Phone: +48-508-717-240

Name: Fluffy Coons
Website: www.FluffyCoons.pl
Email: Anna.Jakubik@FluffyCoons.pl .
Address: Warsaw
Phone: (+48) 600 23 74 79

Name: Ice Storm
Website: www.icestorm.eu
Email: icestormpl@gmail.com
Address: Warszawa, POLSKA
Phone: +48. 512 690 260

Name: Apasabo
Website: www.apasabo.com
Email: mariusz@apasabo.com
Address: Lodz in Poland
Phone: +48609670159

Name: Spy House
Website: www.spyhouse.pl
Email: hodowla@spyhouse.pl
Address: Poland
Phone: +48 535 999 499

Name: Duch Nocy
Website: www.duchnocy.pl
Email: rozaneta@wp.pl
Address: Wrocław – Poland
Phone: +48 792 845 755

Name: Nightwalker
Website: www.nightwalker.pl
Email: koty@nightwalker.pl
Address: N/A
Phone: +48 606 212306

Name: Lilly Cubs
Website: www.lillycubs.pl
Email: lillycubs@gmail.com
Address: Felis, Poland
Phone: N/A

Name: Armentarius
Website: www.armentarius.pl
Email: mail@armentarius.pl
Address: Katowice Poland
Phone:(+48 32) 720-27-55


Name: Winnercoons
Website: www.winnercoons.com
Email: winnercoons@elisanet.fi
Address: Finland
Phone: + 358 40 522 0313

Name: Chamberlain
Website: www.kolumbus.fi/chamberlain
Email: chamberlain@kolumbus.fi
Address: Raisio, Finland
Phone: N/A

Name: Halden
Website: www.haldenmainecoon.net
Email: halden.coon@dnainternet.net
Address: Hillervontie 3 B 34, 29370 Pori
Phone: +358 (0)2 639 3929

Name: Bonne Amie
Website: www.bonneamie.org
Email: bonneamie@jippii.fi
Address: Maenpaantie 19
05200 Rajamaki, Finland
Phone: +358-50-3580059

Name: Satu Mainen
Website: www.satumainen.net
Email: marjo.klankki@dnainternet.net
Address: Kulmalantie 4
28130 PORI
Phone: +358 – 44 – 541 0071

Name: Arctic Wilds
Website: www.arcticwilds.net
Email: cats@arcticwilds.net
Address: Willmanintie 20, 28660 Pori
Phone: +358445698843

Name: South Hearted
Website: www.stouthearted.net
Email: paula.tontti@luukku.com
Address: Viikarintie 165
16300 Orimattila
Phone: +358 400 45 33 47


Name: The Dorsai
Website: www.dorsai.be
Email: mcothedorsai@gmail.com
Address: Avenue Emile Herman 93
7170 Fayt-lez-Manage, Belgium
Phone: + 32 64 742 569
(0) 496 480 921

Name: Daimarcoons
Website: www.users.telenet.be/daimarcoons/
Email: daisy.tommelein@telenet.be
Address: Ieperstraat, 62, B – 8840 STADEN
Phone: 0032475 57 69 43
0032 499 38 15 26

Name: Cattery Joysa
Website: www.catteryjoysa.be
Email: info@catteryjoysa.be
Address: Belgium
Phone: 0032/473.683068

Name: Magic Coonie
Website: www.magiccoonie.net
Email: magic.coonie@skynet.be
Address: Belgium
Phone: 0475 581563

Name: Abesh
Website: www.abesh.be
Email: cattery@abesh.be
Address: De Klinge Waasland
Phone: N/A

Name: Aricoone Cats
Website: www.aricoone-cats.be
Email: N/A
Address: Binnenbeekstraat 16
1982 Elewijt
Phone: N/A

Name: Pajocoons
Website: www.pajocoons.be
Email: wimstraetmans@telenet.be
Address: Frans Van Cauwelaertstraat 78
1760 Roosdaal
Phone: +32 54 32 14 10

Name: Cattery Haister
Website: www.haister.be
Email: info@haister.be
Address: Rue Jules Ansiau 216, 7380-Quiévrain, Belgium
Phone: +32 479 39 07 91
+32 477 24 65 27

Name: Irisfields Cattery
Website: www.irisfieldscattery.com
Email: m.seurinck@skynet.be
Address: (rue de) SOMMERAIN 12
Phone: + 32 (0) 496 20 65 35
+ 32 (0) 496 20 95 33

Name: Anverscoon
Website: www.anverscoon.be
Email: anverscoon@gmail.com
Address: Antwerp, Belgium
Phone: N/A


Name: Adrastia Cattery
Website: www.adrastiacattery.com
Email: adrastiacoons@gmail.com
Address: Athens, Greece
Phone: N/A

Name: Nektar Cats
Website: www.nektarcats.com
Email: N/A
Address: Greece
Phone: +30 694 823 0476


Name: Yankee Cats
Website: www.yankeecats.de
Email: britta@yankeecats.de
Address: 05332/8833837
Phone: N/A

Name: Geoffrey’s Manor
Website: www.geoffreysmanor.de
Email: niederstebruch@dokom.net
Address: Am Semberg 15, 58313 Herdecke / NRW, Germany
Phone: 02330/84652

Name: Aqua Cats
Website: www.aqua-cats-mainecoon.de
Email: anja_czernia@hotmail.com
Address: Schäferwinkel 19a
39164 Groß Rodensleben, Germany
Phone: N/A

Name: Chafervalley
Website: www.chafervalley.de
Email: zivkov@chafervalley.de
Address: alena zivkov, waldstrasse 25b, 64668 rimbach, germany
Phone: +49 6253 806840

Name: Diamond Cats
Website: www.diamond-beach-cats.de
Email: H.Fuegner@t-online.de
Address: 03042 Cottbus
Phone: 49-(0)355-430 20 98

Name: Coon Attack
Website: www.coonattack.de
Email: coonattack@aol.com
Address: Am Winterholz 17
65618 Niederselters, Germany
Phone: 49 (0) 6483-7824

Name: Relaxing Tigers
Website: www.u-d-wolken.de/en/relaxing-tigers/
Email: jrabeler@dr-rabeler.de
Address: Hainholzweg 6
21376 Lübberstedt / 45 Km south of Hamburg, Germany
Phone: +49 41 75 / 82 78

Name: Juniatas
Website: www.juniata.de
Email: k@juniata.de
Address: Mainz-Mombach, Germany
Phone: +49-157-72563021.

Name: Maine Coon Castle
Website: www.mcc-cats.de
Email: kontakt@mcc-cats.de
Address: Bergstraße 37
01819 Bahretal OT Friedrichswalde
Deutschland / Sachsen
Phone: +49 (0) 35025 – 57 57 01

Name: Honey Paws
Website: www.honeypaws.de
Email: webmaster@honeypaws.de
Address: 58644 Iserlohn
Phone: +49 (0) 02371 – 22999

Name: Of Chiarandy
Website: www.of-chiarandy.de
Email: of-chiarandy@web.de
Address: Brückenstrasse 6
97725 Elfershausen
OT Trimberg
Phone: 49-(0)9704-3729277

Name: Moonlight Cats
Website: www.of-moonlightcats.de
Email: ute.czepok@gmx.de
Address: Germany
Phone: 0355 53 24 14

Name: Pillowtalk
Website: www.pillowtalk-mc-cats.de
Email: broselge@gmx.de
Address: Germany
Phone: N/A

Name: Summerplace
Website: www.summerplace.de
Email: summerplace.coons@gmail.com
Address: Near Munich
Phone: 49 01738866296

Name: Aristopearls
Website: www.aristopearls.com
Email: info@aristopearls.com
Address: 73230 Kirchheim unter Teck
Phone: 0151 – 17 220 222

Name: Maine Coon of Melford
Website: www.maine-coon-of-melford.de
Email: info@maine-coon-of-melford.de
Address: Alfterer Str. 193, 53347-Alfter, Germany
Phone: 02222/979202


Name: Andrew’s Cat
Website: www.andrewscat.gportal.hu
Email: andrewscat2002@gmail.com
Address: Hungary
Phone: +36 20 217 6658

Name: Charmant Chatte
Website: www.charmantchatte.hu
Email: charmant@freestart.hu
Address: Northern Hungary
Phone: 0036-24/400-302

Name: Maine Coon Premium Cattery
Website: www.maine-coon.hu
Email: szabokry@gmail.com
Address: egyéni vállalkozó
Adószám: 65944561 -1 -43, Hungary
Phone: +36 20 450 1260

Czech Republic

Name: Axis Star
Website: www.axisstar.cz
Email: axisstar@centrum.cz
Address: Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 602 100 313

Name: Darrem Casus
Website: www.darremcasus.com/en
Email: darina@darremcasus.com
Address: Prochody 7
565 01 Chocen
Czech republic
Phone: +420 465 484 210

Name: Main Bastet
Website: www.mainbastet.com
Email: mainbastet seznam.cz
Address: Boční 7
772 00 Olomouc
Czech republic
Phone: +420 777 279 136

Name: Snow Garden
Website: www.snowgarden.cz
Email: snowgarden snowgarden.cz
Address: Olšany
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 604 719 178
+420 604 117 474

Name: Gato Amado
Website: http://www.gatoamado.cz/en/
Email: chov@gatoamado.cz
Address: náměstí 5. května 2c
250 88 ČEL?OVICE (near Prague)
Phone: (+420) 732 210 604

Name: Garfield’s Baby
Website: www.garfieldsbaby.cz
Email: garfieldsbaby@seznam.cz
Address: Zbo?čko 71, Straky
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 603 285 744 (Czech)
+420 725 767 848 (English)

Name: Caramello Coon
Website: www.caramellocoon.cz
Email: caramellocoon@gmail.com
Address: Prague
Phone: N/A

Name: Fidelity Feline
Website: www.fidelityfeline.cz
Email: fidelityfeline@gmail.com
Address: Prague, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 777330000

Name: Callmaro Coons
Website: www.callmarocoons.cz
Email: callmarocoons@gmail.com
Address: Horoušánky, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 777 561 571

Name: Puris Best Star
Website: www.mainska-myvali-kocka.cz/en/
Email: puris-best-star@seznam.cz
Address: Jestřebí 90, 789 01 Zábřeh, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 724 690 358
+420 724 410 109


Name: Hunter’s Spirit
Website: www.hunterspirit-mainecooncats.com
Email: clrodrigues@sapo.pt
Address: Samora Correia
Phone: +351 968212189

Name: Mystic Lynx
Website: www.mysticlynx.pt
Email: geral@mysticlynx.pt
Address: Portugal
Phone: N/A

Name: Artsy Cats
Website: www.artsycats.com
Email: artsycats@netcabo.pt
Address: Lisbon
Phone: +351 963 006 064

Name: Lusocats
Website: www.casadolabrador.com/MaineCoon/MCPT.htm
Email: lusocats@gmail.com
Address: Portugal
Phone: N/A


Name: Allegiance Love
Website: www.allegiancelove.ru
Email: allegiancelove@mail.ru
Address: Shchyolkovo near Moscow
Phone: +7 926 723 60 21

Name: Apollo Magic
Website: www.apollomagic.ru
Email: apollomagic@mail.ru
Address: Moscow
Phone: +7 (916) 064-54-63

Name: Avacoon
Website: www.avacoon.com
Email: avacoon66@gmail.com
Address: Yekaterinburg
Phone: +79122489394

Name: Bekker Coon
Website: www.bekkercoon.ru
Email: nataly-bekker@yandex.ru
Address: Pereslavel – Zalessky
Phone: +7 906 631 09 28

Name: Coonvill
Website: www.coonvill.com
Email: coonvill@list.ru
Address: Ekaterinburg
Phone: + 7-950-19-33-222

Name: Jotunheim
Website: www.maine-coon.me
Email: radsky@yandex.ru
Address: Moscow
Phone: N/A

Name: Leonila
Website: www.leonilacoon.ru
Email: leonila@list.ru
Address: St. Petersburg
Phone: +7 921 335 42 29

Name: Wind n Willows
Website: www.mycoon.ru
Email: coon.ru@gmail.com
Address: Moscow
Phone: N/A

Name: Sudjuk Kale
Website: www.sudjuk-kale.ru
Address: Novorossiysk, Lunacharsky, 2
Phone: +7 (9887) 69 85 43


Name: Catz gone wild
Website: www.catzgonewild.com
Email: catzgonewild@bigpond.com
Phone: 0412311102

Name: Full of Charm
Website: www.mainecoonmanor.com.au
Email: N/A
Address: N/A
Phone: +61 400 071 676

Name: Nightshade Cattery
Website: members.optusnet.com.au/~likealynx/index.html
Email: likealynx@optusnet.com.au
Address: Campbelltown, NSW
Phone: 02 4621 2776

Name: Rapscallion
Website: www.mainecoons.com.au
Email: enquiry@mainecoons.com.au
Address: Queensland
Phone: N/A

Name: Royale Katz
Website: www.royalekatz.com
Email: shaz@royalekatz.com
Address: Queensland
Phone: 0421 459 495

Name: Coon Haven
Website: www.coonhaven.com
Email: phetang@iprimus.com.au
Address: Victoria
Phone: +61 3 5629 6113

Name: Supercoons
Website: www.supercoonsmainecoons.com
Email: shireenbooyse@gmail.com
Address: Townsville, Queensland, Australia
Phone: N/A

Name: Moscado
Website: www.moscadomainecoons.com
Email: mfurst@moscadomainecoons.com
Address: Perth
Phone: 0401 038 459

Name: Kowlcoon’s
Website: www.kowlcoons.com
Email: muzee454@gmail.com
Address: Queensland
Phone: 0497867496

New Zealand

Name: Shining Water
Website: www.shiningwater.me
Email: zpigden@gmail.com
Address: 17 Fern Road
Dunedin 9022
Phone: 021 2468 910

Name: AbraCATabra
Website: abracatabra.co.nz
Email: N/A
Address: Mount Wellington Panmure Lagoon
Auckland, 1060, New Zealand
Phone: +64275110311

Name: Gatao Eljo
Website: www.eljocoons.com
Email: info@eljocoons.com
Address: Frankleigh Park, New Plymouth, Taranaki
Phone: (+64) 6 562 0077

Name: Kodiak Coons
Website: www.kodiakcoons.com
Email: kodiakcoons@gmail.com
Address: 44A Lloyds Lane
Tauranga, 3173
Phone: 07-543 9313

Name: Rebel Pawz
Website: www.rebelpawz.com
Email: rebelpawz@gmail.com
Address: Taupaki, Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: +64 27 223 1125

Name: Mainelanders
Website: www.mainelanders.co.nz
Email: jo.mainelanders@gmail.com
Address: Rangiora, New Zealand
Phone: 0211 377028

Name: Maineflame
Website: www.nzcoons.co.nz
Email: annette.norris@xtra.co.nz
Address: Pukekohe, South Auckland
Phone: 09 239 0036

Name: Wild Earth
Website: www.wildearthmainecoons.com
Email: N/A
Address: Mahurangi West
Phone: 09-431-2334

Name: KJempeCoons
Website: www.kjempecoons.com
Email: info@kjempecoons.com
Address: 4a Bollard Road
Tuakau 2121
Phone: 09- 2368167


Name: Minoos Okinaneko
Website: www.minoosmainecoons.com
Email: minoos@bell.net
Address: RR2 Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 705-684-9340

Name: Triskel
Website: www.triskel.ca
Email: info-triskelmc@videotron.ca
Address: Quebec, Canada
Phone: 450 735-4143

Name: New Choice
Website: newchoicemainecoon.wixsite.com/mainecoon
Email: newchoicemainecoons@gmail.com
Address: Ontario, Canada
Phone: N/A

Name: Maine Cool
Website: www.mainecool.com
Phone: 514 779-2057

Name: Iron Claws
Website: www.ironclaws.com
Email: ironclawscattery@yahoo.ca
Address: British Columbia, Canada
Phone: N/A

Name: Rare Field Cattery
Website: www.rarefieldcattery.com
Email: rarefieldmainecoon@hotmail.com
Address: Ontario, Canada
Phone: 613-307-1763

Name: Turtle Valley
Website: www.mainecoons.ca
Email: turtlecoons@gmail.com
Address: British Columbia, Canada
Phone: N/A

Name: SRMaineCoons
Website: www.srmainecoons.com/
Email: sabrina@srmainecoons.com
Address: Niagara, Ontario, Canada
Phone: N/A

Name: Mariama
Website: www.mariama.ca/
Email: mc@mariama.ca
Address: Ontario, Canada
Phone: N/A


Name: Cardigans
Website: www.cardigans.com.br
Email: angelastoicov@yahoo.com
Address: Santo André – SP – Brazil
Phone: +55 (11) 99709-4289

Name: Triunfo
Website: www.gatiltriunfo.com.br
Email: gatiltriunfo@gmail.com
Address: Santos – São Paulo , Brasil
Phone: +55 11 9 8189.7873

Name: Pet Clube
Website: www.petclube.com.br/maine-coon-amicats.html
Email: N/A
Address: Rodovia-Régis Bittencourt, km 334, Juquitiba São-Paulo Vila-Amichetti
Juquitiba, S.P 06950-000 Brasil
Phone: +55 (11) 4684-1047

South Africa

Name: Shangrila Cats
Website: www.shangrilacats.com
Email: shangrilacats@gmail.com
Address: Edenvale, Gauteng, South Africa
Phone: N/A

Name: Valkyrie Cattery
Website: www.valkyrie-cattery.weebly.com
Email: nicie84@gmail.com
Address: Strand, Western Cape, South Africa.
Phone: 082 810 7599

Name: Purrfectness
Website: www.purrfectness.com
Email: info@purrfectness.com
Address: Edenvale, 1609, South Africa
Phone: +27 78 099 4627

Name: Kernez
Website: www.kernes.co.za
Email: mariannekernes@gmail.com
Address: Edenvale, Gauteng, South Africa
Phone: N/A

Name: Lerox Coon
Website: www.leroxcoon.co.za
Email: N/A
Address: Jeffreys Bay, South Africa
Phone: N/A

Name: Lionheart
Website: www.lionheartmainecoons.com
Email: leonvdwest76@gmail.com
Address: Durbanville Cape Town
Phone: 082 780 9217


Evidently, there are very many Maine Coon cat breeders all around the world and no matter where you are from, you are likely to find a breeder near you.

A little homework is what it will take on your part to try and filter out serious breeders from the not-so-serious ones.

Armed with a checklist on what you’re looking for in these furry companions, it shouldn’t be difficult at all finding a cat of your dreams. Best of luck as you begin your search for a Maine Coon breeder.

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My name is Ann and I have been looking after and breeding cats since 2013. I am currently the proud ownder of Alita, a female Maine Coon to whom I've dedicated this site. She has had 2 litters and is around 3 years old. We share adventures and stories together.

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